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    HI. I agree with all the responses above. I am staff development coordinator in the LTCF where I work and I love it. I was a staff nurse in LTC for 2 years and then was a CNA instructor for 5 until the position for staff development coordinator came open. I'm not sure if you're looking to work in a hospital or LTCF, but I have an Assoc. degree and feel I am just as adequately trained in my position as those with a BSN or Masters. I do all staff education, either by teaching it myself or scheduling outside speakers. I'm also the infection control nurse for the facility & I helped develop and continue to monitor the orientation of new nursing employees. I'm currently working on improving the preceptor/mentor program for our campus. If you love to teach, you're definitely going in the right direction! It is also important as the other members said to become respected by your fellow staff. Don't fall in to the gossip trap if that is a problem at your facility or be associated with certain "cliques" because then you have the staff that will feel they cannot come to you with their problems or concerns. I am told that is what happened to the previous "owner" of my SDC position and she just didn't feel she was effective in the role anymore. Good luck!!

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    Hi Miccay... Just wanted to give you some feedback about your dilemma of not being able to keep a SDC. I just recently went to administration to ask for them to "revamp" my job duties & let me get back to what I was hired for. When I took the SDC job 4 years ago, we had a scheduler on board to do the nursing department schedules & handle replacing call offs, etc. When she left, the scheduling got reassigned to myself & the DON. I can assure you from first hand experience that daily scheduling issues can suck the life out of you. It was getting to the point that I did not have the time to focus on developing & scheduling inservices, etc. because all my time was spent on scheduling issues. I finally said "enough" because I was no longer happy in my position & my staff was suffering because of the lack of inservicing. I still do the monthly CNA schedule but once it is put out, it is now someone else's ( the DON & clinical care coordinator) responsibility to deal with the daily changes, call offs, etc. It doesn't seem like much, but you would be amazed at how much more time this allows me to focus on preparing & scheduling inservicing & being a mentor to new employees. We have an HR director who hires & keeps track of licenses & certifications. I will sit in on an interview if she asks me to but otherwise that is her department. Do you have an HR? If not, who hires for all of your other positions? Good luck finding someone. Have a great day! b:flowersfo

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    Hi everyone! I'm so glad I found a site where I can talk to other SDC's. I've been a staff developmnet coordinator for 4 years. I'm also the infection control nurse at our LTCF. Before taking the job as SDC, I was a nurse aide instructor for 5 years. I love to teach!! I schedule inservice speakers but do a lot of my own inservices & self study packets for CNA's. I'm always looking for new, fun ideas to present the same old material. Please share any good ideas you have or techniques that work for you and I'll do the same. I'm so excited to work and talk with all of you!! Becky