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    CountyRat - I contacted my local MRC to join about two weeks ago. I know some people who belong and love it. I'm still waiting to hear but I think my local MRC is not very active

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    I've been a volunteer for the NYC Marathon for over 20 years. I work the elite finish line. There are medical tents set up there. When the runner's come through the chutes, medical personnel are there to access them and, if necessary, take them to be evaluated and treated at the tent. I think it's a great idea for you to try. You get a cute jacket too!

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    I volunteered at the hospital near me and it was very interesting. The hospitals usually have the information right on their website. The volunteer coordinator was actually really nice and thankful for all the volunteers. There were no time requirements. I went every Saturday, but some volunteers went once a month.

    I was a patient transporter and I worked with a paid patient transporter. I would grab a hospital bed or wheelchair and help the patient into it, grab a blanket to cover them and bring them to either test, x-ray, etc. For the most part the patients were happy to have someone to talk while we walked since they were a little nervous. Some of the patients were belligerent and just didn't want to go anywhere.

    I thought it was great to have that interaction with the patients but the paid transporters were on time restraints and it was stressful at times when the quotas weren't made for the day.

    There was a HIPAA video we had to watch before they would allow us on the floor. The application included references by two people. I also had to have a tuberculosis (I think) test which was paid for by the hospital.

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    I love the Cleveland Clinic books too. If you started getting the e-mails from that site, you will notice that it is usually one-two books. That's why when I saw all the medical books I had to post...usually I just lurk here.

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    I joined the site about three weeks ago and they don't send any other e-mails besides the free listings once a day. I was skeptical at first, but a lot of people on the Amazon discussion group recommended it. I'm always looking for free books!

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    I'm not sure if you can download it to a flash since I'm not sure whether it's actually stored on your computer or stored with Amazon. I know you can download the Kindle app on your phone and on your computer so you can read it anywhere. Maybe someone else can offer more insight.

    I'm glad everyone is enjoying the books! Remember to check the prices before you click "buy" since they can go back to the regular price at any time.

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    I'm sorry you can't get the books in Canada. I didn't realize that they were only available in the US. I would still keep an eye out on that site since they might have some books that will become available to you. It's the best site I have found for free Kindle downloads.

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    I subscribe to a newsletter that sends me a listing of free books on Kindle each morning. Usually there are 2 or 3 novels. Today there are about 30 nursing, medical, test books. You have to act quick before they change the price. I just downloaded 7 of them.

    The link takes you directly their site. When you click on the books, it takes you directly to the Amazon site. I couldn't resist passing this on.

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    I had read on Mercer's website that they are only accepting Mercer County residents for the nursing program because they are inundated with applicants. I believe that has been the practice for a few years now. Hopefully it will change.

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    I volunteered as a patient transporter two years ago at a local hospital and ever since then I have wanted to become a nurse. I've started some of the pre-reqs, but I'd like to actually work (or volunteer again) at a hospital first to make sure it is definately what I want.

    Is there a position that deals with nurses and maybe clerical at the same time? I've seen jobs titled "unit secretary", etc. Is this a good way to see if nursing is what I want? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Wow. Congratulations!!!! I bet you were happily surprised. I noticed on their website that no one has registered yet for the first nursing class so I was hoping there were openings. I'll keep you posted if my daughter gets in. Best of luck!!

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    My daughter was put on the waiting list and she had to fill out a form that said that she wanted to remain on the waiting list but if she didn't get in, she wants to pick another major. I called the school and they said the waiting list was very short. They also said you needed to check both boxes on the form if you still want to be on the waiting list. If anyone only checked one box, call the school to correct it. Good luck to everyone!