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    Quote from prettyinpink57
    Mui Mui,

    After I finish the program in Dec 2010 I have those 2 spanish classes left to take. I was going to take at the same time as my last couple classes but someone told me they have to approve you doing it, some saying your gpa has to be super high like a 3.8 or something. Do you know if that's true? Also, did you finish pharmacology? I got an A- in that class, yay! I can't believe my cohort is already halfway done with Fundamentals of Nursing! Are you starting that next week? It's so funny how your program up north is one month behind ours, lol!
    hmmm... i dont remember if they required a certain gpa.. but since you do have to get it approved, i guess a high gpa won't hurt sorry! i cant remember what they said at orientation.
    Yah we just finished pharm this past saturday.. and we're all so relieved!! what a hard class! and congrats with the A-!! my teacher just told me i got an A too only 4 people got an A in the class so i'm thrilled i was one of them lol.
    Do you guys also have to take math tests every month, thats not related to the course? (like it's just a math test on the side.. and you have 3 tries to pass it. if you don't pass it on the 3rd time, supposedly you can't move on.) or is that just us? because we're all kinda mad that they're giving us those med math tests because nobody's teaching it to us.. it's basically learn it on your own time. grr

    i know it's pretty cool to know that you guys are experienced the exact same thing as us a month ago.. thanks for all the advice!! i really appreciate it! and btw, how is fundamentals?? are you guys going to the hospitals or nursing homes? and is this the class where we start poking each other with needles and stuff? i'm very nervous about doing that. i dont know whats scarier - receiving the shot or giving the shot to each other lol.

    hope all of you are enjoying you break!

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    Quote from RedGyal
    Hello everyone,

    So my question is when do you take the upper division courses?...I think its spanish for the work place and like 2 other classes. Also, how many days a week do you attend class and clinicals combined. I know the days change every month, but do you do 3 or 4 days a wk? Thanks
    Hey RedGyal,
    I think it's more of a personal choice. I would tell you to take it before you start the nursing program at NU, but if you decide to go to a different school and you took those classes, you just spent a couple thousand dollars for classes you don't need at a different school (does that make sense? ) anyway, i know some of my classmates are taking the spanish class while we're currently in pharmacology (2nd month of nursing school).. they said the spanish class is pretty easy, but it's an extra load for them that they don't want anymore... cause theres sooo much to learn in pharm in such a short amount of time. (not to mention they are married and do have kids).
    So, i really think it's up to you and how much is on your plate. if you know you want to go to NU, i say do it before you start the program that way you can graduate once you're done with the nursing program!

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    Quote from prettyinpink57
    Well for our clinical group we had to first go right into OLDCART (onset, location, duration, characteristics, aggrivating factors, relieving factors, treatment) and then the brief health history pertaining to the problem. I pulled a card that explained the patient was having chest pain and sore throat or something...I think...Anyways, I ended up having to do a complete neck and chest/cardio exam. (Trachea, thyroid, lymph nodes, carotids, check for JVD, and then the full cardio exam). We had 30 minutes to do the entire exam and they brought in a live model for us to do it on. The whole thing was very intimidating but we got through it! I am sure you'll be fine! We were allowed to make a 5 x 7 card to write whatever we wanted on it so I put all the exams in tiny writing. We had to keep it away from us during the exam but if we wanted to look at it we could, we just had to ask first. To tell you the truth I didn't even look at mine once so I'm sure you'll do great!! Do you have pharm next month? We take our Pharm final on Friday....then it's on to Fundamentals!!
    thank you so much!!! that really helps alot our teacher never taught us the OLDCART, so that's great to know! thanks for sharing!! in fact, our teacher didn't even finish teaching us everything we need to know to do this! she only taught us the assessments for the head... and nothing below the head.. so my classmates and i all feel soo lost because we basically have to learn everything else on our own
    but i feel alot better because it seems like we just need to get subjective information, and then the physical that pertains to just the area of where it hurts. does that sound right?

    yup! we'll be starting pharm on june 4th. so do you really need 90% or above on the drug calculations to move on in the class? i'm a little nervous about that because i am terrible at math. how do you feel about the class? was it super hard?
    good luck on your final! after that, just 20 months left for you guys, right? hehe

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    hey guys,

    i was wondering if you can help me out. we're finishing up the nsg 211 class, and we're having the final focused exam in lab. can you explain to me what you gals did for your class?...because i have no clue what we're doing! our teacher never explained it to us like what we're supposed to be doing, looking for, or anything! she just gave us a list of symptoms (like right swollen ankle, left wrist pain, chest pain...etc) and expected us to know what to do. we asked her, but all she said was something like, "make sure to take vitals, then test to see whats the problem"...

    anything would be greatly appreciated!! THANKS!!

