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    Do any of you feel that you've been working in your current position/field for so long,your almost scared to try anything new because your sooo comfortable where you are at? I feel that sometimes. Ive been doing floor nuring now for 5 grant it 5 years isnt very long (it really is in nursing years lol) I thought about er or icu but feel I scared to make that jump because Im just "comfortable" where im at. Has anyone else felt that way?

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    If you want to be an RN ,I feel that you should go straight for it. I'm a Rn but I used to be a LPN.I went into the transition class also. It was almost like going to nursing school twice..... Depending on how long the med aide class is...if it isnt very long -like a few weeks, I might think of doing that, it may help you out in school and Im sure you will get a little bit of a raise with that. Just get in the mind set before you start nursing school that it is extremely hard and time consuming. You'll need to set priorites in your life in order to make it, but you can do it.Just remember why you are doing it...for you and your child!!!.Good Luck

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    Ok ..did ok last night at work had cucumbers,tomatoes and pickled okra for dinner but 20 min later i was starving.I did grab some graham crackers that held me over til i got home, which have more calories than I would like but I think I did good because someone brought in a red velvet cake and even though i was tempted...I stayed away. My weakness is junk food...especially at night while watching tv...tonight I was doing good,of course I got my craving but I ate some sweet pickles.I thought ok I can do this...but then my son grabbed a little debbie's brownie...i only had half though...

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    Im going to start using the gym,since I do have a gym membership.I work nights and have 3 kids so it is hard to go to the gym but Im going to try and make it a priority.Im going to try to go 2-3xs a week.Im also going to eat healthier and stop eating junk food...which I love. Im going to make it my new years resolution. I would like to loos 20lbs by May-which will be my 40th birthday.I may not beable to check in here everyday but can def do it weekly!!

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    Does any one know if stridor could be a sign of icp after having a cva? I know we arent supposed to give out med advice but Ive been trying to find out everywhere and cant find the answer...

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    I know how you feel. It seems like management pushes pt care, always thinking of the pt but when it comes to the nurses thay can care less. I called in one for close family member was very sick in the hospital and we as the family were going to talk with the md about making him comfort measures. When I called in I explained the situation to the supervisor about what was going on( the family member was actually my father) she got a attitude with me and told me she really needed me there. I understand the the first priority for management is the hospital but at least have some sympathy for the ones that hold the hospital together (us nurses). it is awful that it all comes down to the almighty dollar sign.

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    Quote from OnePostAndDone
    Hi, I'm very new to the Forum and I've spent some time reading various threads on the subject I'm about to touch on. I've decided to post probably for my own reassurances, but also mainly to vent a little bit about a situation I am currently experiencing. I'm hoping some of the individuals here will be able to help me and let me know what I can reasonably expect in the future. I'm hoping for some of my fears and worries to be put to rest as well.

    I am not studying to become a nurse; my girlfriend is. I'm studying to become a high school science teacher. I ultimately made this decision for the personal gratification that comes with teaching, but also because I wanted to have the time and the schedule to give the most to my future spouse and family. I believe teaching will allow this. I love my girlfriend with all of my heart and she intends to become a RN and work in a hospital here in New York. She's a very diligent student, and I was never really aware of the level of dedication required to do well in nursing school. That said, I've essentially been told that I will see very, very little of her for approximately the next three years (the time it will take her to finish the degree), at least. And possibly beyond. Needless to say, I'm incredibly concerned, a little hurt, and frankly a little frustrated.

    That said, I would love to hear stories of members here with nursing careers who have been able to balance work and life; I would love to hear that you often see your spouses, spend good quality time together, perhaps even go out or on vacation here and there. Please let me know that it's possible to have a normal relationship, or married life with another individual and a career in nursing. I am sure that the two aren't mutually exclusive, but it currently feels that way a little bit now. Three years (or more) of a "Dear John" situation is a little tough to swallow right now even despite the fact that I love this woman quite a lot.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I really do appreciate any and all input from everyone who may choose to write a response. If you happen to include some unhappy information, that's okay too, I really do need to hear about all the possibilities I could resonably expect here.

