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    Actually, I'm in the same boat as you. Just a week ago started in psych. nursing after one year in med/surg/telemetry nursing. So far it seems I'm going to like this very much. As far as what other people say, don't worry about it so much. they groan, I think, because we all remember the altered mental status patients we had in MS nursing, and how difficult they can be to care for. BUT....a lot of these were UTI's, etc. I'm playing on the bet that there will always be jobs in this field because unique individuals do it. Ya know.....

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    I've been here in Mobile for about 6 years, but only one year as an RN. The hospital you want depends on the job you want. At Springhill Hospital, they hav an excellent cardiology program, and electronic charting. That's where I did my preceptorship. It's a more upscale hospital in a nice part of town across from Springhill College. With any of the Infirmary Hospitals, you get higher pay.....I've never worked for one, but I hear they work you to death. They are the biggest hospitals. Infirmary main campus is in an ok part of town, lots of doctors offices and stuff around, about 5 minutes from downtown. Thomas Hospital on the Eastern Shore is by a lot of good fishing on the bay, only been there once when a friend had her baby there. Providence Hospital is out in the western suburbs, a nice place to live, catholic hospital, made in a round circle. Instead of hallways, all of your patients would be within a few steps of each other. They offer a new grad internship where you go to class and float around the entire hospital for about 6 months. USA is the teaching hospital, not a great part of town (it's not on campus). You'll see a lot, especially in the ED, it's the trauma hospital and sees a lot of shootings, car wrecks, etc. but it's probably a great place to learn I would think.

    If you decide to come live here, most apartments are ok. You can see if you drive thru them which ones are not safe. In west mobile there are a lot of great apartments, they're all pretty much 550-600 for a one bedroom, and then on up for multiple bedrooms. As always, check police reports before you move somewhere; you may be surprised.

    So what's the deal with birmingham anyway? Why no jobs?

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    Why not Birmingham? Not your cup of tea or are you like's hard to get work there. Where have you applied? If you are really serious about moving to the coast, the Mobile Infirmary usually has a wide range of positions open in all shifts on all floors, and they own the Infirmary, Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, North Baldwin Infirmary and Infirmary West in West Mobile. If you are more into Baldwin County, there is a huge need at South Baldwin right now in certain areas on certain shifts.

    But I ask again....why no Birmingham?

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    Alright, so the Birmingham job market is tremendously, and i mean TREMENDOUSLY hard to break into now. So too Tuscaloosa, Gadsden/Anniston, central Alabama as a whole.

    Does anyone know of any facilities or places that still need some good (or at least one) good quality relocating RN?


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    How's the job search coming?

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    Anyone else on the board in Alabama? I'm in Gulf Shores, soon to move to Birmingham.

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    I passed boards!!!!! YAY YAY YAY, RN RN RN. The state of Alabama website had my old temp as "null and void" and my name next to a license number.

    Why does this license expire 12/31/08 I wonder? Anyone know, I thought they were good for a long time???? Like a year or two.


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    20 hours and passing........

    Continuing to remember more questions I know I missed. Everyone in my family tells me to cool it and not think about it, but this is a career we're talking about, and I already have a nursing job.

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    I took mine today and had at least 10 or so SATA, 3 math questions and one of those "click on the body" ones. A lot of basic stuff I think I missed. I may have to do this over.

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    Did you feel like you missed some signs/symptoms, dietary and others like that? Makes me think those are lower level questions. Scared to death for sure!

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    I took NCLEX today, here's the breakdown.

    It stopped at 75 questions. Got a TON of Select All That Apply, one of those click on the body, three math questions (2 hard kilogram type ones and one easier type one near the end). I had two specific diseases that I got over and over again in different ways. I remember about 4-5 questions,looked them up,and failed them. one was diet, two were signs and symptoms of disease.

    I'm not feeling confident, please reply!