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    Our neighbor, who voted for President Trump, has said he probably won't vote for him again.
    One Trump supporter at husbands club is nicknamed, "Sniveling Frank" because he complains all the time.
    Once he said to me, "No wonder no one wants to live here. Traffic is horrible and the liberals do nothing."
    I said, "Seems enough want to live here driving somewhere to create so much traffic."

    h well. He didn't even vote in the recent election.

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    I try not to say "everyone" does anything because each person is different.
    Our wonderful neighbor and friend, who voted for President Trump, didn't insult President Obama either.

    I don't think wanting the EPA to protect the environment for us all is insulting or hateful.
    I don't think it hateful to not want my tax money paying to take children from their parents.

    I do think it OK to continue my work across four decades for an American health care system for everyone to get needed care. (Like most of the advanced countries). I think the dishonesty of some politicians doing all they can to take away peoples health care without replacing the ACA with anything is not good for our country.

    I do cringe when President Trump insults leaders of countries that have historically helped us, when he praises dictators, when he insults heroes like Senator McCain, and Gold Star parents.
    (My grandmother didn't become a citizen until after her son was killed in WWII and buried in Italy. He was an immigrant brought to the USA at age ten. My Dad, his brother, became a citizen while serving in the Army Air Force during WWII.)

    I think it would be nice to have a president young children could emulate. But name calling, blatent racism, and mean dishones talk, making promises and then changing his mind, and such are not behaviors I want children to learn from or admire.

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    California's Attorney General Vows National Fight To Defend The ACA
    California Attorney General Xavier Becerra pledged Friday to redouble his efforts as the Affordable Care Act's leading defender, saying attacks by the Trump Administration threaten health care for millions of Americans.

    Becerra's pledge came in response to an announcement from the administration Thursday that it would not defend key parts of the Affordable Care Act in court. The administration instead called on federal courts to scuttle the health law's protection for people with preexisting medical conditions and its requirement that people buy health coverage.

    About 1.5 million Californians buy coverage through the state's ACA exchange, Covered California, and nearly 4 million have joined Medicaid as a result of the program's expansion under the law...
    California’s Attorney General Vows National Fight To Defend The ACA | California Healthline

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    The Trump administration declared that it no longer will defend the Affordable Care Act from a challenge filed by 20 states because it agrees that the law's individual mandate is unconstitutional and that key parts of the act - including the provisions protecting those with pre-existing conditions - are invalid....
    Obamacare mandate unconstitutional Trump administration declares

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    I have fond memories of watching Miss Universe with my grandparents and neighborhood kids. It was 1957.
    The week before we had been at the county fair where some of our chickens had won ribbons.

    Miss Sweden posed with other contestants in her bathing suit and high heels. she was more slender than the other contestants so with feet and knees together her thighs din't touch.
    My grandfather said, "She has an air hole."
    Then Miss Venezuela posed with her hips raised. Unlike Miss USA she wore heavy make up and was quite voluptuous. He said, "Stamp Grade 'A' on that one.
    He remarked on all the women as though they were animals being judged at the county fair.
    We kids laughed and laughed.

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    An opinion.

    To fix Social Security, Congress would not have to raise taxes or cut spending by a single penny
    Published: June 6, 2018
    On Tuesday, the trustees of both programs issued their annual report, and the findings were grim - under current policies, Medicare would become "insolvent" three years earlier than forecast, and Social Security would have to dip into its trust fund for the first time in 36 years...

    ... The problem is spending will only go up - the wave of retiring baby boomers naturally will put strains on medical spending. And lower-birth-rate generations just won't have the tax base to pay for all this, the way the programs are currently funded.
    According to the latest report from the trustees, Medicare won't be able to fully fund itself by 2026 and Social Security (technically, two programs) won't be able to by 2034...

    ... Congress writes laws based on 10-year increments, so put another way, each decade-long chunk of unfunded Social Security and Medicare entitlements would cost $2.3 trillion.

    What's $2.3 trillion over 10 years? That's the actual cost of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that just passed, per some estimates like that from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which for sure isn't negligible but one that didn't send the bond market into a tizzy.
    And it's far more disingenuous to suggest that younger Americans will never see Social Security or Medicare, as one-in-10 Americans have been made to believe...
    To fix Social Security, Congress would not have to raise taxes or cut spending by a single penny - MarketWatch

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    Commentary: California's public pension crisis in a nutshell
    The essence of California's pension crisis was on display last week when the California Public Employees Retirement System made a relatively small change in its amortization policy.

    The CalPERS board voted to change the period for recouping future investment losses from 30 years to 20 years.

    The bottom line is that it will require the state government and thousands of local government agencies and school districts to ramp up their mandatory contributions to the huge trust fund...
    Commentary: California's public pension crisis in a nutshell | CALmatters

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    California Projects $9 Billion 'May Revise' Budget Surplus As Gov. Jerry Brown Continues To Urge Fiscal Prudence
    Even as California's booming economy pumps money into state coffers at unprecedented levels, Gov. Jerry Brown is once again proposing a budget plan that seeks to limit permanent increases in new spending.