    And since I can't help but throw in a few emoticons:

    I a
    I can remeber when I was in nursing school and the first day of orientation. My instructor, which was an awesome instructor, told us that everything thing else in our lives will have to take the back seat, including our family and our jobs. She said we would never make it if we didnt put nursing first. She was right. I put many hours studying ,not just weekly studying but will have to study everyday day. Most of the students couldnt work if the had jobs because the program is just so hard. I did graduate and it was worth it!! If she can just make it through school, she will be ok. If she works in a hospital even though it is 12hr shifts,it is only 3 days aweek, or maybe 4 days everyother week.Personally I don't think I could go bask to working 5 days aweek again. Also even though she may have to work some holidays, the managers are usually pretty flexible, you should't have to work every holiday and also the holiday that you do have to work, she maybe adle to split a shift. Also I know alot of the nurses that arent married or have kids like to work the holidays because of the money(time in a half) I dont think she will regret it...just make it through nursing school

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    I worked as a CNA Before I was a RN and while I was in nursing school.The pay is low but you will get used to working with patients and feeling comfortable with patients. If you work in a hospital or a nursing home,you will probably have a job there when you grad from nursing least you'll have your feet in the door. Also being a cna makes clinicals in school easier because you will be more comfortable working with patients...Good Luck!

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    I know how you feel. My dad had a massive cva 8 wks ago. He was in the hospital for 7 wks...I was by his side everyday. I did rom on him but couldnt stand to see him grimace everytime I moved him.He passed away 8 days ago.It was so hard to being a daughter and a nurse. I realized I needed to be his daughter. I would massage him and tell him how much I loved him.You are doing the right thing just by being there and holding her hand.You and your grand ma are in my prayers.

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    Quote from happy2learn
    I think that would be a drastic difference from morphine to xanax. I'm sure there is a reason they have them on morphine.

    There is going to be a point when you will need to stop the nurse in you from assessing him. You will need to learn to trust the people that are taking care of him, just as you would want a family to trust you to care for their family member.
    His morphine is only prn and they haven't even been giving it to him. I asked if the md could order toradol sch...and it worked for a while but he couldn't keep getting it because of the damage it could cause. I asked he could order ultram and have it sch...he started getting it yester every 8 hrs i believe but today when i was doing rom he started you know of anything than can be given sch that would be effective?

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    Quote from Kyrshamarks
    I am going to play the devils advocate here on the sedation part. Remember that it is when the body is asleep that it trie to repair it self. The sedation at this time may be the brains way of saying I need time to try to fix myself. That may be what he needs at this point. I kn ow it is hard to come in and see him sleepping all the time and not able to do rehab but there is always PROM and look at this way, even of he is sleeping, You know that you are there with him. Let him have the morphine for pain right now. You are not helping him or yourself if he is not getting adequate pain relief at this point.
    He hasn't been getting any morphine, it is prn and the nurses haven't been giving him any. I understand that when he sleeps it is the brains healing and I try not to disturb him when he is alseep...but im just concerned because he is sleeping so much, like i said he is sleepin like 95% of the time.Im not very experienced with cva but i was told when it first happened it was norm to sleep...but has been going on over a month it still norm?

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    Quote from Zookeeper3
    Thanks so much for adding that! PT, is notorious for saying pt. sleeping, pt. does not participate. Ensure, that passive range of motion to prevent contractures as well as foot drop boots or podus boots are included.

    Also, consider joining a support group. Doesn't have to be face to face meetings, there are many on line. When I sleep and wake up I'll post some of my resources.

    I swear, many trached and pegged patients return in a year walking in to the unit to show off. Oh, also consider a scopolamine patch to dry up secretions, if it works, it's wonderful. Plus make sure the docs are keeping dad on the "dry" side to help limit secretions and help with weaning.
    Please post a support group..ive tried and i couldnt find any.

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    His morphine is prn and he hasnt been getting it.

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    Zookeeper you are so right. I cant turn him and move him like he needs to be only because i cant stand to see him in pain. I can even stand to watch him being lifted in the hoyer lift from the bed to the chair..but i feel like i need to be ther to make sure they are doing it right and to make sure he isn't being hurt..but i just cant watch it.I cant do therapy on him like he needs because i don't want to hurt him....but i know he has to have it..thank you for making me see that.

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    The only other pain med/anxiety med he has it morphine in which i don't want him to have it because it will sedate him more.What do you think about maybe small dose xanax or do you think it would further sedate him. Before this happened he never took anything stronger than a tylenol.I also thought about he may be depressed. I read that pts with cva do have depression...but then I thought about how hard it is to find the right anti depressent and they also have alot of side effects...and it takes weeks for them to work.I always massage him and use warm compresses to his knee....but i can't stand to see him grimace when i try to move it.Ant advice on meds and also is it norn for someone to sleep 95% of the time after a cva. I was told that pts do sleep alot but it is has been a month now...I don't think he would want to be in a nursing home but I do want to give him at least a chance to regain anything be back.Im just scared one he gets in a nursing home he will give up.....