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  • Feb 28 '10

    I'm really sorry to read of your struggles. If there is anything to be learned from the mess you are in is that people in similar situations need an advocate for THEM early on in the process. Your employer is out to protect itself and save money: YOUR welfare is not their primary interest.

    That said, I think you need to find an expert on the labor laws/worker's comp. etc. who will have YOUR interests at heart. Maybe that is a lawyer ... maybe there are other professionals who can help you there. Only someone with that kind of expertise will be able to sort through all the details of your case. If I were in your shoes, I would have sought such an expert a long time ago. I think you need to do that now.

    As for your daughter's apartment -- she just may have to grow up and support herself a little sooner than you or she expected. She's an adult now, and she should understand that you may not have the money to fulfill your promise completely. Help her as best you can, but trust her to be strong when she needs to be. Pay her the compliment of respecting her abilities and treating her like the adult that she is. You may not be able to make the trip to get her set up, but she should understand that.

    I wish you the best of luck with all of this. Having been through some minor Worker's Comp. claims myself, I know they can be very complicated -- and the deck seems stacked against you. I hope you find someone with the expertise you need.

  • May 28 '09

    I have to go through an IPN Evaluation. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they do in the evaluation process. BelleKat, I really feel for you. I am in a VERY similar situation having to do with meds for my bipolar disorder. Can you please let me know what you experienced in the eval?

    Maybe we can put our heads together and figure this out...

  • May 28 '09

    bellekat i am so sorry you are going through this. jack has the right idea and please hire an attorney. i send you many prayers and hugs !!

  • May 12 '09

    The IPN didn't take your license, they don't have that power. The BON does. Any way to hire a lawyer to petition the state. Surely there must be a way to petition.

    Nonetheless, all I can really off is my sincere regrets at your plight. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

  • May 11 '09

    Have you considered hiring a nurse licensure attorney?It would seem to me you might have a good case. If you want to get back into nursing the attorney might be a good start (and well worth the money).

    Just a thought.


  • May 11 '09

    Almost 30 years?! What a horrible way to go through life. Wish you the best to beat this and put all of it behind you.

  • May 11 '09

    I am so sorry! The BON can screw you over for sure! I battled my BON for 6 years but luckily kept my license and they closed the case. I jumped through many hoops myself! Was never in a "program" though. That was what they wanted but I fought it. The stress during that time was horrible. I kept on working but it wasn't easy. It has been over for 18 months but I still have nightmares (and day-mares!) Just hold your head high and HANG ON! Do whatever you have to to keep on fighting this! Please keep us posted. I am sending prayers and best wishes to you, Bellekat!

  • May 11 '09

    I don't know the history but I know you from your posts here and want to wish you well. And give you a big hug.


  • May 9 '09

    to babybug,
    when you are a licensed RN then feel free to write a post beratting another nurse about their nursing practice. Until then why dont you learn from someone else's mistakes b/c lord knows you dont have time to make them all yourself.

  • May 8 '09

    Thanks again, all. I have good news! I went on another interview today, and it went quite well. The doc is only now considering hiring an NP, and after our chat, he said he was 90% sure he wanted one now. I offered to work as an RN for him until I get certified, and also because I have one more semester to go for my FNP (have completed ACNP classes, sit exam next month), and also because I have lots to learn about his specialty. He seemed to like the fact that I offered that option, was willing to take call, see hospital pts, and do the H&Ps. I never minded doing nursey stuff at the old clinic, like shots, blood draws, vitals, etc. I even learned to run the lab equipment.

    That was part of the beef between me and Doc, she would alternately praise me for knowing how to do things, TELL me to do things :"Why don't you draw his blood?", or lambast me for doing it, "I need you doing NP stuff!"

    Oh, well, it's the past now. At least I know I CAN do it and that the nurses at my new place might appreciate the fact that I'm NOT all uppity and think it's beneath me. The doc I interviewed with said that, in his opinion, wherever I landed, be it there or elsewhere, he thought I would be a great asset, that he could tell by talking to me. I'll take that as a positive sign.

    Thanks again all, I think it'll be OK. I really appreciate all this, I want y'all to know.

  • May 8 '09

    Hi, I have read your post along with each of the answers you have received thus far. First, take some slow, deep breaths because you must be calm in order to perform with the highest degree of professionalism and for the sake of your health. You are correct, the tech had no business making the comments and it actually does constitue a slanderous action. Your response was appropriate in that you asked the employer to take a degree of responsibility regarding this behavior. They likely will consult with the individual, discipline her and add those actions to the employees file. Any additional course of action will depend on a multitude of factors, most importantly, the employee's performance history. If this was an isolated incident, for an otherwise excellent nursing assistant, then hopefully they will use it as a teaching moment and she will benefit from this error in judgement. If, it is her rule of behavior then they will likely terminate her and again hopefully she will learn from the experience. I would like to remind you that often nursing assistants have not been well educated and do not posess the professional demeanor one would like to see. For that matter, it has been my experience that one will have to deal with other nurses, docs, therapists, and other ancillary staff that will not behave professionally.

