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    I took mine on November 26th, had 205 questions and failed. Although I have a friend who took hers the first time, had 205 questions and failed, but on the 2nd try had 205 and passed. I got my performance report from NCBON and I was close to passing in all 8 categories. I was sick, but also excited that I was not below in any of the areas. I have taken the month of December off from studying, an gonna repay my $ next month and shoot for again. I'm not gonna give up, gonna keep taking it until I pass! Best of luck to all of you!

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    Well, I'll admit...............I got my results yesterday, I failed. I had either 202 or 203 questions. I had ALOT of all that apply and I'm pretty sure that I got all of them wrong. I can retest in 45 days, so I'm gonna study study study! Advice: DO NOT invest in the NCLEX PN EXAM CRAM book!!!!! Does anyone have any advice of which books to study? I bought a Saunders book yesterday and I have the Kaplan book. Any advice, thanks!

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    Quote from russole
    Okay I took my nclex finally today! I stopped at 85 questions! I'm not sure whether i passed or not! I'm really scared!!!! I had tooooooo many select all that apply questions and wasn't sure if I was answering it correctly! I also had a lot of med questions! I wasnt expecting to go only 85 questions! I'm really nervous and really don't know if I'm going to pass or fail! It's killing me and I have to wait 4 weeks bcuz I live in CALI!...AHHHHHHHH

    Hang in there! I took mine today too, I had 203 questions! I thought the computer would have shut off at 85 because I felt like or knew I was failing, but it kept going. I can only pray that I proved myself in a good way. I can find out on Wednesday. Best of luck 2 you!