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    I think you should maybe see abou shadowing a peds nurse. If your current hospital doesn't have a shadowing program ask around. Also maybe do some soul searching about exactly what is burning you out (I see you did that a bit) and try to think/find out if it would be different in peds. Just being somewhere news learning new thing might give you new motivation for the job though. Also I would considering calling the peds unit managers where you might be interested and say that you're thinking of trying a new area but wanted to know a bit more about it before putting effort into a job search and potential change of positions. And ask what kind of training g and support they give a non new grad. What's the patient ratio like what kind of unique responsiblities are there how is working with peds families different then other families.

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    The lovenox to me isn't the bigger problem it's a different pathway with a different purpose. (typically anyway I get that that wasn't the case here) The bigger problem is the idea of starting with 10mg of coumarin for three days, that just bizarre. I've hardly ever seen someone started with 10 mg of coumarin times one and obviously only quite large patients. The very idea of writing an order to give ten for three days for a patient new to coumadin is just insane to me. Maybe, maybe one dose but then you need an INR the next day before you do the next days dosing. Did the lady have some history of needing massive doses of coumadin? Also what's the point of bridging her to coumadin if you're not going to discharge her on an appropriate dose? Was the INR of 4 done on the day she was discharged?

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    I think it's really digesting that you won a lawsuit over refusing to work. So much for helping the sick I guess. I have to wonder if the earlier poster is right and this is a troll thread. You can't really think that not being able to make your own special choice schedule is discrimination can you? You could have and should have chosen a different career if that was so much a problem for you. If I were a hiring manager and knew this I wouldn't hire you for any position every anywhere because of your dishonesty.

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    That's quite reasonable. If a patient comes after six I settle them attend to immediate needs and then if I can get more done I do if I can't I don't worry about it.

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    What were the other four questions.

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    How about the time I looked up a (male) patients medication only to find out it was a breast cancer medication. No history of breasts or cancer of any kind. Written by a resident three days earlier. Question it and a prompt order was written to d/c. No one had any idea how or why it was written for in the first place, but he got three days of it.

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    Quote from hey_suz
    Depends on the relationship with the patient. I've learned to let my affect and manner set the stage for not sharing much and people respect that. In primary care though we might see the same person repeatedly over a period of years and I feel comfortable sharing a little bit with them, but only as it really pertains to the conversation, and put it right back on them. It gets much easier over time. It just is kind of a double standard that we ask all these questions and then not share about ourselves.And just wait until the "who are you going to vote for!"
    You just say "I'm planning to write myself in, you should to, I'll give you a great cabinet position." :-)

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    5-10$/ hour is 10-20 thousand more per year so yeah it'd be worth it.

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    I have most frequently found this to be anxiety in my patients, I have yet to have one go bad or code after saying that. However doing vitals signs and a quick reassessment helps to rule out any problems that might be detectable and to reassure the patient. I've learned though just to ask then if they mean they want anxiety medicine first.

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    I think the kids will see the cartoon not the color. I have to add my own story though. I've always heard red can agitate dementia patients but I never had a bad response to my all red scrub set, they actually often commented on it positively. But I did have a dementia patient become agitated and scream at me that I was the undertaker while I was wearing all black.

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    Quote from Indy
    Wait, don't we want to prevent the cancers from growing their own blood supply?
    The power of prayer to convince people that they don't need treatment, hence their cancer gets worse?

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    We use an emar, so we can just leave a note that says given by so and so and it's marked in an I didn't give it way of that makes sense. When we had paper mars and this situation occurred we would write "given". Probably not for narc's either though but never had that come up.

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    Quote from agreer2
    I think it is a good thing that people display such spirituality in such a field. I think it is God and God alone.
    Then I guess I should quit if it's God alone I guess the patients don't need my care. No worries about checking the six rights and all that either God will just intervene if he wants them to live and if not it was his will, not my negligence.

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    There's is no excuse for that behavior. It really doesn't matter what you did, it's never appropriate to handle anything by screaming at somebody.

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    Quote from CrazierThanYou
    Ha! I was thinking the SAME THING! I wasn't aware that racism was a mental illness.
    I think the point was that is wasn't someone who say had paranoid delusions that a non white person was coming to kill them. There was no clinical reason behind this that they were aware of.