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    I'm currently in the RN program at apollo, and taking the nursing courses. There have been a lot of changes in passed 2 semesters, many being managerial and what not. Also, if you do not know already, Devry has bought out US ED CORP (apollo) and changes at higher levels are being made. With that said, My semester in particular has had many sessions with the Director of nursing and the school about our future and containing education here is what I we have been told.

    Apollo is credited nationally, that is 100% for sure. You can graduate and take Boards in other states. If I remember correctly, Apollo will be offering a BSN bridge for their students who have graduated. The doors will be open to them first, and there is no criteria to meet, if you attended apollo, you are accepted to the BSN program. This BSN program will be taught ONLINE only. This is not run by the Phoenix system.

    I would contact the school and get further information as to when this program is starting, If I remember correctly, it starts in december of this year, but I would double check if you are interested.

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    I have my Ptn's CBC lab results for cellulitis in his R HIP. I have to evaluate the meaning of (For example, NORM Hgb(hemoglob) 11.5-16, Ptn. 9.0Low) Explain how cellulitis affects Hgb level) And so on for his CBC results. Since it is patient specific, I can't just list Higher WBC's due infection, as that is pretty general (even though true). I don't have a book that explains Lab results and haven't found a website that explains Cellulitis lab's.

    Does anyone know of a good resource/website I can find this information.

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    I have not graduated yet, I am still in clinical s, graduation is getting closer though. I had my first real experience of being absolutely helpless, and I hated it. I hated every bit of it, and at the time, it did not hit, yesterday-When I was at my clinical on the floor.

    I was taking care of a ptn. who had been hospitalized since march, from a MI. and wasn't able to swallow/eat/talk ect. He was only 53, and his mother was in the room as I administered his med/food through his Gtube. His screams were not what bothered me, the fact He couldn't tell me what was wrong, or how he felt did. Later did I find out, he had a Son my age, whom I resembled, and That i reminded the ptn. of him. Helplessness has to be the worst feeling in the world, not that i cried, but that feeling is not a good one thats for sure.

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    Let me be honest, If you have money Apollo college is tour best route. It will cost about $46,000 then less with grants and whatever you qualify for. I currently attend Apollo and compared to CSN, the teaching cannot be beat. If you take the CSN route, there will be a waiting list once you complete just the basic pre req's, that waiting list could be as short as 6months or as long as 1year+

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    cpat is just a general ed test to get admitted, when i got into apollo there was NET cpat and one other, and I heard now they are doing 1 on 1 personal interviews!

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    Best $40,000 you could spend, put it that way.