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    Hi lola,

    the road to registration was a long one for me. I had to do an additional course in obstetrics. My advice to you would be to research the state requirements for foreign grads in the state you want to license in and try to include the required hours in your undergrad. Eg. I did paeds as my elective so i didn't have to make up hours in Paeds. I did however have to pay for an additional course in Obstetrics.

    The E3 visa I can't advise you on as that isn't the route I took.

    Good Luck!

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    The few years is just in my case!! well life got in the way, and then I had to make up the deficiency in OB, plus I moved states so I had to begin the whole cgfns process again lol but I would give it a good six months to a year to get everything done from CGFNS through to getting the ATT to take the NCLEX.

    I didn't find a college to do it over here, but i'm sure there's one out there. Most aussies I know go through a uni in australia or Deakin.

    Are you already here in the states?

    I haven't taken the NCLEX yet. I am doing Saunders review. I would say that they do a lot of delegation and prioritisation which I didn't ever do in Uni exams. But each person will find different things challenging. Also memorising pages of normal lab values wasn't something I ever did...

    Hope that helped

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    I did OB through Deakin in Melbourne. The course co ordinator is very helpful with advice. The course spans about a semester so you could def. do both peds and ob at the same time within a semester. It isn't anything very challenging, just time consuming. It's all online with an online exam and a few written assignments (a few case studies, a professional journal and a literary review from what I can remember). I was able to do it with a newborn baby!

    A word of warning you have to organise the clinicals yourself ( I needed 2 weeks, so i'm assuming you would need approx 4 weeks but this varies from state to state how many hours you will need! ) which I found to be a huge pain. It was very very difficult to get in. I ended up finding a hospital that would have me but I ended up having to pay extra money on top of Deakin's fees to facilitate their clinical teacher. Deakin will not organise these for you!

    All up it cost a few thousand dollars which is just for the OB. But if you are serious about working in the states then it's worth it. I have heard some rumors that certain states don't accept the course any more but I had no problems with CGFNS and Hawaii.

    In terms of finding a job you should not have too much trouble the demand for RN's is always there depending on the area you live in.

    Good Luck and let me know if you have any other questions. This whole process took me a few years so I know how frustrating and annoying it can be!

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    I licensed in Hawaii using Deakin with no problems, hope that helps

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    Hey guys!

    I'm from Melbourne and went through the whole process (had to make up obstetrics too!)
    let me know if you still need advice!

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    Hey everyone

    I know this is a late reply but I am an Australian Div 1 RN from Melbourne and have gone through the whole process of registering here in the states. I also had to make up classes in Obstetrics. Got lucky on the Paeds because I knew I was moving here while still in Uni and took paeds as my final year elective.

    Anyway let me know if you need any advice still! At times it will seem hopeless but stick in there and it is possible to register here...
    Albeit it is tedious, expensive and time consuming!


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    thank you for the advice

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    hi i was just reading above and would love if somebody could let me know about completing the required courses at a community college. I really dont want to go back to Australia to finish the requirements...

    would reallllly appreciate ANY info!

    p.s would like to hear from any aussie rn's in illinois!

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    Thanks for your reply i'm glad you found a college that will let you take the classes you need! I'm residing in Illinois but it's comforting to know that it's possible to find colleges that will allow you to take only a few classes!

    Thank You and Good Luck!

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    lol i like your thinking!

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    depends on what you define as easy? lol

    I guess the only thing that we dont have to worry about is the English Language requirement. That's one step easier I guess...

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    hey there,

    i just thought i'd say hello, i'm a new australian grad whose husband is american...looks like i have to complete all these extra requirements also. Not happy Jan! Although we did cover those subjects in my nursing course...Just thought i'd say's nice to know there's other aussie's out there going through the same nightmare process of registration in the usa.

    Would love to hear your experience if any of you are completing the extra courses (mid/obst etc) through deakin!


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    hi i'm in the same situation as you... (r.n australian trained, now in the us) just wondering if you had any luck with finding a way to complete your courses for nclex eligibility?

    would love to know how you went with completing the requirements.