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  • Nov 16 '13

    moved to California nursing for best response

  • Jul 2 '11

    Thank you Littlejrr I am going to buy the LaCharity book Hopefully that can help me and good luck to you as well.

  • Jun 29 '11

    Quote from gwafuh_rn
    quick doing the pvt trick,what should we answer if we ever took the nclex exam?
    It shouldn't matter. The result should be the same if you select either option. I think the initial post on this thread states to click "Yes" or answer the questions as though you have already taken the exam once and are re-registering.

  • Jun 20 '11

    hi guys! first of all i just want to thank the community because you guys played a big part in my success for helping me..I made friends and got wonderful tips to pass the exam so if ANYONE of you needs help just pm me and ill help you in any way i can

    Im 21 y.o from the Philippines and graduated there also last march 2010, so passing NCLEX is a big big wall for me to jump over. First time i took it was last march and i failed because of 1 of my weakness. GAMES, COMPUTER GAMES (LOL,Crysis2, Portal, dirt, witcher, dragon age, etc. etc.) my resistance to their pull is so low that i cant concentrate well on studying. i would sit in my room and study and i would hurry up what im reading so i can finish early and go and play again. But I still thought i was studying well because i nearly finished saunders and i finished all of kaplans test and the qbank also witha grade of 50-60% which i thought was good enough because they say a 60% passing in kaplan is 90% passing in foolish of me to think that.

    the day before that exam they said not to study and just relax so i relaxed...i thought relax means playing games all day. , on the day of the exam i prayed...and sat down to take the test.......mind went blank....cant analyze well....FAILED

    after that i was in denial,anger,bargaining,depression and finally acceptance and realizing what my faults are i made plans to change it

    now here are my changes where you guys can hopefully use whatever temptation is pulling you...whether it be games or drinking, or watching tv, facebook, etc


    what i did with this is to KEEP SOME DISTANCE FROM MY TEMPTATION. I found a review center who gladly lent me their room everyday so i can study in peace away from temptation. Everyday i would go to their room and study their and at evening i would still play BUT after 9pm. i would turn off the computer


    in the past i would make a schedule for study time BUT I ONLY WRITE IT IN MY MIND making it not solid enough and I would always deviate from the plan. What you have to do is MAKE A SCHEDULE, WRITE IT! and STICK WITH IT! It really makes a big difference when you write me....even though im near my computer, if i stick to my WRITTEN SCHEDULE im totally safe


    dont waste time. dont want to read? not in the mood to take a practice test? then you can LISTEN to your audio lesson while doing something else. Stuck in traffic or in a line? read a book. dont waste precious time. because each minute you study is a percent nearer to your success (for audio questions please pm me as i said I WOULD GLADLY HELP)

    tip4: MAKE FRIENDS

    not just any kind of friends. Friends that are in the same spot as you. and in that way you can help each other. I made a friends here in and we have been communicating ever since. we sometimes send text messages together about questions or send each other questions and the one on the receiving end replies with the answer it was a good way to study while walking or doing something else. I also made friends whose taking NCLEX we would form study groups and study


    honestly kaplan helped me a little. what really helped me was Saunders for content and EXAM CRAM practice questions for analytical thinking. I sometimes find questions that i thought was wrong in exam cram but when i looked it up they were really right. they say Exam Cram has some mistakes but its really little compared to the deep questions that are NCLEX like...they would really make your practice how to think in facing NCLEX like questions....but if you want content go with Saunders. Software that really helped me was NCLEX 4000 (pm me for questions about software)

    tip6: most Powerful tip PRAY, ASK GOD FOR HELP

    last time i took it i just prayed but now that i think of it even though God wants to help me, i didnt help myself by studying hard so i failed. after that failure i was away from God. i thought God didnt really help me. but as the test date approached nearer i ask God again for help because he is the only one who can really help us directly. and besides i studied also . I also want to share 2 bible verses that really helped me a lot and was ALWAYS on my mind while i took the 2nd test

    James 1:5

    "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to ALL MEN liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given to him"

    Proverbs 3:5-6

    5."Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."
    6."In all they ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path"

    extra tips

    last time i took the test, i took it with a full stomach so the 2nd time i just ate SALAD! green SALAD avocados,spinach cabbage many more i cant remember with ranch lol and when i took the test i spent like3-5min per question after 3 hours i only consumed 50 questions so i started to panick, when it didnt stop at 75 i panicked and took the test a little ended at somewhat 180 questions so my tip is to not take too long answering 1 question but dont do it to fast lol. i took also about 7-10 breaks i think at the test center lol and brought a lot of chocolates for sugar lol....

