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    Quote from Gauge
    My name is Kyle and I am a first semester BSN student at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

    It is a public college and they have a "plan" setup so you can graduate in 4 years, but you will be working your butt off! I didn't know what I wanted to do my first year so I managed to get all of my non-nursing classes done in my first two years of college and got accepted to the program last year. I'm not a junior in college and considered a sophomore in the nursing program (because of the way they have it setup).

    The only tips I have will be to try to analyze questions more. In my program all of the tests are multiple choice or choose all that apply, but that doesn't mean it's easy! There is a book called Test for Success that is about nursing and how to break down test questions and it teaches you a new way to think. It has been helpful.

    I've been in the military for 6 years so luckily I get enough from them and from scholarships to pay for my schooling and don't have to take out loans. I do work about 25-30 hours a week on campus at an IT computer helpdesk. I basically answer phones about computer problems and work through how to fix them, etc.

    Hope that helps.
    Thanks a lot Kyle! All of that is really helpful. It's just nice to know how people are doing it and what has helped them. I'll check out that Test for Success book-sounds like a good thing! Good luck in your nursing program!

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    Quote from nikkiannette
    I guess it's just the area that you live in... it's different at 2 year programs in the midwest. You can be on a list and still do your prereq's. I do agree though. You are young, it would be nice to get a bachelors. However, if you have an associates and go back for your bachelors employers will usually pay for a portion or a good chunk of it
    Someone else said that too, so I'll definitely be checking that out!

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    Quote from grace8808
    Thank you SO much Nikki! That was very helpful to hear.
    Unfortunately, the local nursing program/school doesn't allow people to get on the waiting list until they get all their pre-reqs done!

    This is how most of the ADN programs are. I live in Socal, and all I have looked at required if not all finished then atleast in progress the last semester before even applying. My school you had to have not only the pre reqs complete but they had to be on your transcript which meant sitting out a semester before applying. Some schools have super long wait lists, which is good to just get your name in as a back up, however, in your case going the BSN route would be better you could work on all the general ed requirements while waiting to get into a program.
    The nursing school here will let you be enrolled in PSYC25 and Pharmacology and not be done yet when you apply. But all your Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and all the other classes have to be done already...ugh!

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    Quote from modelmama07
    And another thing, BSN or ADN, everyone starts out as a staff nurse. The year or two you spend trying to get that experience under your belt, you could be already working, in an RN to BSN program (which takes a year full time, and with tuition reimbursement from your employer), and good and decent money, so that by the time you get done with your BSN you can move up into a position probably immediately. Instead of going 4 years to get your BSN, without already making an RN salary, and then having to work a couple of years as a staff nurse to get experience, and then moving up into a mangement position...just something to think about.
    That is really good advice! Thank you. I didn't think about that too much. There is so much to think about for nursing! Eeeek.

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    Quote from JBRN2B
    Hello, I am a nursing student at CSUEB and I am in a BSN program. In my area (Northern California), there are not a lot of options. The ADN programs in the community colleges are all impacted and have a lottery system. The BSN programs at the Cal State Universities are all impacted as well, but they mainly base their acceptance on grades and specifically grades in the prereqs. and CSUEB also requires the TEAS test. I don't know what kind of GPA you have, but I would go to the advisors/ counselor at your community college and get the information on what prereqs/ requirements are needed for each. I know one of the schools I applied to required you have some volunteer hours or actual work experience in a healthcare environment. Please feel free to write me if you have any questions and best of luck to you.
    Thank you so much for that info. I'm in central CA, so in the same system as you. I'm at a community college with a very limited # of spots in the nursing school (50) so it's really hard to get in. I'm nervous! I'm working hard though and am going to try to get A's in all my pre-reqs...I'm also thinking about working as a CNA soon and before that as a home companion type of thing. Thanks for the advice! Feel free to give me more if you think of anything. I really appreciate it.

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    I'm really nervous that it's going to take me forever to get through nursing school here because the program I want/need to get into won't even let you apply until you complete all your pre-reqs and then you have to wait (2 or 3 years sometimes)! Anyone with the same situation? What are you going to do while you're on the wait list?

    ARG. This is frustrating.

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    Quote from nurz2be
    Ok so I have a confession as well. I had heard about these shows but had never really gotten in to them. UNTIL, my hubby, as a hobby gets shows and movies, I think he has a few thousand all together now (another reason for me to get a good paying job, LOL JK). Anyways, he got House, Grey's, ER and I have to admit I am an addict too, LOL>>>>> Hubby gets tickled when they say something medical and I do 1 of 2 things, as I am still a student, I 1 explain the medical term to my hubby, or 2 pause the show, pull out my medical books or hop online and search out the term I cannot remember. The 1 hour shows can turn into 2 hour marathons. Hubby says he will be glad when I am a nurse and he can watch a whole show without pauses for terminology checks..... what ya gonna do???? LOL

    I do the same thing (pause in the middle of a show or remember something that I just HAVE to know what it means)! I love House too. They're all good shows...soooo addicting!
    Glad I'm not the only one!

