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    Hi tattedRN, have you thought about contacting the BON either by phone or going in person for answers? They would be the ones to give you accurate answers. Good luck!

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    Quote from OwlieO.O
    They aren't allowed (must be covered if possible) but it isn't enforced. I'd rather wear short sleeves than pass along infections from patient to patient with long sleeved shirts.
    I never said anything about wearing long sleeves and infection.. I said it's an extra barrier between my skin and any body fluids. Following universal precautions should prevent the spread of infection regardless of what I'm wearing. Anyone who wears long sleeves in place of following these precautions is not very smart. I'm actually more worried about my shoes and pants rubbing against the beds and spreading anything than I am my arms, to be honest. Also, that's exactly why I bring an extra set of clothes with me every day. If anything does splatter on me (which is more than likely to happen against the 80% of my body that is covered with scrubs) then I can change.

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    Quote from RNsRWe
    Oh, NOW you're just going too far! Who says I can't be a GREAT nurse while wearing see-through, skin-tight clothing...AND false eyelashes? I think you need to get with the times, LOL...
    Lol you just might get a tip!

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    Quote from RNsRWe
    Although the majority of what you said was on the side of 'they are no big deal, they're even terrific'....the comments of yours I bolded and emphasized is really what's telling, and is the ENTIRE crux of the debate.

    When it boils down to it, the reason you feel more professional with your arm tattoos covered is because NOT displaying visible tattoos IS more professional. Appearance, and what it conveys.

    That's the entire point, and it seems when push comes to agree.
    That's exactly what I said. It's NOT professional, the same as wearing low cut shirts, anything see through, tight form fitting clothes, fake eyelashes, etc. There's a certain time and place for everything and when I'm at work I'm an RN and I play the role and I have no problem doing so I can express myself on my own time. My comment about my tattoos was aimed towards those commenting about them being tacky, because I don't think they are. They also aren't professional the same as flip flops and ripped jeans wouldn't be when going to an interview.

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    I'm covered in tattoos, I definitely don't feel they are tacky in any way whatsoever. I actually have spent thousands on my ink as I did my research and found a really great artist who actually put a lot of thought and detail into my pieces. My work doesn't care about tattoos showing.. I have never heard any older person complain about them either. Everyone walks around with them exposed. Now, with all that being said, I still wear long sleeves to work regardless. I feel much more professional with them covered and honestly I'd rather not have my tattoos be the focus of anything work related. I'm not there to converse about them or talk about their meanings or let them be a distraction for any reason... I'm there to work. Not only that, but I'd rather wear long sleeves and have that little extra barrier between body fluids and my skin.

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    The community colleges in Phoenix offer classes like this, not sure where in Arizona you are but check out the other county community colleges, like pima.

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    I know the VA always has postings for LPNs on their site.. might be worth checking out!

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    Quote from NewBeginning
    Didn't they JUST hire and start training 20+ new grad nurses? I thought they hired to staff both facilities. What happens to all of those nurses with one of the two hospitals shutting its doors? Hopefully this all turns out well for everyone involved!
    Yes they did and we got transferred to Apache junction.

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    Mesa nights, my first pick what about you?? Also, what day was your interview? I'm trying to see if any of the girls from my group got in!!
    Congrats! I am so excited! We'll be together that first week in the classroom!

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    I was offered a spot yesterday.. Filling out all my paperwork tomorrow morning! I'm excited to start! Has anyone else heard back??

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    Hey mb19!

    How did your interviews go? Did you end up flying out here or just taking a phone interview?

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    Me too... Nothing yet lol... "under consideration"

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    Quote from mb19
    I had a phone interview yesterday and am in the process of setting up a peer interview for next week. My problem is I live on the east coast right now and flights are wayyy too expensive for me to get out there before the start date (second week in February they told me). I also have no idea where I would live, etc so it's all a bit exciting/scary at the same time! They didn't mention what pay would be though, which is a factor for me because moving would cost a lot and my student loans are really high.
    What did they ask you on the phone interview? And where are you currently located? The cost of living in Tucson is relatively cheaper than a lot of places. Its amazing how different the costs are between there and Phoenix, considering they are only 100 miles apart. I grew up in Tucson and when I moved to Phoenix I would always compare costs like "well in Tucson this averages around this amount.. So what the heck am I paying this higher amount for?" You should google things like average rent, utilities, insurance, etc.. And see if the cost of living plus pay is going to be worth forking out that extra money to move! I will tell you this, for what its worth, I LOVE Tucson! Its a great place to raise a family and enjoy life. There are beautiful mountains with snow in the winter, lots of untouched desert with REAL desert life, monsoons, and amazing sunsets! I left when I was 18 because I was bored (i wanted to go out and party!) but now that I'm 28 I would love to go back home!

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    Quote from happylittlenurse
    I received a call to schedule an interview on Wednesday! Stay glued to the phone, they are making calls this week! From what the person on the phone said, they needed to make final decisions by January 23, so the process will move fast. My interview is tomorrow!

    Does anyone know anything about this program? When is the start date? What units are hiring? What is normal pay? (From what I gathered, $24-25 was standard New Grad Pay for this area)
    I can't remember the start dates that they quoted on the application.. I believe it said February though? And as far as new grad pay I have no idea either. I'm not much help lol. Please let us know how your interview goes!! Do you have a BSN, and are you in Tucson? Also, did you do a phone interview or did they just call to set up an in person interview? Good luck to you!!!