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    i h ave stated the use of pharmacological intervention...explained how it works etc...and also have stated that it would also be important to encourage alternate rest and activity periods to reduce cardiac workload. Providing emotional and physical rest to reduce oxygen consumption and to relieve dyspnoea and fatigue....

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    the pt is already on 6l of O2 with a sat of 90%......wut do i do hia??//

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    hi...doing an assignment need 3 priority interventions for my pt who has acute heart failure.
    my 1st intervention is med. officer...
    and need 2 nursing ones....

    pt has left side heart failure

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    you have done well so far...dont think about it and just be postive. look at this illness from a positive point of view, think that you would be able to really empathise with a bipolar patient than any ordinary nurse. Try and take the good things out of it and lean not on your own understanding but on GOD.
    im religious so i hope you dont mind on my last comment.
    Good luck and all the best:smilecoffeecup:

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    im doing a presentation on an aggressive male who has bipolar disorder. his diagnosis is risk of violence towards others, impaired social interactions, impaired verbal communications,possible sleep pattern disturbance. i need a "needs framework, wherby i should prioratise my nursing dignosis, and WHY????

    HELP!!!any ideas anyone.

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    I have a presentation on aggressive male with a bipolar disorder. one of the diagnosis is the risk of violence but i cant figure out interventions and rationales for it...any ideas please.