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    Reading all your posts ... No wonder why I'm still where I am - -" ... but it's great to know I'm still under this warming shelter although surrounded with sad/discouraging environment ... Taking a breath until I can no longer do it ... sighhhhh!!!!

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    Anyone knows what should I do if I am taking care of esophageal cancer patient and is on chemo-precaution?

    Is it because of the drug they receive that's why we need a different type of glove? What exactly should I do?

    And anyone know about esophageal stent -- the procedure? I can't find it in my lippincott. I found Whipple.

    Help please,

    Thanks so much

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    Yes, this helps.

    At least, I can go thru my pre-con. w/ clinical instructor. Hope she won't ask too much.

    We had a pretty rough day.

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    What is the difference between urine collection and urine spot?

    I know what timed collection, clean catch midstream = clean-voided midstream, and how to sterilely collect it, but i have no idea what is the urine spot is for?

    Is it another term for urine collection? Or another to collect urine by dropping a drop onto something??

    Anyone knows!

    I'm in first semester. Why it is so hard to get at least some into the head and leave them there. T_T Y_Y T_T

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    Thank you so much for your help.
    I'm the first semester nursing student.
    You have any advice to do care plan and prepare myself to take care of pt. YOur links are very helpful.
    Thank you agian,

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    Does anyone know about T3NO?
    I know it's a 3rd stage of colon cancer, but what T or NO really stand for or they just come like that?

    Help, anyone??

    Thanks bowingpur:bowingpur

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    I need help. Can anyone suggest which nurse's drug book is good to have??

    Thanks for yr help