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    A nurse is facing third-degree felony charges for informing state regulators that a doctor at her rural hospital was practicing bad medicine.

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    Thank you very much xos4eva!

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    Hello! I have just started a job (my first!!) as an RN in a Pediatric ER. So far I love it!! I have been looking around for some good resources/references to invest in. I would like to find a good pocket handbook that I can keep with me as well as books to keep at home that I can study from and refer back to. Anything that is pedi ER specific would be great. If there is there anything that you have found really useful and can recommend, I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you!

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    Another INTJ here! I've just finished school and start my first real job in August, but so far I love my new career!

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    I found out this morning that I passed on my first attempt (75 q's) after taking the test 6/17. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum. All your tips and advise was really, really invaluable! :bowingpur Coming to this site really kept me focused during my studying the past few weeks. I still can't believe I really passed! :uhoh21: Now off to the hospital to try to make sure I have a job.....(the really hard part!)

    And good luck and best wishes to everyone that's waiting to test!

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    I would really make sure you have a definite job offer (in writing) before turning anything else down, especially if you are a new RN. I just graduated from the MDC Jackson Scholars program and HR is struggling to find all 30 current graduates RN positions in time to start their August Versant residency program. Jackson paid for all our schooling so it's really in their best interest to place us in any position they can so that we can fulfill our contract with them & don't just get a "free" education! Jobs are few & far between.....I know that there are many vacant position but only a few floors have gotten the ok to hire due to cutbacks. Good luck and I hope you end up with the position you want!