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  • Apr 30 '12

    cgwrn, i was told the same thing by my agency about being a first timer. right now, we are on a waiting game because the facility wants me to charge and float. meanwhile they are offering 20/hr with stipend and no holiday pay. i told her to call me back when she has a better offer. there are other agencies.

  • Apr 14 '12

    Ladies and Gentlemen, BlackMurse1 is an official RN.

    Got my results today from Pearson, I passed at 75 questions......

  • Apr 13 '12

    Made over $100,000.00 last year as an EMR consultant, and that was with 7 weeks off throughout the year.

  • Apr 13 '12

    LPN for 3 years. I was making $18 an hour with no benefits in FL working part-time in an LTC.

    Decided to move back to Canada almost a year ago. I'm now in a union working in medical rehab. I make $24.68 an hour plus $2.75 shift dif for eves and $3.25 shift dif for wknds. I also have full benefits that cost me about $28 a month with no out of pocket expenses. I have a regular part-time line on which I earn vacation time and sick time. The only time I have more than 7 patients is when we're short-staffed.

  • Apr 13 '12

    I live in MASS i just left LTC I HATED IT!!!! I was getting 26 n hour and 31/hr on weekends too much stress to much worrying about my license with 40 patients all to myself hated 3-11 shift awfullll I just graduated in June! I just accepted a ft position days 7-3 no weekends no holidays benefits 40 hrs for 21.50 an hour doing utilization review!!!! I am very excited and the pay is not tooo bad!!!! I plan on doing excelsior soon too

  • Apr 13 '12

    22 an hour and FREE awesome health insurance, I think when you ask about wages-- bennifits are important to mention too.

  • Apr 13 '12

    Work on Long Island...Peds acute care in a large hospital I am the only LPN left here. Been here almost 23 years...made a little over $65K last year with minimal OT. Cant wait until I am done with my RN...gonna be a big bump in salary

  • Apr 13 '12

    30 years as an LPN-Traveling as an EMR analyst-$55/hr-all expenses paid, no benefits.

  • Apr 13 '12

    5 years experience in LTC $28.00/hr in arizona

  • Apr 13 '12

    26 yrs experience.
    Non patient contact, insurance company claims reviewer.
    No weekends, no holidays, 7 am to 3:30 M-F.
    Telecommute from home.

  • Apr 12 '12

    HEY GUYS!!
    I'm 27, female black travel nurse who has been to Cali and Texas. My big thing is go where your heart takes you! I've worked in the bay area loved it!! And San Diego area the hospital sucked, but the friends I made there will last a lifetime!! I personally like to go where I see other black ppl. I'm in Houston now and love it!!! I have been here since May and have never worked with this many black ppl in the medical field!!! It is very welcoming!!! My next assignment starts in Jan in Tampa, FL!! I'm very excited because one day i can see myself living there!! In my experiences being a young black nurse ppl try to challenge u but i'm ALWAYS up for a challenge!! Travel nursing is very rewarding!!!

  • Jul 27 '08
  • Jul 27 '08

    Congrats! Good luck with your job.

  • Jul 27 '08
  • Jul 26 '08

    congratulations on becoming a nurse!! hard work does pay off! i wish you much success in your new career!