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    I am about to get into nursing school. I have read most of the posts on this site and understand that it is up to the board to give you your rn license. Than up to the hiring manager. I would just like to tell you my situation and see if anyone can send me in the right direction.

    I am a male and have been thinking about going into nursing for about three years. I know it to be a very challenging and gratifing job. I have been in sales so I am very good with people. My goal is to become a rn, work as a travel nurse for a few yrs than apply for crna school. I have straight A's in all pre req corses and excell in science and math.

    I got a dui 7 yrs ago was given pbj and when I ordered a background check it did not show up. I got my second dui a year and a half ago. I am on probation for the next year I was convicted and it shows up on my record. After the second dui I went into treatment and have been sober since. From what i have read it seems like most people can still get their rn and find a job. I have three fears though.

    1. I go thru school and cant get my license
    2. I go thru school get my license and cant find a job
    3. I get my license find a job but can't get into crna school or
    get thru crna school and cant get my license.

    I know it is case by case and have read ALL of the posts on this site I guess Im just asking if anyone knows some one in my position or have been in my position and what their outcome has been.

    Thanks in advance. Oh yeah I live in Maryland