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    Haha, glad I'm not the only one!
    I suppose if you realize it's not supposed to be completely accurate and just enjoy the storyline it's not so bad right? Haha.

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    Congrats on passing and I'll be keeping your classmates in my prayers tomorrow!
    Hope they all pass with flying colors!

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    Quote from catzy5
    Hi Sierra,
    Welcome to the board!

    Sounds like you are very focused. I wanted to first mention this is a pre-nursing board, so most of us are still either doinig our pre-reqs or going to be starting nursing soon. You might get more answers under the general discussion board.

    Secondly I would say, and this is just my personal opinion, is you are so young, that going directly for your BSN would be smartest way to go. It will take a little bit longer but you will have a Bachelors in the end and more options in the long run.

    As for your questions.

    I am doing an ADN course I am 39 and looking to get back into the work force after being a stay at home mom. For me the ADN was the quickest route and the way I would mostly likely get in right away. I also took a pre AP course and so glad I did that! You should defenitely look at the schools you want to attend and make an appointment to talk to an advisor to see just exactly what you will need.

    Good luck, I am sure you will do well, you sound very together.

    Thank you so much for the response Catherine!
    Good luck in your ADN course, kudos to you for going back to school with kids, I'm sure it's hard! And as for the bolded part-I actually did have this originally in the general discussion board but a mod moved it here for me...

    It's great to hear people's opinions and experiences. Thanks!

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    Quote from Emery
    Hi! I'm in my first semester of the ADN program (actually, finals are next week!! Woohoo!!), and I had all of my pre req's and bonus classes done before I got in. I had to apply twice (as there is no waiting list, just a point system), and got in the second time.

    I have financial aid, some scholarships and I work part time. I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to work, because it was tough this semester, but it can be done! There are usually a lot of scholarships available for nursing students. So don't settle for nothing! Fight for it! Good luck!
    Thank you Emery for sharing that! I know that the majority of nursing students do have to work, I think it must take a lot of dedication! Kudos to you for doing it! And good luck with finals
    I sure know how those are...coming up soon here too (actually have an English final tonight, should be studying-haha)!

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    Same exact situation! I'm pre-nursing, community college, want to work NICU!
    We should talk. It was helpful to read these responses too

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    Just wondering how you like it and what your experience has been there, etc. I've always had my heart set on working in the NICU, so I'm just looking for experienced NICU nurses to give advice or share stories. Thanks!


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    Quote from nikkiannette
    Hi Sierra...

    My name is Nicole. I am a 4th semester ADN student. I graduate in December. I actually did mostly what you are doing so far when starting out. I got all of my prereq's out of the way before starting the actual program. *mostly due to being on a waiting list for 2 years. It was the best thing I could have done. Nursing school is very hard, and time consuming to say the least. Being able to concentrate on core nursing classes was really really nice.

    I have completed the 2 year program in 2 years. I also have a job lined up for after graduation on an Intensive Care Unit. However I do plan on going on for my bachelors degree also. The school that I went to was a technical college. This was great for me, the class sizes were fairly small *72 total nursing students. Also, the classes were a lot cheaper compared to those of a University. You also don't have to take classes that you do not really need if you aren't going to get a bachelors.

    I would say that getting through nursing school takes a lot of determination, someone to vent to and ask any questions, you also need to be that for some one else too. You need to limit socialization to a point (parties etc.. hehe) that was a bit hard for me. But it's imperitive. If you don't pass a class, don't quit. Usually there is a 2nd chance. Buy your books online or try and borrow them from someone who's recently been through the same program. You will save ALOT of money. Take advantage of financial aid.

    I did not take out loans for school. My parents rock and set money aside since we were born. But, if you need to, take out a loan that is deferred until after graduation. As for working during school... I did all the way up until 4th semester, then it got to be too much.

    Hope this helps
    Let me know if you have more ?s'

    Thank you SO much Nikki! That was very helpful to hear.
    Unfortunately, the local nursing program/school doesn't allow people to get on the waiting list until they get all their pre-reqs done!
    So I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to wait around for 1-3 years waiting to get in, although it is a great school, and only 50 students allowed in the program at a time. So it's competitive, and hard to get into for's just all so overwhelming! But hearing from other RNs how they did it and survived and what to know about it all is quite helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! I really appreciate it.

    And I'll definitely be asking more questions as they come up, so thanks for offering to help answer! Have a good night, and TTYS probably


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    Thank you! I thought I probably had it right, but wanted to make sure.
    Hey, can you really blame me? Those shows are addicting
    (Although so unrealistic, I'm sure--they have kept me quite interested in nursing and given me a nice example of things I've been learning in A&P!)