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    Yes, a Bachelor degree is said to be only a four year program but thats if you are able to go full-time and you do not have to re-take any classes. Most people I Know or have talked to to, it has taken them more than 4yrs to complete a Bachelors degree due to having kids, having to work, ect...ALso, some of the pre-req's that you need to get into the program have required classes you have to take before you can even take them that are not factored into the four years. Therefore, theres another semester added on. This is true for my school at least as well as I have to wait two years just to start my program because of the long wait list. So all togther, if it takes 1.5 years for the program it will have taken me almost 7 years to get my BSN.

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    i have been admitted to the bsn program in which the actual rn portion is said to take 1.5 years (5 semesters) if you go full time. i am curious to know how long it actually took you to get through the rn program and how long it took you all togther to get your bsn.

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    I am curious to know how having a DUI on your record effects getting a job as an RN or LPN?


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    I have recently been accepted into the BSN program in Anchorage, AK. My start date is January 2010. I most likely won't be able to start until that summer of 2010 though. However, I also have been accepted into the LPN program that's starts August 2008 and ends July 2009. My main goal is to move out of AK. Alaska is a gorgeous place but I was born & raised here and I want to experience life outside this state. I am trying to decide if I should just wait and stay in AK and finish my BSN degree or go to LPN school this fall, move out of state and finish my BSN degree somewhere else.

    Thanks for your input.