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    Congratulations Stef82!! You've got to feel so excited! I have a contact, PM me if you want details
    Good luck!

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    Thanks annie! I really appreciate your input. I just found out that there's one of those info sessions on Fri 3/14 so I think I'll go to that & just make the one trip a little longer. Not a bad deal to have to spend a few extra days in NY

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    Hi all, & congrats on your acceptance! I'm new to the site & really glad I found it - it's been a great resource. I was wondering a) who of the newly-accepted to Columbia are planning on attending the visitation day on 3/7 & b) for those of you who are in the program already, how important is it to attend? I'm trying to plan a trip out there to apartment-hunt the week of the 17th but that's Columbia's spring break so I was told there wouldn't be any students around to talk to. I just don't know if I can get out there twice in 2 weeks. Any input would be greatly appreciated.