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  • Jun 19 '16

    Quote from lynne_13
    Sir @rysanti and to all, can I ask you what are the documents needed on hand for the application to APHRA? I am planning to collect them and have them certified before going back to UAE. I only have a month to get them. please help me what are those docs. thank you so much!
    sorry just now

    Just a short summary of documents needed:

    Identity Documents:
    Birth Certificate
    Passport Bio Page
    NBI Clearance

    Nursing School Documents:
    Course Description
    Transcript of Records
    Program of study from CHED
    Certificate from school that you successfully completed Pharmacology subject

    PRC requirement:
    Board Rating , Board Passing Certificate
    Certificate of Nursing Registration
    Certificate of Good Standing
    Nurse Registration Card

    English Requirement:
    IELTS with overall score 7 and above with no band score less than 7

    Work Related Documents:
    Certificate of Employment from current and previous employers

    Apply Fit2work Police check, visit

    All documents to be attached should be notarized/ CTC only with the exemption of the certificate of good standing which will be mailed directly by PRC to AHPRA. Do not send original documents, only photocopies using A4 paper

    For sending your docs, use Philpost EMS since LBC/DHL/ JRS ETC does not deliver to PO box addresses. It has tracking number and just as fast.

    hope this helps, Good luck!

  • Jul 8 '08

    Welcome to Allnurses. Congratulations....good luck in all you do!