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    Im not sure if I am just dumb, or what, but I cant figure out how to send private messages. By the way, if anyone can help me here, please do!!!
    Anyway, send me another pm with your email or something so that we can talk more. The healthcare essentials course in Vista starts January 30. Registration starts Jan 6. The website is I plan to take it this January. I already applied at Grossmont Health Occuations Center, and they pretty much said as long as I take this class, Im in. Sooo...Im driving the hour and 15 mins 2x a week to take it! Let me know if you decide to do the same or have any questions. Good luck and take care!!

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    Thanks Belle!
    I had actually already gone down there and put in an app. before I got your reply, but thanks for letting me know. FYI: The healthcare essentials there is full, and so is the one at San Diego City College. I did find a place in Vista that hasn't even started enrolling yet though. Im not sure how far that is from you. Its about an hour from me, but Im going to try to take the Healthcare essentials there anyway, because I really want to get into the LVN program asap!! If you want the info for the place Im using, let me know. Good luck, and thanks for your response!

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    Thank you. That is all that I can say. I found out two days ago that, although I had gotten into an LVN (you call it LPN where you live) program, I was ineligible for entry due to a pre-req that I had not been able to get into. I took my first nursing pre-req 6 years ago. I was 20 years old and pregnant, and already had 2 sons. I had found myself a single mom, but was convinced that I was going to make something of myself and set an example for my kids. Regardless of how hard it was or how long it took.
    I did finish those pre-req's, with a 3.5 while working full time grave yard shifts and raising 2 boys on my own. I put my name on a waitlist for an rn program...then saw that my number wasnt due to come up for 3 more years. I gave it the old college try for about 3 semesters, and then I realized that I needed to move on. I had three children. I was single. I had finished an associates degree in psych while I was waiting for a nursing opening. I needed a bachelors, a career. I switched majors.

    4 months before graduating from SDSU with a BS in Psych, I met my current husband. While he was proud of me, and happy for me, he made it known that I didnt need to abandon my nursing dream. He let me know he would bend over backward to help me realize it. So I tried again...
    But it was back to the daunting waitlists, and my science pre-req's had expired. I was frustrated, but determined. I decided to get my LVN first, and do an RN step-up program after. There weren't waiting lists for that. I finished my pre-req's (again), and applied to a local LVN program that I could afford. I found out that I was guaranteed a spot! I was beyond excited. I've been a CNA working for an acceptance letter for 5 years!!! Then I found out I was missing a pre-req required by their facility, and the classes offered there were filled. They gave me a list of places offering the class in the time alotted before the LPN program started. I left, still confident that this was finally my shot! Then I found out that all of the classes were full. Here I was, 26 years old. Having to put it off for yet ANOTHER year. It was inconceivable. I needed to further my psych education, and have a real career. I cried all night, and applied to a Masters program in Psych the next day. Then I read your story on It made me think, Im 26. She is 20 years older than me, and she hasn't given up. Here I am giving up!! I will smile the whole time when it is my turn too! My husband doesn't want me to give up either! I called the school back and retracted my application for the psych program, and then I poured over the internet for schools within a 2 hour radius of my home that offered the pre-req class I needed. And I found one. An hour away, but worth the drive twice a week. I take that for 6 weeks, and then I look at a white board that says welcome LVN students...
    I know we are complete strangers, but it is honestly because of your post. I wouldnt have bothered to look in neighboring counties without reading your story. I cant thank you enough. And if I have questions during the LVN process, I'd love to look to you as a mentor!
    Best to you and yours! Happy Holidays!
    Laurie Lawson

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    Does anyone know if I can apply for the lvn program at grossmont health occupations center before I have completed to healthcare essentials course? I am currently enrolled in the course, and I will be done before the lvn program starts, but I wont be done by the time the application period is up.

