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Are You An Innie or An Outie? Personality Testing And You

Years ago I was living in a transitional housing program, trying to figure out why my life was such a mess. I was dealing with addiction issues, trying to be a good parent, and looking at yet another...

The stigma of mental illness and suicide

There has been quite a lot of conversation about Mindy McCready's suicide and mental illness,and it amazes me the different opinions people have about suicide and mental illness. I thought that I...

ICU: Finding the best way to care

Nursing is a daunting task for many of us, even when we have time under our belt. Call bells, charting, phones ringing, family members needing time and reassurance, doctors returning calls; and...

Camp Omigosh Nearly Derails a Camp Nurse

Camp Omigosh is a remote camp set in the verdant mountains of New Hampshire (yes, the name of the camp has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent). This is my fourth year as a camp nurse. Tired...