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    I think the problem is that people view "nurse" as just a title. It's not just a title, it truly is a way of life if you really care about what you're doing. I worked in a doctor's office before starting nursing school last year. The patients often called me a nurse and I was quick to correct them. It's wrong to rank myself, a medical assistant, as a nurse who has gone to school and passed a state board exam. Huge difference there! I'll be happy around June of next year when I can finally say, "yes, I am a nurse and I've earned every bit of it!"

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! The light bulb finally came on! I appreciate your help!

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    This is my first thread. Hope I'm posting in the right place
    My pt's medical dx are Pneumonia, +MRSA, and abd. wound dehiscence s/p c-section.
    Of course I am addressing the pneumonia first as ineffective airway clearance.My question is, should I now address the wound or the MRSA? The wound is gaping and shows the classic signs of infection, but MRSA is obviously a deadly infection.
    And when I do address the MRSA, would I use "Risk for spread of infection?"

    I welcome any responses. I think I've stared at this too long. I'm going in circles and making this harder than it really is. Thanks in advance!