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    Thank you very I don't know who to believe..
    My friend got that news from a speaker of the US EMbassy on a conference..

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    THank you for all your replies. =)
    My purpose in acquiring the MSN degree this soon is because I just wanted to make great use of my time. =)
    It is only now that I came to realize how I should be thinking for its effect on my future. Honestly, I was not thinking about earning extra money or immediately being hired for a higher position. It was just simply because I still wanted to go to school and then add the degree to my name.. I was planning that while I'm currently working I can also somehow attend my masters.. since it takes years to acquire a visa..
    Now, I am more aware that things should not be like that. Thanks to everyone who replied.=) I'm quite enlightened and at least reality has found its way to me.=)
    I was planning to take MSN at UERM.. but I guess I really have to think twice..

    What's the EB2 visa? it was mentioned to me by a friend.. Accdg. to the convention she attended, nurses that have MAN or MSN or PhD coupled with experience gets a visa much much earlier than those of none...

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    hello:wink2: I'm also planning to take MSN, can anyone help me on how I can avail it at Universities outside the Philippines through scholarship grants?

    Thank you:wink2:

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    Hi! I'm planning to be a renal nurse.. any renal nurses around who can share their experiences? =) THank you.:wink2:

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    [font=franklin gothic medium]hello everyone
    i would just like to confirm if it's true that the msn degree offered here in the philippines is not credited internationally...

    i'm about to enroll this coming october, til someone break the news..
    can someone answer me..:typing

    thank you...

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    Hello everyone!
    I've been reading all the messages in this thread and it really really helped me a lot. I was supposed to apply at California but God was so good that I was able to read on one of Ms. Suzanne's post regarding the licensing procedure problems in CA. Thank you so much for really helping us who are just newbies here.

    From what I've read in the posts, there's no 5-year experience requirement in IL. Is that correct? I've been observing the posts, and I found out that most of the applicants for IL are newly grads.

    Another thing, is it advisable for me to take MSN here in the Philippines while waiting and processing my files for IL? I just don't want to waste time and I'm afraid that if I immediately apply for a job, it will eat my time from processing my papers...well I do want to have experience but I'm still confused with these things.(is my perception correct? or am I not getting it?)

    I also want to ask if IL BON will issue your license after you already have your visa with you? Is the visa issued by CGFNS different from that of the US Embassy?

    I'm also a newly Registered Nurse here in the Philippines and PRC has not yet released our license, is it advisable for me to wait for my license to be released before proceeding in applying the CES?

    THank you everyone!
    I'm really new here, please bear with me...This really is a big help.
    God bless everyone. :wink2:

    Looking forward to your replies:heartbeat

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    Hi angel337 ! =) MAN stands for Masters of Arts in Nursing, it's pretty much common here in the Philippines. =)

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    I'll sure keep those in mind brunclex129. Thank you so much! This really help me a lot! =)

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    Thank you so much Katnip . You're well appreciated. =)

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    hello everyone!:wink2: i really need help deciding on which should i pursue, man or msn? i don't have any idea about what they are, all i know is that they are both masters degrees. if possible, can you also please state which is better to have and which is the best school that offers them. i'm in the philippines, by the way. i'm quite having a hard time, can anyone please help me? i believe this site is one of the most helpful ones. thanks for reading everyone! :redpinkhe