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    I was told by Nursing Supervisor/director that if you clocked in and then left qith no one to cover your shift it was abandonment, but if you went to your job and found you were the only one working and hadn't clocked in it WAS NOT abandonment b/c you hadn't accepted the floor- resisdents b/c you hadn't clocked in. NOW, if you are ready to leave at say, 11pm and your replacement dosesn't show up you CANNOT leave until you/ your manager finds someone to cover the shift......Gennavieve

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    I am sorry I have no knowledge about St. Vincents in Queens. Wish I could help you, Gennavieve

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    Recently an Assisted Care facility!! Assisted is a relative notion where they are concerned, We have residents who do almost everything for themselves and MANY others who are almost full care, many others need to be escorted to meals, help with tolieting Assisted isn't truly accurate. This is in Indiana, also the same problem in Michigan when we lived in that area. In larger cities, chicago, Detroit etc,etc, salary will be more from what I have seen and been told,
    At this point in my life it wasn't the money as much as the insurance since my husband had retired 6 months ago and I have 9 months to fo before retirement but did it anyway ( retired) because of health but mostly not being able to give the care I wanted to give as the working conditions were so bad. What type of care can you give to 45 resisdents with only 1 CNA and you on duty???
    Good luck to you. I am planning on doing one on one care after a brief hiatus, because no matter what I love nursing. I've always felt the residents gave to me more than I to them...they don't feel that way I am told but if you give your all you receive something back...not materila but spiritual. Take gentle care of yourself!! Gennavieve

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    Think it is where you live, size of the facility, nusing home or hospital, Physician's office etc. I've been working for over 35 years and making 17.50 and I have a BS in Health services in 2000 but I didn't want to be administration in Nursing homes because I'd rather work with the residents instead of soing what the cooperation told me I could or could not do and what I had to tell the resident they would have to PAY is they needed some special care like ( reminding them to bath) etc,etc,etc. I received a BS in Health Services. I took the Nursing Home administration exam and passed but really just wanted to continue taking care of residents. The further education was more for me as I was55 years old and the old body was giving out so I thought I could at least keep my mind actiive for a while longer. I didn't want the nusing home cooperation telling I had to charge a resident because I had to reminf her to bathe etc, etc,etc!!! So I continued nursing and glad I did. I retired 1 week ago at the age of 64 1/2 and would like to do one on one for awhile. I'm going to enjoy a few months at home first tho. My husband is also retired so we'd like to do a little traveling etc. Gennavieve

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    As others have stated, all jobs have good and bad points. A ospital will give you more experience, working in LTC may give you confidence as a new nurse in decision making but don't stay there (LTC) or you may lose your skills you obtained in school, things change very quickly ( proceedures, medications etc) that you won't be using in the LTC enviroment. Weight these things carefully. Don't worry about loyalty, thoes that truly care about YOU, will tell you to do what is best for your future, what you feel is best for you. Could you work prn at the LTC while doing part time at the hospital for experience in that area??
    Good luck in whatever you decide, Gennavieve

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    I have just done that!!! Am 64years old aND DECIDED IT was time to RETIRE, at least for that type nursing. I feel so guilty tho! I love the residents and have been there for 5 years, ( I know I'm insane) but I truly love the resudents and the CNA I work with but I just had enough. I have had polio and has post polio syndrome and falling alot ( not at work) but after because of the length of time I am on my feet. My husband retired in June and I'll bwe 65 in Sept and was hoping to stick it out till then, for insurance but NO MORE. I left 3 days ago, will visit the residents and so what I can for them (perasonally) but I too was afraid of the legal issues in the last 6 months when a new administration come in and made lots of changes....the corporation will make more money their way but the staff and residents will and are suffering and the residents spend a SMALL FORTUNE to live there. Gennavieve

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    I'm working in Indiana in a Assisted living home, that is a JOKE (Assisted), many are full care and should be in a skilled nursing home, it is for profit and for 40-43 resident there is one Nurse ( that's me) and one CNA. I pass meds 2x a ahift for all 40-43 residents, do TX's, Blood sugars, insulin, escort residents to dinner, serve meals, escort back to rooms, clear tables and rinse dishes, put in dish washer racks, chart etcv,etc,etc--just 1 CNA and ME. If there is a fall, cardiac problems etc,etc I am the only who can handle it. I was just told the CNA may not come till 4:30pm so I'd be alone from 2 till 4:30, to toliet, get residents up for dinner, pass meds (they don't have to pay for a CNA for2 1/2hours, administration said they'd help the nurse they are sitting at their desk and won't answer the phone or answer the door (which the Nurse or CNA must do). There is no receptionist. That is the nurses job!!! So NO this IS NOT A SAFE RATIO!!!! All this is for PROFIT, that the company receives, the administration recieves when they keep the salaries down by having only 1 CNA and 1 LPN. OH, we also do the laundry, vacum the halls and serve everyone snacks at 8pm!! Anything else you'd like the two of us to do in our spare time.

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    N urses aren't pathetic, they are human biengs trying their best to help people who need care ,understanding and empathy. I think it is administration and corporations that care about money and how to make the most they can. They don't care about the residents or the nurses, cnas or anyone else just money. If you wwork short, can't give excellent care---they could care less as long as the money is there and working short gives them more money, not having the proper equipment/ share the equipement--more money etc,etc. We put up with it, thinking it will be better next time, we can make a difference, and we want to CARE for the resisdents. What would we do different if we were admnistration, they also are TOLD what to do , if they want to keep their job, they need to perform to meet goals set before them even if they are unrealsitic---it is ALL MONEY, it is BUISNESS, with a capital B. Yes, money needs to be made to continue the care but NOT millions and millions of PROFIT to the companies at the expense of the patients who need the care and can't so without it!!
    When I finish my shift and know I've made a difference to someone by a touch, a word, that is all that matters. That's why I have been in nursing for 35 years now, mostly with the elderly. Look at the positive, be grateful you can help someone and hope someday someone will CARE for you, Gennavieve

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    Same as stated above (LTC) facility and now they want us to not only clear the tables and stack the dishes but also to rinse the dishes and put them in the crate so all the cook does is put the crate in the dishwasher. This is with 41 residents and one nurse and one cna. Of course, in the meantime we are answering the door aand phones, passing meds etc. Welcome to OUR WORLD. I stay because I love my residents. they are like my extended family sooooooo, you do what you have to for their sake not the cooperation, by any means !!!!! Thank you for listening, Gennavieve