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    Thanks everyone for the replies! It's a big decision. The reason why we won't have another baby if we don't do it now is because I had my son unexpectedly at 18 and kinda missed out on traveling and all the fun stuff you can do while you have your youth. So as soon as my son moves out I won't even be 40 and I will get to do all the stuff I had to postpone. I don't want to have another child 5plus years later and be starting all over again, never kidless! So that's why it's now or never. My boyfriend is going to get "fixed" either way we decide to go. So I think I'm gonna go for it! I have my family here for support and my boyfriend and I really want a baby! Plus a couple years after I graduate we plan on moving to Hawaii and working as nurses there. Wish us luck!

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    I have a 3 year old and I am thinking of trying for another baby. I start my 4 year Nursing degree in September! Would be pregnant all first year, and go back for second year when baby is 4-5 months old! I am excited but nervous, but I really want to do both. You only live this life once, if you can do it, I say go for it! Good luck! Be strong!

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    I am a 22 year old with a 3 year old son, and I am starting my RN program in September! yay! My boyfriend is starting his 3rd year of Nursing school and we want to try for another baby before the age gap gets to be too big for my son. Also my boyfriend is 27 and doesn't want to be an "old dad". We are trying now so that I would have the baby around the end of year one. (no practicums in year one at my school) and then go back in the following September for year two, baby would be around 4-5 months old. Any advice, stories or lessons. Not really sure if this will work out. Wanna do really good in school, but I want another baby, and if we don't have another now we won't at all and my son will be an only child Not willing to take time off school. Help! So unsure!