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    Quote from ShayRN
    I could not believe this student I had the other night. I picked up a shift on my old unit (telemetry) and the charge asked me if I minded having a student with me as his preceptor had called off sick. Ofcourse not! I love having students. So, I grab my MAR's, Kardexes and tell him we are going to check them over for mistakes. This usually takes about 30 minutes. In that time, NO LIE, he got 2 text messages and an actual phone call. All of which he took.

    When I was done I said are you ready? (I will admit, this was said through clenched teeth) and he said, Yeah. CHECKED HIS PHONE ONE MORE TIME:angryfire Then I said, Good. Because the FIRST thing your going to do is take that phone out of your pocket, put it in your coat and leave it there for the rest of the shift.

    OMG! I mean, I will call my husband during my break, but I can't think of anyone I need to talk to while I am at work. It was SOOOO inappropriate. Has anyone else encountered anything like this?
    that was totally appropriate for you to be a little nasty to that student!
    did he asked permission from you or inform you that he's gonna take the call? or did he said it was something important? If he asked you, that would make a different story... but since it wasn't said in your post, then that was a totally rude thing to do (what the student did)! redpinkhe:redpinkhe

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    Quote from wannabenurse69
    I would like to thank everyone responding to my last post about being scared of getting kicked out. I did some thinking and I realize that I am having trouble with remembering steps to procedures that are reflecting in my clinicals. I don't have problems with the exams but when it comes to remembering what was shown to me awhile ago I am having trouble with remembering clinical procedures. Now I'm thinking that maybe I lack the necessary common sense needed to be a nurse. I am very sad b/c I wanted to be a nurse for 5 years. But for me to remember hands-on things, I'm the kind of person that would need to practice things 20 times to get it imprinted in my brain. And with doing care-plans-I never seem to get good remarks on my papers and these things take me several hrs. to do. I am also taking anatomy and phys. II. I really enjoy writing and reading so maybe I should become an English major? I don't know. I feel like a retard to be having so much trouble with basic procedures. Yes, I was checked off for these in the past. I need some opinions here. Appreciate any comments.
    wow!!! we're almost exactly the same! i was having trouble with nursing procedures when i was in nursing school mainly because i feel anxious in making a mistake... and also because my clinical instructor is always hovering behind me ! this was also the same thing for my graded return demos! i would spend the entire week memorizing the steps needed for the demo, and when i got it all memorized, practiced and all, it always ends up in a catastrophe! always... anyways, i didn't have any trouble with my academics. it's just the clinical part i'm having trouble with. I was also thinking before, that maybe Nursing wasn't really for me... but I made a decision, and i chose Nursing. Did you remember right that there are many learning styles out there... and sometimes, people just don't have the same styles so that they would be able to learn something... Me, i'm mainly visual and kinesthetic... plus practice, practice and practice... don't worry about it... just do whatever you can. Always be confident! take care! redpinkhe:redpinkhe

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    Quote from twinkerrs
    Me too. I would like it even better if it was divided into two volumes b/c it is so darn heavy.
    yeah, i like brunner and suddarth's but it has two volumes!!! i brought the first volume to school but what i actually needed was the 2nd volume!!

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    Quote from ut_utRN
    Hi, I just want to ask how and where should I authenticate my TOR and RLE, or the school will do it for me?

    the school will give you your RLE and then your TOR... it will be authenticated by the school... so don't worry about it...

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    Right now, I'm doing my Kaplan review. I'm also using the Saunder's Book. i study about 3-4 hours per day. i'm still using the kaplan course book, so i'm still not answering questions except when it's after the chapter or something. i started my review last march... how about you???

    1. How many months since you started your review for nclex?
    2. What's the date for your NCLEX exam?
    3. How many hours per day did you study?
    4. How many NCLEX questions did you answer per day?
    5. Is the NCLEX exam totally what you expected it to be?
    6. What NCLEX materials did you use for your review?
    7. Self study or review center? Do you have a study buddy?
    8. What were your preparations the week before your NCLEX?
    9. Any good strategies that you used?
    10. How many questions did u answer on the ACTUAL NCLEX EXAM?
    11. Topics that people should study for nclex... any things to memorize, etc...
    12. Any tips or advice?

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    Quote from kbmr_rn

    Could anyone help me regarding the cover letter to be written to the Vermont BON regarding the status of my license undergoing processing? To whom shall I address the letter?