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    thank you Tuquies and PrettyinPink57! I appreciate your posts very much! very insightful!

    PrettyinPink, I am actually not sure of myself of Fresno's start dates... All i know is that Fresno started their first cohort of last November, and then the second cohort (mines) will be starting in May, and then the third one will be in November. So, maybe there's only 2 start dates a year for now? maybe because we're a new program here.

    it sounds soo crazy! but doable since you ladies are still hanging in there when you say a live model, does that mean one of your classmates will be the live model? or like a patient in a nursing home?

    also, did you find your ipod touch useful? i'm debating whether i really need one or not. anyways, good luck ladies on your paper, project, and test (wow that's crazy..all in one week!) i know you will all pass!

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    Hi ladies! I'm sorry, I don't mean to change the subject here, but I was just curious about a few things. I am from the Fresno NU and will be starting on May 4th! I was actually supposed to start with you ladies in SD (which sounded like it would've been a blast.. you all seem so fun , but declined since I found out that I got into the Fresno campus (it's aloooot closer for me since i'm from the bay area).
    anyway, i was just curious about your curriculum - if it's the same as ours. are you using the book "physical examination & health assessment" by Jarvis? also, gnomik79, you said you're getting 79.6%.. is that like the average score for the class right now? it sounds like all of you study super hard, and i'm sure putting your heart into it.
    did you guys also get the ATI Nclex success package? (that stack of books?) sorry for all the questions, i was just curious to how the SD NU compares to the Fresno NU. thanks! and good luck in all your studies

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    Quote from ctriana896
    hi, i am starting my application process with national university, just curious what type of gpa do they usually accept? if anyone knows....thanks
    [font=book antiqua]hi ctriana896!

    [font=book antiqua]i actually just got accepted into national university and my stats weren't extremely well. my prereq gpa was only about 3.2, and my overall gpa is about 3.6.

    [font=book antiqua]something that you might want to include in your application packet are letters of reccomendations. my friend told me that it doesn't hurt to add them in and so i did...and i got in

    [font=book antiqua]also, my nu admissions counselor told me to take the accuplacer test more than once to show that you[font=book antiqua]have more initiative in improving your scores. hope this helps and good luck! :wink2:

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    it would be a regular 2 year program for my bachelor's of science in nursing.

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm sort of in a dilemma, and I would appreciate any advice

    I just got accepted into a private school, National University (NU) for my BSN. I'm so happy that I got in, but going to NU (which starts next year of July) would mean I would have to move 500 miles from my current home, fork out $53,000 for tuition (on top of housing), and I wouldn't graduate until 2011.
    My problem is that I'm only about one year away from graduating from my current college, which mean I would apply to other colleges for their ABSN program, such as Samuel Merritt. It would be at least $15,000 cheaper, but i don't know if it's worth the risk of rejecting NU since I might not get into Samuel Merritt.

    In other words, should I pay about $60,000 to get my BSN, or graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science and try getting into a ABSN program?

    Sorry if this isn't making any sense! I'm just so lost on what to do because my parents are more than willing to pay for nursing school, but I just feel SO guilty for making them spend so much. What would you do?

    THANK You for reading!!

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    I went to the nursing department today to ask them when they were going to send out the letters of acceptance or rejections... and the lady said this week. . . so we'll see!

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    I'm with you! The wait is killlingggg me. Hotflashn, you are still able to access your application? For some reason, it says i have the wrong username and password everytime i try to log in. and i know thats my correct username and pw. am i in trouble?! =P

    anyways, best of luck to you!

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    Thank you Engima 2174 for the info!
    I just received my letter too...same as your letter But, best of of luck to you! With your GPA, I'm sure you will be accepted! Let us know where you'll be going

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    hi! i was wondering if there's anyone else out there that knows anything about the chabot program. i applied in october so now, i'm waiting for the letter..just like everyone else but, i keep reading different information about when they're sending out their decision letters. one paper says that you'll be notified on or before april 15, another says you'll be notified after april 15, and finally another paper says before may. i'm so confused! and i'm getting a little worried because if we're supposed to be notified by april 15, the date is getting toooo close!

    any help??

    THANKS!!!! and good luck to everyone waiting!!