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    Don't be scared because if you are it will show. I too just obtained my CNA license and landed a job as a PCT in a hospital with no experience. I'm starting nursing school next year as well. Just focus on your enthusiasm to learn as much as you possibly can and your willingness to be a team player. Do a little research on the hospital as well, managers love it when you can relay facts about the facility. Like the previous poster said, dress well and bring a copy of your resume. If it's a team interview make sure when answering questions you make eye contact with both people, not just the person who asked you the question. I would follow up with a phone call a couple days later and a thank-you note a couple days after the phone call.

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    @classykaren- yes they are going to train me.

    @flg8r- hillsborough.

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    I'm so excited. I got a job offer today, at a hospital no less!!

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    Quote from nursenow
    I see the real problem. You dont know what a christian is. (not to mention the anger thing)
    That's the best you can do? Yes, one supplies evidence when prompted and it's an anger issue. I see you fail to acknowledge me mentioning ALL religions having issues. As I said, i'll be happy to discuss other religions shortcomings as well. This thread, however, is about a woman who can't follow rules set forth by her facility, and instead of fessing up, she claims discrimination.

    You amuse me. Next?

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    Quote from nursenow
    It's been awhile since I heard of a christian cutting off someones head and posting a film of it on the internet. Those annoying christians and their bible; There are religions that will kill you if you are not a member, or want to convert to another.
    Well they didn't have audio/video during the Crusades, now did they?

    If you want to call a spade a spade i'll be happy to play. Hate organizations in the United States based on extremist Christian belief include the KKK (you'll find some pictures of at least a few hangings online), the Army of God (abortion clinic bombings and a more recent fatal shooting), the Christian Identity and Christian Patriot - Lambs of Christ. There are over 300 hate groups in the midwest alone, comprised mostly of individuals who base their opinions on Christian beliefs. If you can find me a black, hispanic, Jewish, Muslim or Arab, European, south American, Asian, gay or lesbian member of the Minutemen then coffee is on me. Oh, and of course we have the lovely Southern Baptist pastor in California who has wished death upon President Obama.

    So if you want to seriously discuss the roles Christians have played in meddling, and even destroying others lives, then you must be prepared to face the truth.

    I'm happy to discuss other religions hate groups (as there are many), but this thread is about a woman who can't follow her facilities simple rule of no necklaces. Feel free to start a thread about Muslims, Jews, Hindis, Sikhs, et al being discriminated against while violating facility rules and we can talk.

    The majority of right-wingers have found a legal weapon to spread the hate, politics (since honor killings are so out of vogue). The constitution is a brilliant document, however. It keeps them from turning the United States into a Christian version of Iran.

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    Quote from tolerantgirl
    After reading all of the responses, it is clear that to be a christian or to say you are a christian will cause you to receive a lot of judgment and criticism.
    As I said to a friend once who is a rather far right member of society, "now you know how those who's lives you meddle in and bully with the Bible feel huh"?

    Sucks, doesn't it? My suggestion to the Christian Nation is to stop meddling in other people's lives and then maybe you'll get some respect. Organized religion lost me a long time ago. One can be ethical and moral w/out religion...In fact some of the most kind people I know have never stepped foot in a church, while some of the most hateful go to church weekly.

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    Quote from nursenow
    What about that one pesky little line about all men being "created" equal? That is as basic as you can get. What did they they mean if they werent refering to a (our)creator?
    Interesting you should bring up equality. Your crying about a woman being asked to not wear a NECKLACE, but i'll bet my bottom dollar you run like lightning to vote AGAINST anything related to equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans.

    Must be mighty lonely up on your pedestal huh?

    Frankly I could care less whether she wears a necklace nor what religious following she adheres to!!

    The country wasn't founded based on religion, but it was founded by people escaping religious extremists. Try again?

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    Hi everyone, I have a question.

    Did anyone take micro at PBCC online while taking the lab at another school? I'm in Tampa and I have no idea if they will let me enroll in just the online lecture or not. Insight? I'm a student now at HCC and they are sorta behind the times when it comes to offering science classes online....and the face to face instructors for micro are dreadful.

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    So I went to Woodbridge in Tampa today. Asked about an application. The receptionist dragon denied me an application because I don't have a year experience in a nursing home. Now i'm really getting discouraged, and foreclosure looks more and more like a possibility!!

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    Quote from gillian65
    After looking for quite some time I did get a job at a hospital in Tampa. I just happened to meet the nurse recruiter and had a conversation with her and when I passed my test got back in touch with her. She arranged an interview with the nurse leader on my floor. I am VERY grateful to have gotten into a hospital setting. i am definitely learning a lot and deciding if I will go on to nursing school.

    The pay is sad -- about 9/hr if a true employee with benefits; I am PRN and get 10.50. I just took the hospitals nurse tech course and will get about a dollar more an hour after finishing my competencies and phlebotomy.
    WOW which hospital? I passed the test on July 23rd and still haven't found a job. It's getting scary unemployment ran out a week and a half ago and i'm starting to get scared (house payments, etc...).

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    Hey badphish. How was the online micro at SPC? I'm considering taking it next spring.

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    Booke the 2 extra months is for people starting the programs in '10, not this August. Evidently the instructors have been trying to get this addition for a while. I'm a bit upset, however, that it is remaining 5 days a week rather than cut to 4. Most LPN programs that i'm aware of are Mon-Thurs. I'm rethinking my acceptance.

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    Did anyone else get the letter in the mail stating the program is being extended from 12 to 14 months (the day program)? I emailed the advisor and she told me the only difference is the day will be a half hour shorter. I was hoping for a 4 day rather than 5 day week.

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    I assume staying on topic is impossible on a website full of professionals. I too am curious about the job finding success of recently licensed CNAs.

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    I took the Pinellas med-prep in Pinellas Park. IMO a waste of money. The "nurse" walked 10 people through the 21 skills and then basically went to play on the computer in a different room while we practiced. I couldn't attend a practice session due to car trouble and called to reschedule. Let's just say the epitome of white trash started screaming at me over the phone refusing to reschedule. I'm now working on a BBB complaint against them.

    I'm doing the Erwin tech LPN program in Tampa.