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    Do you know anything about St. Joseph's School of nursing?

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    It is my 4th year at RIC. I have applied once to the nursing program. I was not able to get a seat because they couldn't accommodate me. I have everything finished, I mean everything. I have more than 90 credits. I only have the minimum GPA required, a 2.7. Last month I was diagnosed with ADD, and I was just placed on medicine a month ago. I tried so hard in all my classes, but got mostly C's in my science and chem courses. My advisor told me to take some classes over again. I have taken 4 over, and my GPA will still be under a 3.0 after taking physiology over this semester, I had a C in it. I am Hispanic, and know others with the same waiting situation who are not being accepted. Does anyone think it is discrimination? I even wrote a letter to the committee explaining how I lost my best friend the first yr of school, so my grades really suffered. Now that I am on concerta, they are telling me to submit another letter explaining my learning disability and how my grades have changed. I feel like I am at the end of the road. I am 23, and I don't want anything else but to be a nurse. I know if I do get in for this fall, it will be almost 3 more years! 7 yrs is crazy for a bachelors. Can anyone help or give ma any advice???
    Thank You so much!