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    we have one. it's called adult icu, even though we're a women's hospital. our pp mag pts go there, anyone who's received blood, like after a pp hemorrhage or HELLP, one pt i know of had to be there to receive IgG. pts also go there sometimes if they're induced at less than 18 weeks, i think they take GYN stuff, too. it's a very small unit, 4 beds.

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    a big majority of pts i deal with have misconceptions about epidurals

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    the only time we do procardia + mag is when we are weaning the pt off mag for the same reason as above poster mentioned.

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    Just took AWHONN Advanced FM class. Instructor says it's OK to chart minimal and moderate if you have both.

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    maybe just a coincidence, employee health is doing some investigating, but myself and another person at work have come up with shingles a couple of weeks after receiving h1n1 vaccine (IM). anyone else heard of this? like i said, maybe just purely coincidence. i tried a google search, but came up with nothing.

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    this is so interesting to me... at my facility we're not allowed to push Fentanyl IV because it is considered conscious sedation, and they have to be monitored via EKG, which we don't have the capability of in our L&D. We usually use Stadol of Nubain. We have one MD who uses a "cocktail" of Nubain IV, Vistaril IM, and Vistaril PO. It's very effective and long lasting.

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    you can check clonus in the fingers/ hands. have the pt face their hand toward you like they're going to give you a high five, but have them relax their fingers. then, thump the end of the ring finger. if clonus is positive, their fingers will "beat" forward, just like in the foot.

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    We also have body bags. I think it is the most neutral, inoffensive way to transport

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    this will be a great opportunity for you. the techs on our unit set up delivery tables, so they are very familiar with the instruments used. definitely a leg up.

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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    I live in CA and that is a stupid law.

    My nephew is a CHP who used to work in Santa Cruz and there is an infamous doc in that area who gives out RX's for mj for NO medical reason. One of my favorite stories that he tells is pulling over a car with two young men reeking of pot and having them both pull out RX's for the pot for "back pain".

    Yeah . .right. . . .:icon_roll

    I was watching "The Doctors" a few days ago, and they sent out one of their producers to prove how easy it was to get a medical marijuana license... ridiculous... all she had to do was tell the doc she had problems sleeping at night!!

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    So glad to hear you found your fit and you're now happy!

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    Quote from Baby1nurse
    Where I work it is strictly the physician's preference as to whether we put in a foley or not. Most order foleys although research has shown that even multiple straight caths have a lower rate of infection than one foley. We also put the patients on bed pans, pour in a little pepperment oil and it is amazing that most of them will void without even knowing it! `
    Wow, what's with the pepppermint oil?

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    Quote from short1978
    I did mine in L&D and Mother was a military hospital and they rotate btwn the two units rather than working just one unit.

    I LOVED IT and it just validated that is where I want to be.

    PLUS the doctor let me "help" deliver a baby which essentially meant to my surprise that I could deliver it with him standing beside me talking me through it.

    Okay dont freak out on me....I know this would normally go to the most experience nurse in house for those stop and drop deliveries but needless to say it was a fabulous experience.
    that's awesome for a preceptee!!

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    Has anyone ever been at a birth where the parents thought their baby was gonna be one sex, but ended up being the other? I'm not talkin' about those parents who chose to be surprised, but those who saw the girl or boy parts on the u/s... And, what were there reactions?

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    I'm just starting out and went straight to L&D. It annoys me beyond belief when I hear people say you need to start out in Med Surg first to "get experience". You'll be getting basic nursing experience no matter where you start out. Don't torture yourself in Med Surg if you know OB is what you want. And, even if you're not sure what you want to do, after reading some of the other recent threads about Med Surg nurses having problems getting into OB nursing, I honestly don't know if I would recommend starting out there anyway. GL!