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    A middle aged lady came to the ER with a small laceration on her hand. She was triaged and was told it would be 15 or 20 minute wait. The lady was called back to a room and she wasn't there, so we went to the next one. The lady returned and stated that she had went home and took a Tylenol for pain, in case she had to wait longer.

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    Never try to catch a rattlesnake by throwing your baseball cap and as it strikes at your baseball cap grab it by the head. Then drop it after it bites you, continue to the grocery store and to have your oil checked.
    No we can't do a pelvic on your 15 y/o daughter to tell you if she has had sex with the good for nothing boyfriend.
    Yes, there are several serial shooters of young men who are out for a nightly stroll at 3 am. Who were minding their own business and end up getting shot in the buttocks.
    No urine does not come from your vagina, yes there is another hole down there.
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    Never get off your Harley at night and pull down your jeans and attempt to pee in the median of the interstate,,,rattlers will respond to your urinating on them, they don't care where they bite you.

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    most hospitals or nursing facilities work 12 hour shifts, which is 2 days during the week and every other weekend. if the weeks ends on saturday midnight, then an every two week pay period gives the nurse a full time pay check.
    works good for my nurses.
    judy wright
    limestone medical center
    groesbeck, texas


    Quote from babyrn_06
    :hatparty:well, as you can guess i'm a nursing student....

    i have a question...
    from what i've heard and it true that most nurses don't work everyday (m-f) on a typical 7 or 8 hour shift ? is it more like you work a chunk of time a few days a week? how are most work schedules set?


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    No, I am pro-life. The only time I would even think of it, would be if mother's life was endanger.

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    I am the Director of Nurses at Limestone Medical Center, my nurses work 12 hour shifts. they work 1 week 2 days and the next 4 days including every other weekend. (example: Mon-Tues then Sat-Sun-Mon- Tues then Mon-Tues. The way this works out is they work the same days every week and then they work every other weekend. All our shift are like that and I do not have many call in. :hatparty: