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  • Aug 7 '12

    I always thought I wouldn't like nights too but once I tried it I found I liked it.I am a terrible sleeper at night, but I found I can snooze just fine during the day.I also like working nights because it is quieter.No families, no managers,no doctors.

  • Aug 7 '12

    I got some really good worksheets after searching for hours this morning. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Im a Student practical Nurse!

  • May 22 '10

    hello everyone if anyone need random facts all in one file then pls pm me and leave ur e mail ......i will send u file right away as i get ur e mail......
    i have copy all random facts and made one big file....
    i copied page 1 to 100 then 200-275...after that i took my exam and passed.
    but still that information is too much, after u read u can even pass doctor exam too.
    so i m always willing to help...
    when ever u send me private message pls leave ur e mail address....

  • May 22 '10

    Actually all you have to do is go to the ExamMaster website for UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch - Nursing), click "First Time Registration", pick a username, and it'll mail you your login info. You don't have to be a student (so far). I've been using the new system for two weeks. The questions are basically the same but there's a cool new interface and ways to create custom exams and choose real time answers for study or test format for practice. It also saves all your practice tests for later review.


  • May 22 '10

    My dear,
    Listen and take good advices from people in this forum and throw away every negative comment.
    I have a friend who failed 9 times and passed on the 10th one. If you search through this forum you will read a lot of testimonies of those who failed more than 5times and never gave up until they pass.
    I praised you for saying the truth bc not everyone will have the heart to say how many times they failed.
    Falling 5 times will not make you change your career unless you wanted to.

    Take a break for one or two weeks off from book,then read one of the latest review books, read it cover to cover, saunders is good [4th edition]. then register for a live content review in your area even if it takes you out of your city if possible for you.
    Make sure you pray always if possible do your prayers with fasting if you are a christain.
    Then start your next exam in a different way and see the handwork of God in your life.

    You are never a failure until you give up. Nclex is not a true test of knowledge, i'm talking from experience.
    Remember Jesus fell 3 times on His way to calvary and never gave up to carry our sins, sufferings and failures.
    The Lord is your strenght, you can do it. Good luck in your next exam.

  • May 22 '10

    Wow. Constructively, how about a tutor? Maybe a one on one who can better assess your strengths and weaknesses. Don't give up. Just because you have a hard time passing this test doesn't mean you wouldn't be a fantastic nurse. Book learning only goes so far. Some of our nurses who passed the nclex the first time can't nurse a tree stump. Find a mentor. You can do this. I worked with a woman who took boards 5 or 6 times before passing. Best, Deb

  • Apr 30 '10

    for me i used saunders, kaplan,exam cram, nclex 3500 and priority,delegation and assignment. i would highly recommend's really help me a lot.

  • Apr 19 '10

    caliotter3 Re: Honest opinions on NCLEX study plan needed
    If you learn the material well enough so that you can answer any question about it, 50 questions a day might be enough; but, if you are haphazard about your efforts, 5000 a day might not be enough. We don't know your learning abilities and that NCLEX is one unpredictable bear. Best anyone can say is use your own judgement. If you feel ready then test, if you don't feel ready then reschedule. Best of luck.
    I want to second this great but ambiguous reply

    I think that sometimes the focus on "how many questions you do a day" is becoming a large focus on this forum, when maybe it shouldn't be.

    Study how YOU feel comfortable studying and don't focus so much on what other people are doing to study.

    I'm actually glad I didn't browse this forum until after I wrote NCLEX..... I think that it would make me feel like it's exam day in school, and I'm standing out in the hall listening to people talk about what they did to study, until I feel like maybe I am not as prepared as others and start to second guess myself....

    No matter what you do to prepare, you will know when you feel comfortable writing.

    I passed NCLEX on my first try with 75 questions. I did about 750 practice questions total. No prep course, and only 1 book.
    I did study a lot, I just didn't feel doing hundreds a questions a day was valuable for how I learned. This was me, and it probably wouldn't work for everyone.

    I felt comfortable with my studying plan I made for me .

    Find something that is comfortable for you and try not to compare to what everyone else is doing.

  • Dec 13 '09

    Quote from kapsyaw
    pm me for further details...
    lol, why kapsyaw? haha...

  • Dec 13 '09

    I'm almost 46 and getting ready to start applying. I would think life experience would count for something and my past experience in healthcare (drs' office and CNA). My age didn't hinder me from getting hired as a CNA a few years though. I think it is really the crappy economy more than age.

  • Dec 12 '09

    Although I wasn't in healthcare, I used to work as an HR recruiter. Try taking the Master's in Oriental Medicine off your resume and see if you have better luck. Sometimes a masters degree will get your resume trashed for being "overqualified" and in nursing, it's possible that the hiring manager looks at "oriental medicine" and thinks that it's strange or too new-agey for the hospital.

  • Dec 12 '09

    Freeflowchi-I just read your other posts, and now see it's not so much a problem of landing an ICU job as a problem of landing a job in general. So, now I want to suggest that you head over to the "First Year in Nursing" forum, and check out the sticky entitled "Any hospitals hiring new grads?" Lots of suggestions, and I'll add another of my own. My hospital in upstate NY has several med-surg positions posted that say "one year experience preferred, BSN preferred" - but trust me, they'll hire new grad ADN's! You can PM me if you want to know where it is...

  • Dec 12 '09

    52, will be 53 when I start ADRN program in January. ( Had 2 previous careers, Dental Hygiene, and teacher) I plan to work until I need Depends!!!

  • Dec 12 '09

    Old enough to know age is nothing but a number and young enough to believe anything is possible .

  • Dec 12 '09

    LPN, 50 and just took a refresher course to re-enter nursing after 25+ years