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    I should also mention that right now my tuition is being paid for, thats why i want to do something this semester. No anatomy of physiology classes this semester. so i want to take something until i can get my information packet completed for cna while someone else is paying for it.

    i am enrolled both online and on campus, i just checked since its spring most of the classes are level two as far as math, science, etc...and the require you have taken level one of course, which are only offered in fall.

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    I also plan on taking a science or something towards the RN each term, when they are at least available. Unfortunately school cancels a lot of classes because of lack of interest. So it ends up being hit or miss on whats available. I will do a quick look though at what sciences will be available next term that haven't been can canceled yet.

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    Quote from catzy5
    Personally I think if your ultimate goal is to be an RN of some degree, then I would skip the medical assisting programs and go straight for the CNA or even the LVN program. You could potentiall get the things done for CNA now before the spring 08 semester, call the department and find out where you would need to go and who they accept. I did mine on line (we didn't finger print, we did back ground check). Took 60 seconds and got my certificate in 2 days.

    Medical assisting is a great field to get into but it is quite different from direct nursing, and if that is your ultimate goal then the CNA/ LVN path would be your best choice.

    Good luck!
    I have spoken with the program director at our school there is just no way right now i could get everything done by january, again, small town issues. So thats why i figured even though i will probably not use the MA stuff in a real world situation it would at least provide with some extra educational experience.

    I just finished posting and thought of something new to add heheehe.

    if you can't do the CNA course right a way in the spring, you might be better off taking pre reqs for nursing if you haven't gotten them out of the way yet. Most colleges want some sort of higher level Anatomy physiology, either as a unit two semesters or seperate, with a lab though. Most also want a Microbiology with lab. look around to potential schools you might take, talk to a councelor at your school and see what courses generally transfer and what you need. You will need them regardless of when you get your RN so to take them now might be more productive in the long run then the medical assisting course, unless that is a proffesion you are looking to work in for a while before starting the RN program.

    once again good luck.
    Gotta love small schools, anatomy and physiology when they are offered a few and far between, i may be able to take them in 2 semesters or so when there is enough demand for them again. It will be about 5-6 years minimum before we can move to a bigger town with a RN program, so i plan on using the CNA or LVN to get a job until t hat point.

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    First let me start by saying I live in a kind of small town with only one college which is a Community College. I have decided to switch into health careers from business which I found an absolute waste of time and was fairly forced into by a counselor based on test scores. I have taken a couple health careers classes now and absolutely love and have decided to eventually go on to get my BSN someday when we move to a bigger area.

    However until then, I though that I would go ahead and get as much experience and education in the field as possible. Our school offers the following programs...

    Administrative Medical Assisting
    Clinical Medical Assisting
    Certified Nurses Aid
    Home Health Aid

    Since I need to complete certain things to get into the CNA program (fingerprints, TB tests, etc..) I will do those during the spring 08 semester and enroll in the program in fall 09. However I of course want to take some classes in the mean time. So heres what I'm thinking

    Spring 08 (starts in January)

    Clinical Medical Assisting
    Administrative Medical Assisting (this one is in Medical Billing, Insurance, Finance, Etc...)
    Medical Terminology ( this will be my second course in medical terminology)

    Fall 08(starts august 08)

    CNA program
    HHA program
    Administrative Medical assisting (this one is in reception)

    Starting Spring 09
    LVN/LPN program

    I plan on doing all tests and certifications for the Medical Assisting and of course passing all the tests and certifications for CNA/HHA

    I'm just wondering if having done all this stuff, taking all these certifications until I can get to a place with an RN program will help me, especially if I use it to get a job as either an CNA or LVN/LPN prior to my husband and I being able to move.