    His latest plan is to place the bulk of an $8.8 billion surplus into rainy-day reserves and one-time investments.

    "As Isaac Newton observed: What goes up must come down," Brown said Friday at the state Capitol, urging the Legislature not to squander the state's fiscal health. "Let's not blow it now. We've worked too hard for that."...

    ... The new surplus of $8.8 billion is up over January's $6.1 billion projection. Brown proposed to place nearly $6 billion of that surplus into the state's two reserve accounts: its regular operating reserve and the Rainy Day Fund created by voters in 2014.

    The Rainy Day Fund would grow to its constitutional maximum of $13.8 billion under the proposed budget.
    State finance director Michael Cohen said it's vital that California have a well-funded operating reserve to pay for unexpected expenses such as wildfires, floods and other natural disasters - "name your apocalyptic event," Cohen said...
    California Projects $9 Billion ‘May Revise’ Budget Surplus As Gov. Jerry Brown Continues To Urge Fiscal Prudence -

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    Bandage scissors would be welcome too.

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    CEO pay remains high relative to the pay of typical workers and high-wage earners

    Top CEOs Make More in Two Days Than An Average Employee Does in One Year
    CEO Pay: Top Execs Make 271 Times More Than Workers | Fortune

    CEOs in U.S., India Earn the Most Compared With Average Workers
    CEOs in U.S., India Earn the Most Compared With Average Workers - Bloomberg

    As companies reveal gigantic CEO-to-worker pay ratios, some worry how low-paid workers might take the news
    As companies reveal gigantic CEO-to-worker pay ratios, some worry how low-paid workers might take the news - The Washington Post

    CEO Pay Continues to Rise as Typical Workers Are Paid Less
    CEO Pay Continues to Rise as Typical Workers Are Paid Less | Economic Policy Institute

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    We've had a wonderful friend and neighbor since we bought our house here 49 years ago.
    He a Black man who voted for President Trump.
    He is retired from the Navy. He served in the Korean War and his wife is from South Korea. His mother-in law lived with them until she died. My Grandma lived with us. Those two old ladies became friends although they never became fluent in each other's language. For a couple years we had a vacant lot on our block. Kids loved to play there. Those two ladies cared for the wild dandelions, picked, and served the for dinner.
    Our kids played with his youngest son. He and my son remain friends now.

    Permit me to give two examples why we love and admire Mr. *****.At age 90 he takes a bus to the VA to volunteer. I've gone with him. Most rainy days since retiring I drive him.

    A few years ago our neighbor had to stop work at age 62 because she was too sick from her breast cancer treatment.
    (We went to LVN school together. She worked a night charge nurse in a nursing home)

    She couldn't afford a new health insurance policy with that preexisting condition so used COBRA. Her employer has paid part of the premiums when she was working, but after using all paid leave she had to pay the entire $750.00 a month.
    She applied and received Social Security. Her monthly check was $1,200.00.

    Her house was paid for, but she had to take out money from her savings to live on. When she felt well enough she recycled cans and bottles. Once a police officer knocked on her door to tell her that someone had complained about her taking cans from a trash can. He said it was a warning, but if caught she would be issued a ticket because taking items from a city trash can is a violation.

    Mr. ***** knocked on all the neighbor's doors to tell us about that. He arranged for us to save cans and bottles and put them in a box near his front gate.
    Evry trash day he gave her MANY bottles and flattened cans.

    Just two examples of his kindness. He is well loved by most of us.

    Many of us fit the liberal demographic of Los Angeles where we live.
    Following the Golden Rule keeps us all good friends and neighbors.

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    The president may or may not be racist. I think some of what he says is clearly racist (In my opinion)
    Does anyone want to explain how the following is clearly not racism?

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    As a SJW I have been blessed to volunteer at three elementary schools. I am allowed to purchase healthy snack for the kids, buy books, warm jackets, and school supplies, put together book cases, and read to kids or enjoy them reading to me.
    One family owns a small two bedroom house nearby. The 40 something grandmother cares for the kids, attends school events, and does housework and such while her son, daughter-in-law, daughter, and son-in law work. PTA meetings are held at 7:00 pm so more working parents can attend.

    I have never seen a "Gun Free Zone" sign.
    Along with each and every student, parent, employee, or visitor I have gone through security like at the airport before entering those schools.
    I've seen that grandmother go through security three times in one day as she goes from home to school with two babies in a stroller.
    She smiles much of the time.

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    I am glad the Tea Party and others who have and will protest have that right.
    In too many places it is not allowed.
    In some countries punishment punishment takes many forms including imprisonment, torture, and death.

    I support those who engage in protest honestly and peacefully.
    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
    I know Chare does too. I just want to explain my opinion.

    I have been very politically active twice.
    First was decades ago from 1956 to 1965 for civil rights.
    One was during the 1990s and this century for safe nurse staffing in hospitals.
    It is now the law in my state.

    I think all our hospitals should staff to ensure, when needed, the immediate availability of a registered nurse for bedside care of any patient as required by CMS for all hospitals caring for Medicare patients.
    The best hospitals nationwide strive for this. We need statutes and regulations passed and enforced to provide it for the less than best facilities.