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    Just to update. I got the jobMany thanks to XB95 for all the help and advice given

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    on clarification, this presentation has to be about a change that has been implemented, so i suppose that should make it somewhat easier!

    i haven't given a presentation for a long time and i think that's why i'm in such a state about it.


    Introduction should be briefly about the implementation of the safe surgery checklist in the specific area

    rationale is obviously patient safety and also includes better teamwork and staff satisfaction
    how the change was implemented? do i talk about the barriers like staff attitudes and time and staffing constraints with regards to teaching and education about the change? then talk about change management tools (ADKAR?) that were used to bring about the change in attitudes and educate about the change
    how it is measured? as you mentioned, through incident reporting, the reduction/removal of never events, audit, staff feedback?

    sorry for being a bit dim about this
    it's only 10 minutes, i know.
    also, how much information do i include about the safe surgery checklist and how many slides would be advisable?

    thanks again for your help

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    im working myself up to a meltdown with this

    i have no idea how to go about presentimg safe surgery checklists using the instruction given for the presentation

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    It's possible that i am being a bit thick about the actual meaning of the given title for the presentation.

    i have taken it to mean a change that has already been implemented that i have been involved in.
    the main idea that i have had involves the introduction of speciality procedure packs for emergancy procedures.

    am i taking the meaning of clinical practice too literally or have i got it wrong entirely?

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    Quote from XB9S
    A good place to start would be what would you like to change or what change have you implemented in your area and you can build your presentation from there.

    Think about what it needs to make successful changes that are sustainable and look at change theories briefly.

    How have you identified the need for change, in response to what (incidents, complaints, morale) and how will you measure success.

    What ideas do you have, it will help guide advice further.

    Im a little bit thrown by the title given for the presentation.

    i have ideas rattling round my head ranging from the introduction of things like safe surgery check lists and the productive operating theatre initiative to actual change inclinical practice with things like equipment and instrumentation.

    im going round and round in circles and cantseem to finda starting poit for myself

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    I have an interview on April 10th for a band 6 post in the operating department.
    i was informed by email yesterday that i have to do a 10 inute presentation as described

    The presentation will be titled
    'The management of change in clinical operating theatre practice'

    you will discuss the following

    The area of practice you have changed or been invovled in changing

    The rationale for change

    The process of implementation of the change

    how the change was evaluated.

    the presentation has to be emailed toamember of the interview panal by the 9th of April.
    So, on top of not having the first idea of where to beging with this subject matter, i have been given only a few short days to prepare the presentation.

    please help?