    Thank you so much for the updates and the help.
    hehehe... i think you have the options of writing the BON an explanation letter as to why your license isn't available yet, or you can get a certificate of passing from the PRC. I sent them my certification of passing including my rating... but, i think you might find it much easier to write a letter... hehehe .... :wink2:

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    Quote from kbmr_rn
    Nice to hear that Nurse butterflyC. A 1 year waiting time gfor Pearsonvue registration. When did you send your application?
    i sent my application sometime in january. they received it jan 28... so i'm calculating it would be sometime between the end of april to may (maybe 1st week of june)... hehehe... what about you?

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    this happened when i was a student nurse... that was about 5 years ago. hahaha... we were doing a graded physical assessment demo, and i was really really really anxious! the clinical instructor that's going to grade my demo was a complete terror! ok... physical assessment was supposed to be cephalocaudal, ryt... but when it was my turn, i got everything mixed up! my mind was totally disorganized! hahaha... plus... when i was doing the breast assessment on my classmate, i just checked the left breast ONLY! i forgot the right breast which was totally dumb coz it was right there staring in fron of me! well... i find that very funny now that i think about it.. hehehehe

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    i'm waiting from my eligibility sometime between april and may... as for when the eligibility expire, from what i can remember, i think it's 365 days (1 year). you have a year to register w/ pearsonvue... and you got 60 days to schedule your nclex exam...

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    Quote from redranger
    How many days is this review?

    What was the cost?

    What area of the PI is this located?
    i'm doing kaplan right now... i'm starting on my second month. You have 3 months to do the laboratory, and then a month of live lecture... There are a few Kaplan branches in the Philippines. I think there's one in Quezon City, Cebu, and Iloilo City. It's roughly estimated to be $550 worth in Philippine pesos. Some people might not want to do the Kaplan review. I could placed it under the self-review category. you're gonna be studying at your own pace. it doesn't require you to finish a number of pages in a day... and! it's totally up to you what time you're going to attend Kaplan. This might not be for those who requires much prodding to start studying those kaplan books they're gonna give you. But remember, think about the money you paid!~

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    Quote from spongebob6286
    it is not advisable to erase.. our profs told us that erasing the back of the exam paper wont work either. it mat screw up the entire paper..remember the optical machines that would be checking the papers are very senstive. why do you think they would give the examinees that kind of intruction?? i did not erasure during my time. i answered first the questions that i know..and do not shade unless your 101% sure of your answer
    hey there! people just don't talk about that if they think they're giving someone a good advice. I graduated june 2007, and i got more than 25 erasures in the board exam... and i later learned that i got an execptionally OK score in the board exam... yeah, we're told it's not really advisable to have erasures but sometimes there are flaws in the system... any kind of system. Review centers have their own tricks up their sleeves (i'm not talking about the 2006 issue here ok)... They know the trade. Whereas, the Commission would really stick to the rules they had established, and appear strict and foreboding to someone who would take the board exam. This is to avoid further complaints regarding the rules.

    She's right. That totally depends whom you're talking to. Besides, if you have done the erasures, the computer would only read those ones... not the other test items... so, it's a risk that other people might take, and other people might not take... redpinkhe:redpinkhe

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    Quote from MUTYA_RN
    I was kind of amazed as i read the posts ... one month ago, i was called by the local medical center here in lucena city because they said that im already hired as a staff. I heared that staffs from this hospital is making 11,000-15,000 a month. Not bad for a newly grad i thought ( I graduated last year). After the interview and all, i was told that i will only have 250.00 a day (that's 5 dollars for 10 hours work)... I was assignd to pedia-picu department... we have up to 80 patients and only 1 to 2 nurses per shift and works up to 10 hours make it short after a month, when i was about to get my salary, they told me that the hospital wont renew the new applicants since they have no budget... Its up to me if i will still continue with my work!... ofcourse I will continue since I need to get an experience and make my self more productive and efficient nurse...
    needless to say, I'am now working for FREE!

    The only consideration I get is that my patients always appreciate my work and always told me how great I am as a nurse!redbeathe
    Yup... Philippines is a just great place to get started working as a nurse! The prices of basic necessities are going thru the roof! and workers there are "underpaid". Remember... Nowadays, $1 = 40 to 42 Philippines pesos!!!