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    I go to a different campus but my suggestion to you is to go to the library at school and get a nursing fundamentals book and a nursing health assessment book and study over the summer. The first semester is really tough especially if you get behind or do not understand something so it is better to get the basics down before you start.

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    You have a really good chance for getting in during the Fall with the extra point, I think the cut off for Spring was around 23.7.

    Quote from promiseme1
    jclore01: My GPA was a 3.7 and I got all 7 points on the NET. I didn't have any repeats or tranferred credits and I still didn't get in. I had 23.4 points. I am now looking into Davenport University, all the classes transferred except Pharmacology and Holistics, it's part of their Nursing program. I also have to take Intermediate Algebra. I'm also going to reapply for the fall term at baker.

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    I had her

    Don't worry you are going to be at Baker!!!!

    Quote from LauJen
    Last year, I applied at MCC with a 3.2 (terrible, long story, had to re-do psych) and an 84 on the HESI, and I was in the ranked somewhere around 725. I cried. I wasn't even close. And since my scores aren't THAT much better this year, I'm still a bit worried. But I guess the good news is they didn't sell out the HESI this year (fist year in a while) and since they've changed the rules, it'll be interesting to see how everyones scores stack up.
    I hope you get accepted to at least one of the programs you're going for!! Have you looked into any other schools?

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    Jclore01-- your welcome.

    Anne--it really depends on what they other 200+ people that apply for that application period have for their GPA and NET, and if there are people with repeats, transfers, or second application point. It changes every time, but it seems to be getting higher.

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    Yep, the B would be a 3.0. I added the point scale below. Baker only gives you the extra point once no matter how many times you reapply. I would go and make an appointment with the head of the nursing department and have her go over everything with you. You might also want to look into applying at other local colleges because most of the other ones do not count repeats against you. It is always safer to have a couple options since it is so hard to get in a program.

    A 4.0 Points A- 3.7 Points B+ 3.3 Points B 3.0 Points B- 2.7 Points C+ 2.3 Points C 2.0 Points C- 1.7 Points D+ 1.3 Points D 1.0 Points

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    for first time applicants there is a possible 24 points. for a second time applicant there is a possible 25 points because baker gives you one point for not making it in the first time.

    you add the gpa's for all the science classes together and divide the number by 6. take that number and multiply it by 2.

    [font=courier new]next you take the rest of the classes and add add them together and divide them by the number of classes.

    [font=courier new]lastly, add the total of the science and general ed. classes together. this should give you a close idea of what the gpa portion is going to be. it will be a bit lower because the computer classes are weighted lower. i am not sure how they figure this but mine was off about .06 from what i figured it as.

    [font=courier new]next figure out the points for the net.

    50 = 1.0 60 = 3.0 70 = 5.0
    51 = 1.2 61 = 3.2 71 = 5.2
    52 = 1.4 62 = 3.4 72 = 5.4
    53 = 1.6 63 = 3.6 73 = 5.6
    54 = 1.8 64 = 3.8 74 = 5.8
    55 = 2.0 65 = 4.0 75 = 6.0
    56 = 2.2 66 = 4.2 76 = 6.2
    57 = 2.4 67 = 4.4 77 = 6.4
    58 = 2.6 68 = 4.6 78 = 6.6
    59 = 2.8 69 = 4.8 79 = 6.8

    80+ = 7.0

    [font=courier new]there are 3 ways that baker figures out the extra points:

    possible 3 points for not repeating classes (you repeated three classes so you would have a 0)
    possible 2 points for not transferring classes.
    one point for second time applicant.

    add all of your points together to see what your total is. i heard the lowest taken spring 2010 was 23.7 points.

    [font=courier new] really depends on what they other people have that also are applying and how many 2nd time applicants there are.

    [font=courier new]hope this helps you out! =)

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    Quote from shannonmarie7
    I hear that Davenport University has an online RN to BSN and then BSN to MSN.
    Oops, I not Davenport, University of Phoenix....

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    I hear that Davenport University has an online RN to BSN and then BSN to MSN.

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    I would say a CNA would make between $9 and $12 depending on experience and what type facility hired into. You can go to and it will tell you.

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    i am not understanding why you keep saying that baker college ct "lost" their accreditation? they never had it, they are working on it. what happened is that they were required to hire more full time employees for the program before they can be considered for accreditation. they have just finished hiring the needed employees and will be reapplying. you can't lose what you do not have.

    Quote from fotogrllt
    looking at emails & talking to the teachers, if that might be part of the criteria for deciding who will be admitted into the baker nursing program, i am glad i was accepted into a community college nursing program instead of at baker. no wonder some of the instructors insisted we emailed them every week. when i was in the baker classes, there were those who wanted the answers spoon fed to them & those who viewed nursing as a good paycheck & steady job. i also ran across people who after several attempts at applying at the community colleges & not making it, thought baker would be the easier route. however, that is not the case. additionally, i volunteer at a hospital & i have seen nursing students from the community college i will be attending-i have yet to see any baker nursing students. i wonder if this might be attributed to a form letter i received from the clinton twp baker nursing department, informing me that the nursing program had lost their accredidation & that it might influence my decision whether or not to continue to pursue the nursing program. maybe there is a correlation. additionally, i will be paying $72.00 a credit hour (a better deal) at the community college instead of the $182.00 a quarter hour baker charges. can we say saving money?

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    In CPR

    is this something that you are using for school? if it is they may not accept the online course. i have taken cpr twice in the past and just let it lapse and my school said no to the online class even as a refresher.

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    I sent you a PM.

    Quote from RobertR
    I would also like to know this information shannonmarie. I have a 3.91/gpa and 85/hesi. Good luck to everyone.

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    I sent you a pm.

    Quote from McGinnis
    Thank you for the encouraging message. Did you get into the program off of the alternate list? If so, what number on the list were you? Thanks

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    Quote from msashley
    with mcc do u have to have all the pre req's done before u can apply to the program? or can u apply with like maybe one not completed??
    you now have to have these done to apply:

    ap 1 and 2
    comp 1

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    i would not count yourself out until you recieve your denial letter. i had a similar score last year because of them lowering my gpa by not counting a lot of my classes in the transfer, and i was a high number alternate. i guarantee there are a lot less 4.0's and applicants in general this year because of the changes. i know a lot of people that were not able to get the pre-reqs done because of the changes, and they did not sell the hesi out this year and you had to retake it. so if i was an alternate when there was 2000+ applicants you have a good chance if there was not even a 1000 applicants this year.