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    I thought your friend was luckily pick in the lottery for a working visa?. Actually I already signed with them too.

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    Quote from angbebeko
    hello, i just wanted to confirm that atlas is a legitimate company in the us. i was connected with atlas last year when i applied as pt in the us. unfortunately i was not lucky enough to be picked by uscis lottery last april 2007 but i have a friend who was able to secure a working a visa through them also as a pt. i think this is the first time they are recruiting nurses under working visa. i myself is surprise because i am aware that entry level for nurses in the us is under immigrant petition. hope this answer your questions.

    hi thanks for confirming that atlas is a legit company in the us. coz i also received a call from them. can i ask if all those enticing offers they told me are true?. and how is your friend who is under atlas?:typing

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    do anyone know about Atlas Rebilitation, LLC. because thay are hiring nurses here in the philippines. pls tell us something about the company..