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    Thanks Merleem and far as confrontation, I have done so to no avail, and now its escalating. I will definitely look for a whistle-blower hotline!

    I appreciate the help .

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    Hello All,

    Ive been an R.N for approximately 2yrs and am currently experiencing workplace bullying by a co-worker. This particular co-worker has been working at this hospital for approx 8 yrs (I heard) and is known for being a bully. In fact, this co-wworker has been reprimanded on his behavior in the past and recently demoted from a Charge Nurse position due to his past actions. Unfortunately I have become his latest victim.

    I would like to know are there any policies and procedures out there to deal with situations such as this? I understand that policy and proceudres may differ from place to place, but Im trying to get and idea of whats out there. Ive tried googling for information but havent found much, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Quote from mike532
    I'm 56 years old and graduated lpn school in oct. of 2007. the job opportunites are not there as i was told they would be. i'm currently doing my rn and wonder if the outlook will be the same. i'll be 58 when i graduate. i feel mislead.

    Hi Mike532,

    I hope the job opporotunities would open up more with an R.N liscense versus an LPN liscense....At least out here on the westcoast the opportunities are endless for RN's (I know your geographical area plays a huge role in what type of job openings you will have) .

    Good luck to you


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    Boy it seems as though this thread keeps going going and going and I love it!!!!

    Thanks to all who have responded thus far the they have been so inspiring.

    In an article I read on Nurses "re-entering the work force after a carreer break" most of them over 40, pointed out that these nurses are considered valuable staff bringing maturity, life experiences, and enthusiasm to their work....Which pretty much sums up alot of the responses made on this thread.

    So, good luck to all the MATURE RN's coming into the field, we can only make it better!!!!!

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    I recieved insight from each of your responses ...

    The common theme I think I gathered from your repsonses is that "Confidence" comes w/time--I knew that but I had to have it reinforced .

    I truly appreciate you guys for taking time out to share your experiences and send a little encouragement my way,
    I REALLY needed it ...

    Here these are for each of you :flowersfo

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    Quote from pagandeva2000
    I just wanted to take the time to thank Brian and all of you for the wonderful interactions and learning experiences I get each time I post here. Learning up to date information has lead me to be an even better nurse because of this site. Keep up the good work!nurse:

    I second that!!!

    Ive only been on it for a couple of months and now Im addicted to it, so is another one of my girlfriends--I told her about it.

    Its great to be able to meet RN's from across the globe and get their different view points on various subjects. I too have learned quite abit.

    Thanks Brian

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    Hi All,

    Well, I need a little advice/encouragement and I am looking to my fellow Nurses on this forum to possibly lend it.

    I am at the begining of my first year in the field and I am s-c-a-r-e-d . I was just hired on in the MICU/CCU unit and I am wondering if I bit off more than I could chew so-to-speak.

    Although, I have previous health care experience--being an ACTUAL RN with SERIOUS responsibilities frightens me--how can I get over this

    Ive been through 4 years of college, 2 years military (healthcare related) and I STILL dont feel like I know ANYTHING .

    Although, Ive been hired to MICU/CCU, Ive been put on a surgical floor temporarily (about 2 months) until the icu consortium starts mid July.

    So my question has three parts...What was your first year experience like? Were you confident walking in or did you feel like a total idiot (like myself)? and lastly, How did you overcome the fear and become stronger?

    Thanks in Advance :wink2:,

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    Quote from moby1t
    has anybody taken the nclex-rn hurst review?
    I took NCLEX twice. The first time I took Kaplan and failed, because the focus in the course is primarily test taking techniques.

    I then took Hurst Review the second time around and passed, I believe b/c their focus is on knowing content, and that is where I needed help.

    Both courses are good though it just depends on where your needs are, test taking skills or content.

    I must say though after taking both courses I kind of used a little information from both and it was helpful--when I got an NCLEX question I knew nothing about--If I did not know the content, I used Kaplans test taking techniques to answer it. It seemed to work b/c I passed :wink2:.

    Good Luck,


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    Thanks alot you guys for the GREAT suggestions!!!! I will be checking them out right away....finally a book for visual learners!!!!!!!

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    Quote from RNFELICITY
    Patho is one of those things that is a must in nursing and it doesn't come overnight (at least it didn't to me). I constantly pull out my books and look up things because there are so many disease processes, you can't possibly know them all.

    I think the fact that you know you are weak is a plus because it will make you look things up and the more you look it up, the more it will be part of your knowledge base.

    Good luck with your studies and welcome to critical care!
    Thanks for your response RNFELICITY,

    Ive been told that by others that as a Nurse there is constant learning--Im sure it never stops even for the seasoned Rn's. Im already shopping around for a really good critical care book to read before the consortium course starts, any suggestions by the way? A coworker told me about one Im going to check out.

    Your absolutely right though, I do know that I am weak in patho, therefore, my med surg/patho books are going to be my new best friends for a while.
    As its been said before--nursing school never ends:yldhdbng:...

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    Hello All,

    I am a new grad and I was just hired onto a MICU/CCU unit and I am REALLY concerned about my pathophysiology knowledge. I took an online summer patho course--which I regret to this day--I did not learn much at all.

    I will be starting a critical care consortium course in late July for 6 weeks and then I would be working with a preceptor for 12-16 weeks thereafter. Will this help?

    Basically, I am trying to find out, if I am weak in patho will that hinder my performance?

    I welcome any advice--Thanks!

