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    My friend worked at Cenntenial about 2 years ago and starting pay was $21.04. And I think about $3 extra for nights...

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    Well from my experience, no this is not an issue. When I graduated (along with many of my fellow classmates) I found a job immediately. I had a job offer the same week I graduated and started orientation a week later! I have been a nurse 2 years now, but even the new graduates seem to have no problem. My manager just hired 6 new grads to start in September. I know Nashville is another story. Several of my classmates tried to get jobs there after graduation and were denied because of lack of experience. Some of my coworkers now are originally from Nashville because they couldn't find jobs there after graduation.

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    We have the same problem on my unit! Day shift does nothing but complain about how we do nothing but sit around while patients sleep which is not true because our patients seem to never sleep! Between RT going in to give breathing treatments, lab, and me getting their VS the patients never seem to sleep for longer than an hour. Now the manager has added extra work for us: check charts (make sure right forms are in there...umm why am I doing secretarial work?), do scheduled EKGs (our RT used to do this), turn patients every 2 hours (we don't have a medical asst over night), empty trash in all rooms (again, isn't that what housekeeping is for?), be the charge nurse (some nights we don't have one then everyone has to fight over who gets the next patient!), draw labs. And the list goes on...Meanwhile dayshift has 3 to 4 MAs, a secretary, access to all the Dr's, they don't have to check charts or do EKGs or worry about patients with sundowners climbing out of bed! I just wish some times day shift would give us more credit.

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    Hi! I am thinking of relocating to Nashville from Memphis in a couple of months and was wondering if anyone can tell me what the starting pays are at some of the Nashville hospitals (and if theres any shift diffs) and which ones are the "best" to work at? I am an RN with 1 yr experience in ICU Step Down.


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    Apply at Methodist Germantown on the Telemetry floor. She loves new grads! I dont think its too early to start applying...

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    Quote from Lily2011
    To - NICURN04

    Hi! I was just wondering if you still work in the NICU at Le Bonheur? I will be graduating in May and my husband's job is relocating to Memphis and I would absolutely LOVE to get a job at Le Bonheur. Even if you do not work there any more, do you have any tips for getting an interview? I've applied to several positions and I am just waiting. Thank you so much! I don't know how to send a PM but if you could somehow send me one I would appreciate it so much.
    Well I am graduating in May too and a friend of mine just got hired in the NICU (she says they desperately need people). The only thing is that LeBonheur will not let any new grad work until they pass boards. So I think once you pass boards you will be able to find a job there easy. My friend just called the floor directly and they gave her the hiring manager's email and within an hour she had an interview set up! But she cant start until/if she passes boards. And I have heard the same from other people who are externing there

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    does anyone know what the new grad pay is at the Med? Also does the Med do loan reimbursement like Methodist and Baptist? I have a possible chance to work there but I wanted to know more about the hospital before I apply.


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    Quote from koster22
    quick question--- I turned in my health packet on Friday. Assuming the permits will be posted for me to register tomorrow, where will they be on the website? Will they by on the page that I click on to do a class search? Sorry I am just wondering if I will be able to find them easily after I click "add/drop class" Thanks!
    they will be under "registration status" from the spectrum website. on that page you should see your classification (junior/senior), and i think it should say "nursing" under degree/major and then your permits will be listed and u need to write down those six #s to paste into the box on the "add/drop a class" page...

    *Sorry didnt realize someone already answered the question!!

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    Quote from ziggy150
    So is the Pay in Nashville quite a bit better, I'm hoping? ER/Cath Lab/PACU

    I heard Nashville was like $18 plus around $4 shift diffs. In Memphis most hospital start out at $21/hr base pay then $4 shift diffs. I know Baptist here starts at $23.38 plus $4 for nights and $4.50 w/e's

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    Hmm lets see...

    1st semester we had Health assmt lab Monday mornings, then I had to prelab at night. Tues I had clinical from 7am to 1pm then Patho from 2 to 5. Wednesday I had Health assmt (theory), Thurs mornings was Sim lab then Pharm right after (another 3 hrs), and Fri's I had Foundations (3hrs). I would study pretty much any time I wasnt in class and on the w/e.

    2nd semester I went to class 2 days a week 3 hours each and then we did a Med surg rotation (8hrs) and a Psych rotation (6hrs).

    3rd semester was the easiest. 2 classes on Mondays (Ob and Peds) and an online class (Gero). Clincal 2 times a week (Ob 8hrs and Peds 6 hrs) and then on Wednesday nights i had to take Ethics

    4th semester I had 2 classes on Monday (3 hrs each), then 2 clinical rotations (Community 6hrs and Critical care/ICU 8hrs) and I had to study ALL THE TIME because Med surg II was awful

    5th semester (I am in now). I go to class 1 day a week (3hrs) and clinical 24hrs a week, plus 2 online classes (but one is an optional NCLEX prep course).

