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    Quote from kasperas
    Did everyone get scheduled this morning?? I might be crazy, but I am doing all day Tues and Wed first block, and then all day Tues and Wed, and Thurs morning second block. Yikes!!
    You're lucky you got into the Tues/Wed section for the second block. By the time I registered, that section was closed. On a brighter note, I can't wait for the semester to start!!

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    Quote from dan1100rt

    I sent you a private message with some phone numbers and rental information - did you receive it?
    Hi Dan,

    I received it but I don't know how to respond through the private message. Anyhow, thank you so much!!! I truly appreciate it. I've decided on the C.P. apartment. I'm really looking forward to moving in a few weeks and starting school in January.

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    Quote from bannon03
    I was just wondering how everyone managed to got into UCHSC as in GPA, Pre-req GPA, resumes, etc. ?? I applied for Summer '09 Accelerated and just wondering what they generally accept. THANKS!!
    Hey bannon03,

    My previous bachelors GPA was a 3.3 and for the pre-reqs, I got a B in Microbiology and the rest were A's. When I applied, they only required transcripts and an essay. Like kasperas, I applied for summer but I got accepted for January.
    Good luck!

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    Quote from dan1100rt
    kitsune1 - that was really nice of you to check out the apartments on Detroit for nikenike!

    nikenike - I was out with my wee one this morning and took note that there are three For Rent signs just on my block (three blocks off of Colfax). Would you like some of the phone numbers?

    I take the 15L from Colfax & Colorado to Colfax & Ursula (in front of the campus). The "L" indicates a limited route, with fewer stops. It takes about 15-17 minutes to get to the campus, and then a 5 minute walk to the education building.
    Hey dan1100rt,

    Sure, the numbers would be great! Thank you so much! It would be ideal to get a place in Congress Park. And since I probably won't have a car, taking the bus from that area seems extremely convenient to campus.

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    Quote from kitsune01
    grr - can't seem to edit my previous post to add this:
    I just drove down that block of detroit. The houses and apartments look nice enough, and you'd have a really short walk to the bus, but the alleys on both sides of the street do open onto Colfax. That wouldn't necessarily be a deal-breaker for me, but it would be for some people. It sort of depends on what you are used to. I do think you'd be better off with something south of 14th though.
    Thank you so much for checking it out! I really appreciate it. I'll keep searching..

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    Has anyone received their orientation and registration packet yet?

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    Quote from kitsune01
    Wash Park is really nice, but if you don't have a car living there is probably not a good idea because it would be an hour bus commute. Cherry Creek would be better but is probably still be a 2 bus commute unless you biked to 9th ave. to catch the shuttle or carpooled to campus with someone. If you are going to rely on public transportation I think your best bet is to live within walking distance of the 20 or 15 bus routes, which have stops in the center of campus. You can look the schedules and maps up on The shuttle is nice, but it doesn't run all the time. (for example if you have afternoon labs they get out after the last shuttle, and we have had class on saturdays when it doesn't run at all).

    I live in Congress Park, as do 4 or 5 of my classmates, and I think the location is working out well for me. The bus or shuttle takes 20 minutes to get to campus and I get to study on the way. We just got the info for the medsurg I lottery and 4 out of 11 of the clinical sites are within walking or biking distance or a very short bus ride away for me. And of course if I got UCH I would have the same bus ride to campus. I like the neighborhood too. I can walk to bars and restaurants on colfax and coffee shops on 12th, and I can bike to the cherry creek shopping district in about 10 minutes.

    The work load is high but not insane. (I'm in the accelerated track so that may change in january when we have double clinicals) You guys may have a little bit more work initially because I think you take more classes the first semester than the summer start people. Lots of people have jobs, especially if they work in a hospital and do 1 or 2 8 or 12 hour shifts a week.
    Hi Kitsune01,

    I've been looking for apartments in the Congress Park area. Do you know which areas or streets that I should stay away from? I've heard to stay away from Colfax but I came across a decently priced apartment on Detriot between 14th and Colfax. Could you give me your opinions about the area? Thank you!

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    Quote from kitsune01
    I just started this summer, and I don't think anyone in my class lives in the area near campus. (Of course there are over 100 of us, so I haven't exactly done an extensive survey) There are some new apartments behind campus that are supposed to be expensive. I also see flyers in the cafeteria for rental houses available just west of campus. However, the area is still kind of run down and there isn't much there in the way of shops and amenities.

    A lot of people live in denver and either drive or take the bus. I live about 4 blocks from the old 9th ave. campus and so I walk over there and take the free shuttle that runs between the campuses. This is very convenient, I just hope they don't stop running it before I graduate. If it's not running I walk over to colfax and catch the 15.
    I thought about living near the campus but I'm now looking more into places in Denver, possibly Wash Park or Cherry Creek. I hope the shuttle will still be running when I start in January since I won't have a car. Thanks for the info! Btw, how is the work load? Do you think it's possible to juggle both school and part-time work?

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    I live in Hawaii. Are any of you planning to live near campus??

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    Hi Kasperas!

    Nice to meet you! I'm thinking of taking pharmacology in the fall. What about you?

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    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone will be starting at UCHSC for Spring 2009?

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    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone got accepted at UCHSC for spring 2009?