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    I got this from someone in california, its a national certification but I'm trying to also find out what the scope of practice here in Louisiana for an LPN IV infusion nurse.

    let me know if you hear anything, also.

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    well by now you must be in charity school of nursing by now, but just in case your not in yet and for anyone else who is considering charity school of nursing.

    yes the school as a remarkable reputation. but once your in behind doors in the schools classrooms its a whole new story.

    1st off there is no studnet parking available, the school is exactly 1 block away from the superdome so do you know what that means? it means during football season there is no parking. and your lucky if the parking lots are not doubled price for that day.

    2nd never ever buy your books in bulk. because the book store will not buy them make, if they do it is not worth the amount you paid for them for the refund they gave me. I had an $85 book and got $15 back for it.

    3rd off my class, we had to research material to be able to understand what the lecture is about. I had 9 instructors teaching one subject. the instructors then turn's in 5 or 10 questions to the nursing coordinator who then in turns makes a test. now the thing is that the nurse coordinator may change the question around and put in what her answer would be and not realize that the instructor that came up with that particular question has already given a lecture on that specific question so that the students would be able to identify the correct answer.

    4th the lectures were never coordinated with the objectives to the chapter.

    the school of charity of nursing is actually a delgado community college affiliated. charity needed a school to support the educational institute in order to carry on.

    I would call the RN state board of nursing ask them what kind of standing does this school still have.
    to my understanding the school for nursing is under academic propation as of 2008. due to poor NCLEX passing scores.

    and if your an LPN call the too

    call and ask them which schools have a higher and better passing rate.

    I called and believe it or not I was amazed in what the nursing examiners had to say about charity.

    I think you would be amazed, too. the school has gone down hill for the last 12 years.

    do your homework and call the two examiners and find a school with a great curriculum. I did and I am pleased with my choices.

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    I have 5mths left in my LPN program in New Orleans, LA

    just wanting a few ideas on hospitals on the northshore vs southshore jobs, where and who will let LPNs do a majority of my skills in their facilities.

    I was wondering what is the salary for LPNs in a hospital setting?

    and what departments are LPNs more needed in?

    does one department pay more than another department in the hospital

    see I also have a medical coding certification. I have a state license and certification in phlebotomy.

    but my heart is in nursing, so I am in a LPN program.

    I hope that I can use all three certifications to make the money w/o becoming a RN.

    I don't want everything I already have just full down by the waste side.

    I'm so tired of being in school and ready to make money.

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    I am a SPN in an accelerated program in Louisiana. Yes, nurses are extremely needed here since Katrina.

    I have 5mo left of school and I am really interested in IV infusion therapy, in all areas.

    I was wondering if I would have to be an RN to work in this area.

    Sincerely etc...