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    My friend just started working nights in the ICU here in TN and she makes $21/hr base plus $4.50 night shift and an extra $8 if she works weekends.

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    I replied to a similar thread a couple of months ago so I will just repost what I wrote...

    I attend the University of Memphis right now so I can tell u a little bit about it. 1st semester you will take Intro to Med/Surg, Skills lab, Pharmacology, Patho, Health Assessment, Health Assessment lab, and a clinical. Yes this is a large load and was probably one of the worst semesters for me because you are new and are thrown into it. I think all of these classes are to basically weed people out because a lot of these classes are preq's at Baptist! The schedule was Patho on Tuesdays', Health Assessment on Wednesday's, Pharm on Thursday's and Intro to Med/Surg on Friday's. Each class was 3 hours long and everyone also had their two labs and clinical at some point during the week.

    edit:I think things have a changed a little bit and from what I've heard 1st semester students no longer go to clinical every week, but every other week is a clinical day and the week not at clinical you do a simulation in the lab.

    2nd semester there are less classes but the material seems to get a little bit harder. You will take Med/Surg I, Nursing psych, skills lab, and 2 clinicals (1 for Med/Surg and 1 for Psych). Classes were still 3 hours long but if I remember correctly they were on 2 diff days.

    3rd semester you will focus on O.B. and Pediatrics. I loved this semester and I thought it was a breeze. I actually had time to have a social life on the weekends! We take O.B., Peds, Geriatrics (online class), plus 2 clinicals (O.B. and Peds). They also at the last minute added in Ethics so I had to take that 3rd semester as well.

    4th semester....This is the semester I am in now and it focuses on Critical care. We are in the ICU. We take Med/Surg II, Community nursing, Research (online class) plus 2 clinicals (ICU and community).

    5th semester is Leadership. You will work with a preceptor and make your own schedule. The classes are Leadership, Issues and Trends and then Leadership the clinical. You are required to complete 100 and something hours prior to graduation.

    Over all I think it is a good program. It is hard, but I do feel like I learn alot in the end. I think the passing rate is 98% last time I checked. They also offer a NCLEX review/practice class that you can take 5th semester. Clinicals are fun, we get to do more and more each semester as we pass check off's. We can chart our own assessments and give medications. The only thing I hate are the care plans because they take forever! But that you can't escape no matter what nursing school you go to so you better get used to it!

    Ohh, also to answer the other part of your question you pretty much have a test every week. For example, the first test will be Med/Surg then the next week you will have a Patho test, and the week after that a Pharmacology test, ect until you have had your 1st round of tests for each class and then it starts over. Then during those weeks you also have tests in clinical and in skills lab (1st/2nd semester) over whatever skill you are supposed to be learning. All of our exams are taken on the computer and you can only see one question at a time, and you also can not go back and change your answers (the screen only lets u move forward). The teachers are okay, some I cant stand because they are kind of discouraging, while others I love.

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    Yes I believe they have some kind of dorms because I had a friend go there and she stayed on campus. Also the entrance exam is just basic math, english, science, ect. Similar to the ACT. I don't think it's very hard!

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    There's some school in Arkansas that accepts people that fail out. A lot of people that failed out of U of M's program are going there now. I don't know the name of the school though!

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    I am interested in Pediatrics! You can't just take specific classes in the summer. If u want to take classes in the summer they make you take the entire semester. But I don't think you can take any of 1st semester classes in the summer. Most of the rest are offered in the summer like Med Surg I, all of 3rd semester, 4th semester and 5th. The only way people have been able to take one class in the summer is if they start that semester (for example 3rd semester you would take O.B, peds, and Gero) and drop a class. Of course if you happen to fail the class when you do retake it then you are out.

    So far the job prospects for many of my friends have been okay. Not as good as it was when we all first started nursing school because of the economy. I know people that graduated in May and have just now found jobs, while others had jobs lined up before graduating. Most of the people I know that got hired right away had internships their last year of nursing school or knew someone. Now a days even internships are scarce. Baptist and Methodist are pretty much the only hospitals that offer them. St Jude does too but its really competitive and the Med has one during the summers only.

    The last semester of nursing school recruiters come and talk to you about jobs and they will hand out their cards. I think your best bet is to form a good relationship with your clinical teachers so they can put in a good word for you if you happen to apply at their hospital!