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    Quote from caroleneo
    I graduate next month with my RN, at age 41. I never really considered age when going back to school, I just instinctively knew that it was time.... "now or never", as they say. At first, it was a little tough getting back to using my brain. It took awhile for the little gerbil inside my head to turn the wheel fast enough to make it spin! But after getting into the groove of studying, it really did become routine.

    Once you catch that first glimpse of "Hey, I really can do this!", you find a strength and purpose that will calm and carry you. You will be amazed at your focus and stamina! Some of that comes with just living a few more years. So consider your age a blessing. You are exactly at the right place in your life, at exactly the right time. :wink2:

    :yeahthat: Caroleneo!

    Wow, what you said was truly inspiring! I especially resonated with the comment that you made.... "You are exactly at the right place in your life, at exactly the right time"!!!!

    I TRULY believe that! B/c this is the very first time in my life that I could say that I am EXTREMELYhappy, I truly ENJOY my new career as an R.N!!!!!! When I go into work and I walk on that floor, its almost as if I can feel a "peace" within saying "THIS IS IT!" I truly believe that I have found my purpose in life!!!!!.....Thank you soooo much for taking time out to write such an encouraging response .

    By-the-way, this is my very first thread I started and I am really getting a kick out of this, Allnurses is great!:an!:

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    Quote from SoundofMusic
    Well, I'm glad it resonated with you, SunnyBeach!!

    But don't let me make it seem easy. It's definitely not with the family responsibilities. Some of the older folks who started with me (and I was really one of the younger "older" ones in the class -- with many 45, 50, even in their 60's in our class) did NOT have young children to care for anymore, so for them it really was even easier.

    They always seemed to be the most prepared, the most cognizant, and generally the ones with all the answers. They had done prior careers, some as EMT's, etc, and were just smart. I really think with age comes wisdom -- so definitely don't ever let the Big 40 number hold you back. Being older sort of naturally translated to leadership positions in the class for some of them also.

    Plus, if you don't do it, you'll still be 40 plus anyway as time goes by. Best to fill the time with something meaningful.

    The thing is, you go through a year or two program, go through your six month or so fellowship, and boom, you're a nurse in 2.5 years. After about 5 years, you're a veteran, or so it seems with nurses I see. So, it's a tough upstart, but you can attain a great career in a relatively short time in nursing.

    Not that it won't be hard. . .


    I started crackin up off of my spelling of r-e-s-o-n-a-t-e-d! (oops thats embarrassing :chuckle)--anyhoo, by no means did I think that it was an easy feat for you going for your RN and having a family in all--in fact I saw others in my class who were under your same circumstances--and I truly had alot of respect for them as I do for you!

    Its just that your story kind of reminded me that the AGE issue is such a SMALL issue in the grand scheme of things...when you consider the circustances of others and how short life is.... noone should really allow their AGE or CIRCUMSTANCES to be a determinant for NOT going after what they really want in life (did that make sense?)....In other words AGE/TOUGH CIRCUMSTANCES should not be a focal point in life, people should just go for what they want no matter what...Ive heard someone say one time "I dont want to die and go to my grave with alot unfulfilled goals or dreams" and I second that motion!!!

    I also have had a HUGE issue of wanting to measure up to societal standards ie., college graduate by 22, married by 25, house w/2.5 kids and a dog by 30....and I have to realize that LIFE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY FOR EVERYBODY!....Now that I have turned 40 and have read the post of other 40 somethings, its helping me to stop worrying about what other people are thinking about me starting a new career at 40!

    I am seeing that I need to break the so called "societal mold" and focus on being happy....Sure its tough starting a new career at 40 but I know I have alot of rich experience that I am bringing to my practice as an R.N and I hope I could be a blessing to those I come in contact with .....

    I hope you could understand where I was coming from in this "rant"--if not maybe somebody did !

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    Quote from SoundofMusic
    Well, as one who graduated having just turned 44, I have to make a few comments.

    I don't feel it's the age that matters -- it's your place in life. I'm having a hard time, not because of my age, but because of my home responsibilities. I've still got 2 boys at home and a hubby gone overseas, so there is a lot on my plate and man, am I TIRED. :stone

    Still, my age has it benefits. I feel I tend to get a bit more respect from the younger nurses and techs at times. It's just something you've "got" as an older woman with experience in life vs. a young woman who has not had that chance to commandeer a home, children, marriage, etc.

    Now, there's a lot I'd give to have that 20 something body back and the youthful looks, although I think I'm looking pretty good for my age.

    We have a nurse on our unit who is in her mid 50's, looks fantastic, is a top notch nurse and mentor to ME at 45, and I just hope I can be like her in ten years! And she's only been in nursing for a year!

    Age is just a number. I was a far better student in my 40's than I ever was in my 20's.


    :typingYour post gave me goosebumps when I read it!!!!!!!!!

    It so resignated with me!!!! Just to hear about your struggles (kids, single parent w/a mate overseas) and to see how you made it and did not let those issues in your life keep you from striving to an even higher goal of becoming a Nurse regardless of age or that I say you-go-girl!!!

    Boy and then you mentioned a Nurse in her mid 50's whos been nursing for only a year and she is at the TOP of her game WOW!!!!!:bowingpur......thats exactly where I want to be 10 yrs from now too--provided that God spares life !!!!

    I pray that you continue to recieve strength through your new career and blessings to your family--by the way Im ex-military (Navy)--I want to personally thank you and your husband for the sacrafices you made for our country .