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    i took my human growth and development class on-line this past summer....and it counts toward my nursing program. i also, took another class that counts toward my general eds. on-line.

    on-line classes are as good as class-room classes at my community college. (i guess different schools require different classes).

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    The price at my Community College is $390. + books, scrubs and $20. for insurance.

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    is that the college you were referring to---> bluegrass and technical college? offered at 2 locations.....leestown (lexington) and danville campuses.

    i'm going to the one in morehead, ky (kctc) that's quite aways from you still.

    here's link that shows 16 colleges located on 68 campuses across kentucky.

    i hope you can find one near you.

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    i live in ky. we have to take a&p, medical terminology, intro. to computers, cna class, writing 1, human growth & dev. and (drug calculations <--- you don't have to have this class but it helps you with your pharmacology class.) those are my general ed. classes.

    we have to have those before we start our core classes. my core classes are 3 semesters long.

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    nope, it's not offered with our cna class. wish it was.
    we have to take a different class 'cpr for healthcare provider'.

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    Quote from multicollinearity
    the ashes in the urn are the remains of the whole person, bones and soft-tissue. after cremation in the retort (burning), much of the larger bones remain in tact. the bones that remain intact are ground in a big blender-type machine to make the consistency similar to the ashes. these ground up bones are added to the ashes in the urn and blended.

    however, in certain cultures, the family receives the whole bones in-tact. i believe some cultures in japan have done this, historically.

    fyi, i worked at a cemetary/mortuary briefly.
    thanks, for clearing that up for me. :d i'm always asking our funeral director/mortian<--(sp) morbid questions but this one has never came up. i guess, cause they don't do cremation there at there facility. they send them to a larger city.

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    Quote from multicollinearity
    speaking of the deceased and braking you all want me to talk about how cremated remains end up powdery and can fit into an urn? hint, the remains come out of the retort (hot cremation thingy) with the bones mostly intact. it's the flesh/soft tissue that burns off.

    do you know what happens to the bones that are still intact?

    just curious, since we had a couple that was cremated a few weeks ago. i kind of thought the ashes in the urn was the whole person.

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    Quote from da314
    ky dreamer- are you by any chance taking the cna class at the bctcs leestown campus?

    i only ask because the day/time/# of weeks is exactly what i'm taking too!
    hey there, da314
    nope, i'm attending the one in mt. sterling at the voc. school.
    good luck,

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    sorry miwila,
    should have waited on your post to clear things up.

    i meant to say also around here ma's don't get much pay & not a lot of jobs for ma's.

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    sorry, i have to disagree.

    they aren't the same (cna vs. ma)

    i'm doing cna right now i'm going every saturday for the next 8 saturdays (8am-4pm.) then i believe we have to do 2 more days of clinicals.

    i was going to go to school to be a medical assistant which takes 3 semesters at my school. then i found out that the lpn program takes 3 semesters as well i decided to do the lpn because more/better job opportunities being a lpn vs. medical assistant.

    i hope this helps.

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    w. liberty, ky

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    thanks for the information. i appreciate it.

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    thanks sonomala,
    i stop by my local health department earlier in the week, found out i'm needing mmr, hep. b & tb test. i still don't know what i need for my the cna class.

    i've been trying to get ahold of someone in the school. as of right now no such luck.

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    i bought the netter's flash cards as well. i thought about buying barron's anatomy flash cards, but amazon gave a better review on the netter cards.

    i also went ahead & bought 3 human anatomy coloring books, one is by wynn kapit / lawrence m. elson, a thicker book compare to the other two i bought, which are quiet thin they are by margaret matt.

    i believe someone on this board gave a great review on these books.
    thanks for the heads up.:d

    i've not open my nutter's cards up yet. i'm waiting for a & p to start which for me won't be until fall of 2009.
    i thought i would get ahead start on buying some of my books.

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    thank you so much for replying.:d i appreciate the information.