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    I really think that the way you asked the question may be the reason that you are not getting answers. It sounds kind of rude. Also, you did not ask a specific question. We cant choose a career path for you, we dont know you. I did happen to find your original question however, which was asking if becoming a CNA first was a good idea. I would say absolutely. I think it is advantageous to start at the bottom and work there while you are in school. You see and learn so much just by watching, and it also may give you an idea of where you might want to specialize, or what environment you want to work in. Also, it gives you healthcare experience, which looks good on both school and work applications. I know that here in California it is really hard to get into an RN program and there are extensive waitlists. A good way to go may be starting as a CNA, and then doing an LVN program, and from there doing an LVN to RN step up. These usually have much shorter waitlists than the generic RN programs. I got my CNA 6 months ago, and Im in an LVN program now. I found that EVERY single LVN program I applied to required that you be a CNA prior to applying. So, theres another good reason to do it. If you are in the San Diego area I know A LOT about all the programs here...its been a long hard road for me. So I could give you some info if you need it. If you are in another area, I wont be able to tell you much.
    Sorry it was so long. Hope it helped. Good luck and hang in there.

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    Can anyone give me an idea of what Maric College's (San Diego Campus) schedule is like for the lvn program? Like the hours and days I mean. Also, I was wondering if anyone knows what the tuition is and if it is reduced for people who did the CNA program at Maric. I know it is a lot of money, but I need to get into something right away. Also, I thought someone else might find it interesting that San Diego City College and Southwestern College accept LVN's from Maric (as long as you get your license) for the LVN-ADN program, which has quite a minimal waitlist. I thought this was great news since Maric's credits usually dont transfer for anything.

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    Does anyone know if the second bachelors program offered through sharp and the university of oklahoma is hard to get into? I have all the pre req's from being on waitlists for so long! I will finish a Bachelors in Psychology soon and this seems like it would be a quick way to becoming an RN. The waitlists everywhere are so daunting. I was just wondering if anyone knew what the odds of being accepted to this program are. Ultimately, Im trying to decide if it's better to do this, or start my lvn now and do a step up. Any info would be much appreciated. Ive posted a few times now and I always really value the feedback. Thanks!!!

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    I took my cna at Maric, and I considered the RN. Ultimately I decided to go with a different program because I could not see spending 50k on an associates degree that didnt transfer. I applied to national university instead. Its about 34 for a fully accredited bachelors degree there.

    Anyway, Maric is not a bad school. It seems to me that everyone that talks badly about it has never gone there and are just spreading rumors that they heard. Im not sure why the aren't fully accredited, but my admissions rep told me they are working on it. I have heard great things about their nurses and their program is the same as the community colleges. The only place I know of that the degree transfers is University of Phoenix, which IS fully accredited and transferrable. You can get a BSN or MSN there. But that will run you another 12k a year.

    Anyway, long answer to your question:Maric is a good school and a great way to get done quickly if you don't mind the cost and the limited transferability. I know the nursing lab at the San Diego Campus is absolutely amazing! They just spent millions upgrading it and it is one of only 5 in the country that are so progressive. They have sim patients that give birth, vomit, display disease states, talk to you...anything you can imagine. It's pretty awesome to see. Im rambling. Hope this helps!! Good luck.

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    Im not familiar with your area because I live in San Diego, but I know that none of the community colleges require you to already have a degree. Try looking into the programs at community colleges near you. You can earn an associates degree in nursing there. There are pretty extensive waitlists for the programs, and you need some pre req's completed before applying. I know here they are anatomy, physiology, and microbiology. It varies by school. It would be a good idea to start on those to get them out of the way so you can apply. Also, you can look into private schools such as Maric College or National University. They are pricey (Maric is around 50k), but there are no wait lists and if you get accepted you can finish in under 2 years. Good luck!
    Also, google the nursing abbreviations. RN is obviously registered nurse. BSN is a bachelors degree in nursing, MSN is a masters degree, LPN is licensed practical nurse, which we call LVN(licensed vocational nurse) here in CA. ADN is associates degree in nursing.

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    Hello everyone
    I applied to the nursing program at National University last month, and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how competitive the admissions process is there. Also, I was hoping to get into the July cohort, but some people are telling me that it took like 6 months for them to get a reply from National. Anyone have any info about any of this? Thanks so much!

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    I have been on a waitlist at san diego city college for forever, and I'm getting impatient! I heard that there is no waitlist at imperial valley college, but their website isn't working, so I can't check it out. Does anyone know if this is true or not? Thanks!