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    Quote from Lylesmom
    I am in my last term of school and one of the topics I have to write about is: list and discuss a minimum of 4 responsibilities of a team leader who is a registered nurse. I am pretty sure they are talking about a Charge Nurse. I know every hospital is different in what the charge nurse is responsible for and was hoping to get some feedback on this topic. thanks for your help!
    please donot or underestimate patient safety is always always number 1 make sure nurse assigned to pt say med surg nurse who works pedi is floated to med surg floor you would give her an assignment that is relevant to her work experience

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    Quote from ER_RN
    Anybody know about the salary for ED Nurses for this hospital. I am looking more for a per diem purposes.
    All I know is that my nsg med-Surg instructor worked in the ICU that was 3 yrs ago and she was making what I am without shift diff. small place great hospital OR wonderful and the ED dept was not full at all. good luck I would go back but donot like the commute

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    Quote from winterluv10523
    Can you tell me a little about the nursing program at this

    Any info from students will be in, is in, or has been in the
    nursing program will be helpful

    I'm looking forward to getting accepted for Spring of 2008.
    I have to go to one of their information sessions tonight at 6:30.
    I took my prerequisites there, my huband did nsg program there. I heard the program is more self taught and that the instructors are not all that friendly if you have a just passing average. I know alot of nurses that graduated from that program and not one has a nice thing to say. I went to Becker and ended at Mount Wachusett Comm College in the evening program instructors are great, helpful and treat you like an adult not a child hope this helps not hinders

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    I would recommend the Navy not Army. just mt personal preference

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    hey do not fret about it. in NE there are many hospitals to apply to say.. Lawrence, Nashoba Valley, has anyone thought about psych nursing? I know people donot believe that it is real nursing although, it is considered a speciality field. Since working for the Commonwealth Of massachusetts aka state facility, I have turned down job offers. I did school nsg substitute and that is extremely difficult. I also started with LTC, detox, Correctional Nsg???? check these out because Hospital nsg is not what it once was and the pay is not great. You can usually slide right in to hospital nsg with a BSN or greater. I have a friend who has been working at Umass for 20+ yrs with a BSN, they want her to have her MSN within 2 yrs to keep her current manager position. maine has many opportunities also and the pay is very compariable to Mass pay in some cases it is even better. check out maine

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    Quote from penguin2
    Are all hospitals in Mass. union ???
    Not all are union, I belong to the MNA and the dues are ourageous but you have the ability to either be with the MNA ot not. I heard that ST Vincent in Worcester aka Med City was not union by a nurse of 19 yrs experience. So my suggestion would be to check out the facility you plan to work in, upon interviewing ask if the facility has union representation. Hope this helps Umass main campus does not have a union but Umass memorial does?????