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    Probably contact University Admissions on Monday just to be sure, but I was already accepted (in January) and I'm a UofM alumna. I had the same message on my wolverine access when I was accepted. You won't receive a big packet if you're an alumni (at least I didn't) but you will get emails and a one-page letter. You have to reactivate your umich account (if it is not being used currently) so you might get a message from MCIT first.

    Hope it works out for you guys! Looking forward to meeting everyone at orientation.

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    There are several good hospitals in the area but the best cancer specialities are actually just outside of the area. Karmanos is a specialty hospital in Detroit and part of the DMC (Detroit Medical Center) that treats cancer patients and participates in cancer research/education. Additionally, the Univeristy of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor (about 45 minutes from where you plan to live) has a nationally recognized cancer center where people travel from all over the country and world for treatment. It is one of the leading cancer research hospitals and is part of the NCCN.

    Good can't go wrong...there are lots of great options for you in Metro Detroit.