    well thats my story i took my test june 13 and got the result posted on the california website on saturday 1:30 am lol( i cant sleep because i keep looking at the website) tried also PVT AND IT REALLY WORKS!!!!

    thank you guys for reading, and also i want to ask for a little help

    i graduated nursing school at the age of 20 so my whole life was about school. Im a freshly new graduate without work experience and has been living on allowance the whole 20 years. Im just worried because i dont know what to put in my resume because i dont have any work experience do you guys have a tip for me or can you send me a resume sample for a new graduate nurse without work experience? THANK YOU GUYS FOR READING AND I HOPE YOU GUYS WHOSE TAKING NCLEX WILL PASS!! YOU WILL PASS!!!

  • Dec 12 '10

    Quote from gwafuh_rn
    i have a question.I petioned my wife via k1 visa.One of the requirements in getting the nclex is to state the reason why she wasn't able to obtain license in the philippines.Do you think it will be a valid reason that she took care of her grandparents,which is true and just give california board of nursing a copy of her visa.By the way,we both graduated nursing in the philippines last 2007.any help pls.

    i became LPR in 2004 but after few months, i went back to Philippines to finish school (nursing).. went back to US in 2009 to stay here for good. When i passed the requirements for nclex, i just stated my reasons for not taking philippine local board exam, which are having no intention to practice nursing in the philippines nor live in the philippines after graduating nursing because my family are all in US.. that's all i stated and got no problem with it.

  • Dec 11 '10

    She just needs to put in writing that she had no intention on working in the Philippines as a nurse and that she was also taking care of her ageing grandparents. It is up to the BON/BRN whether they accept it

  • May 20 '10

    Quote from gwafuh_rn
    just wanna share this website of the list of nursing homes here in california

    Nursing Home Guide CANHR
    Thank you! This will be helpful for many members!

  • Jan 8 '10

    Quote from gwafuh_rn
    2010 is fast approaching so I think there must be a new thread for 2010 new grad program.I hope the moderators will allow me to post this new thread. Im currently working at Monrovia Memorial Hospital which is 40 miles away from our apt.We live here in playa del rey,near the LAX and unfortunately I dont drive yet.Im looking for any hospitals that offers new grad program for next year. Im not even sure if Im still qualified for a new grad program because it will be my 8th month this Jan. working at Monrovia Memorial.Anyone could share any infos..Thanks..
    I hate to break it to you but you're not a new grad anymore.

    The good news is, you've got a job.

    And 40 miles is nothing. My job (my first) is over 200 miles from home.

    I second the previous opinion which says that you should stick it out for a while longer and then look to move.

  • Oct 1 '09

    Honey, stop worrying. You won't let something like this slide again and really, that's all you can do.

  • Oct 1 '09

    I agree with the other replies. I would question more why you waited to report the patients elevated temp to the doctor. By the way, was there a vanco bag in the fridge? That could have raised the question whether or not it was given. I seriously doubt this is an issue that could result in a loss of your license. However, like the others have said, a lesson learned. I also agree with the others that the cause of the sepsis is unlikely to be a few hours missed of a weekly vanco dose. Try to relax.

  • Oct 1 '09

    No, you are not the only one at fault, but as nurses, a big part of our job is catching and correcting the mistakes of others. That is the portion of it that falls into your realm of responsibility, so yes, you do share some of the responsibility here. Not all of it, but some.

  • Oct 1 '09

    Quote from gwafuh_rn
    It was written on tues at 2pm by the pharmacist.I worked at tues(7pm - 7am).Am I the only one at fault?
    Absolutely, you are not the only one at fault. I think there is to much worrying about fault. I think it was wrong of the supervisor to come up and lay it on you like it was your fault.

  • Oct 1 '09

    In regards to the the very high temp, and the MD not calling back...isn't there a protocol in place to do blood cultures or something? Maybe even a rapid response team, to show that the temp wasn't ignored?! I too, suggest malpractice insurance.

  • Oct 1 '09

    I would have questioned the order from the get go. Military time has the "0" before the number for am. Such as 0200 would we 2 am. 1400 would be 2pm. I would also say it is a pharmacy or transcription error. there is no such thing as 0200pm.

  • Oct 1 '09

    Lesson to learn from. I doubt you will lose your license. The manager should speak to you and suggest how it can be prevented next time. It doesnt matter if others were at fault because you had an unsigned MAR and you didnt do the 24hr check. Both should have been done. The RN needed to be called in am to see if it was given. This is a common mistake so don't be so hard on your self. Please do the 24hr checks because they find lots of mistakes.