    But, what about you....the most important thing is not what she said but how you respond. Thus far it appears to me that you have handled things well. I would suggest that you spend at least a few minutes thinking about what she said and asking yourself what, if any, part you played in her speaking of you this way. As a general rule of thumb this kind of thing is the direct result of poor communication. I cringe when I see how often nurses speak to assistants as though they are servents. In the best circumstances, and I have been blessed to work in some of those, the nursing assistant is my right arm, as well as extra pair of senses. In the grand scheme of things this will be but one small obstacle you will ever face. I should warn you that excellent nurses often suffer the most criticism because they set high standards for themself and those around them. My favorite experience was when a staff member complained that "having her (me) here feels like having the JCAHO here and I responded that while I was sorry he felt that way that under no circumstances would I lower my standards. Interestingly enough, not long after his Father was a patient and he specifically requested that I care for his Father. An old saying is ringing in my ear: Remember, the cream always rises to the top. Nursing takes a lot but if you allow it nursing will return many times over what you have invested. I wish you many Blessings, kwkrnc Oh, I just saw what imkw_np wrote and she is a nurse with wisdom.

  • May 8 '09

    Can we tape a pacifier to this nurse's mouth and let her suffocate too? As a recession bonus, I would like to take over her hospital job as well, thank you!

    What a waste ... :icon_roll

  • May 6 '09

    I would first like to say I know this post my offend a few people but I have to get this out.
    I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my contemplating staying in nursing school. I wondered if all nursing was like this. I've see and experienced some things that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Just in case no one read my previous post, I'm a young nursing student. I'm half way done . I'm at the top of my class. Today, I officially decided that I am not coming back to finish my last year of nursing school. I've never cried this much, obsessed about my health this much( #1 to me) and worried that if I said the wrong thing I'd be kicked out of the program. I'm intelligent and I have a lot to offer. There are other careers out there. I'm so much better then this. I'm sorry if this is coming across the wrong way because I don't mean it. I just think all the good nurses don't deserve this treatment. I know I'm a (ex) nursing student but I've met a few nurses already that made me smile and were so genuine get dumped on and disrespected.

    Right now I'm a vibrant 23 year old and I can see a sad future ahead of me if I stay in this. I don't want to walk out a burned out 55 year old. For a long time, it was between nursing and pharmacy school. I've decided to go to pharmacy school . I know no job is perfect but this has to be the worst job. I also don't see where all money in nursing is. The hospital where I do my clinical rotation at, they start at 20 dollars/hr ......give me a break.

    I do appreciate all the support and encouragement i've gotten from here. I really do. I really feel in my heart I'm making the right choice. After being miserable for 8 months. I'm saying "yes" to life again and my future.

  • May 6 '09

    Sorry to heard that. I hope you can move on. Just make sure they are not put any blacklist on you otherwise it is hard for you to find another job. It happen to me when my job fired me and I had a hard time finding a job.

    People are not nice out there. I learn that from my previous experience.

  • May 5 '09

    Quote from Lucky0220
    How come you cannot get a large group of nurses together and go through the right chain of command and protest this. It is so unfair..the facility is jacking with you guys and there's power in numbers. You just need to get a bunch of nurse together and try to fight this practice. Good luck, I sorry this is happening.
    Thanks for the advice, but I don't see this working.

    Right now my hospital's management is a lot less tolerant of situations that they would have accepted in the past. People on medical LOAs (lasting longer than the FMLA allottment) are being informed that their job has been cut or re-posted. I've seen the "dangerous nurses" get weeded out after years of looking the other way when sloppy practice has been reported on. That kind of weeding out is a good thing...but we're seeing hints of management taking it to the next level in getting rid of more experienced (read: higher paid) nurses on flimsy grounds.

    I'm not anywhere near the top of the salary range, but I'm still not going to take the chance on protesting. There aren't enough job opportunities in my area to risk rocking the boat.

    Does that make me a coward? Maybe so, but my first and foremost obligation is providing for my family's needs. I am the primary breadwinner for my household. The housing market here is stagnant, and my house is actually worth less now than what it was when I bought it a few years I basically feel trapped.

    The good news is that we're keeping our decent nurse to patient ratios, so I do have to say that the quality of care I give isn't compromised. On the other hand, the loss of more experienced nurses and the effect on the morale of the remaining staff can't help but eventually have an effect on our all-important customer satisfaction scores. :uhoh21:

    Then, of course, we'll have management breathing down our necks about what we're doing wrong. They are truly a bunch of clueless idiots.