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    Thanks for the reply TazziRN. Does anyone else out there have any suggestions? Especially for 8 hour days?

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    I currently work 72 hours every 2 weeks. I have to work every other weekend and would like to have some Wednesdays off. I only have the option to work 8 hour days. I would like to have more days off in a row, but not work more than 5 or 6 days in a row.

    Example: Sat & Sun ----OFF (2 days)
    Mon ----Work (1 day)
    Tue & Wed----OFF (2 days)
    Thurs-Mon----Work (5 days)
    Tue----OFF (1 day)
    Wed-Fri----Work (3 days)
    Sat & Sun----OFF (2 days)
    Mon-Wed----Work (3 days)
    Thurs----OFF (1 day)
    Fri-Mon----Work (4 days)

    Everytime I have tried to tweak this schedule, I get frustrated and just let the supervisor make out the schedule. We don't make out our own schedules, but the super encourages us to change things if we want to....which is very cool.

    What should I do? How can I make this better? Please, someone, Help Me!!!!!

    Thank You!

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    Hello, I'm having a myelogram this week and I am so scared. I hurt my back a few months ago at work and had an MRI which showed some mild bulging of the discs. Now the doc wants me to have a myelogram.

    I'm having pain (sometimes intense - like someone kicked me as hard as they could) in my upper back over and around my cervical and upper thoracic vertebrae. The pain radiates up my neck, to my right shoulder, and up under my Rt. shoulder blade. Almost everyday I have pain and/or numbness down my right arm that radiates to the fingertips. I'm right-handed and sometimes I drop things without even realizing it until it hits the floor.

    I'm a Work. Comp. case, but I should still be treated like a pt and a person. I asked the Dr's office if there was any literature or teaching sheets they could give me to help ease my fears and I was told "No". I've researched what I can in books at home and the internet. I even called the hospital where the myelogram will be performed and spoke with the staff.

    My question is: Has anyone here had a myelogram (mine will be cervical with water soluble contrast) and can tell me about your experience?

    Or does anyone know of a good website to go to?


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    Quote from BETSRN
    First of all L&D and nursery are two distinctly DIFFERENT specialties and depending on where you work, the training will differ.

    My advice to you would be to steer clear of this place with no director for now. Your gut feeling about a poor orientation would probably become a reality. L&D is a highly litigious specialty. Don't risk your license.

    Go elsewhere and do Mother/baby first. That gives you a great base on which to build L&D skills at a later time.

    My best to you!

    Thank you, BETSRN!!! This particular facility will float RNs to Nursery when needed, though, will not float you to other units. I really wanted this, but I think I do need to go with my gut feeling.

    Also, this facility may only have about 30 births/month. Would it still be an option in the future if it is my first experience in L&D, or should I try to work in a larger facility to observe more births during orientation?

    I can't believe I have worked LTC all this time and not in L&D like I have always wanted.

    Is a large hospital where I should try to be? Like 30-45 min. drive from home?

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    Hello....I'm an RN in North Alabama! Married with no children . Worked in LTC and wanting to work in L&D/Neonatal area!!! Any AL nurses working in L&D? Let's talk!

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    Hello there! I have been working in long term care for 5 years. But what I really have wanted to do for more than 13 yrs is L&D/Neonatal (this is the reason I became a nurse). I have applied for an L&D RN position recently. Currently, the unit does not have a director and I feel worried about that. I'm afraid also that with low staff, I may not be oriented as well as I should be. I really want to work for this particular hospital and definitely want to work in L&D/Nursery. Would it be foolish to put forth my efforts for employment there at this time? Or should I look to other facilities?

    I have other questions.........TIA!!!

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    Hello there! Lippincott has some great study guides. Do you really think you need a study guide, though? I recommend you study up on your weak subjects. I brain-stormed for several days thinking of diseases, procedures, lab values, sources of vitamins, etc. that I could not remember or did not know much about. I listed all of these and then looked them up in my nursing books from school to re-learn all about these subjects. Hope this helps you...Good luck!!!

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    I have not encountered this and never would have thought this would even occur. Did they give you any reasoning behind this other than to correctly identify you? It just seems absurd!!!

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    Take a nice long hot relaxing bath after watching a good comedy (movie). Do not take anything to help you sleep unless you know how your body is going to react to it...b/c you may feel like you have a hangover the next day. Good luck on your NCLEX!!!!!!!!

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    I wish I knew. Sorry can't help you on this, but if you do find out something...please let me know!!! Good luck!!!

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    Quote from VanillaPalamino
    Has anyone been on "administrative leave?"

    I got a call today from my nurse manager, who told me I was on "administrative leave" while she investigates a patient's complaint against me. Entirely without merit, let me add. I am so glad I documented everything!

    Do you get paid for this?

    How did your situation end (good or bad)?

    I have not ever been on admin. leave, though I know several people that have. You should be paid for the leave. Sometimes the results are good and sometimes the results are bad. Your co-workers and superiors will probably be interviewed concerning the incident and your reputation with others and your patients. I wish you the best of luck and hope everything turns out okay.

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    Okay... let me tell you what I read in the drug guide... Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses 7th Ed....
    Classification: analgesics (centrally acting)
    Indications: tx of mod to mod severe pain
    Action: binds to mu-opiod receptors and inhibits reuptake of serotonin and norepi. in the CNS

    Nothing about this being a opiod-derivative. Hell, I was in pain, with no relief from tylenol.

    I shouldn't have taken it in the 1st place. ---> No Rx

    I wish I could just go to the Dr and get my hip pain treated... problem??? No Insurance!

    I wasn't looking for a 'high', a 'buzz', or whatever.... I just wanted to be able to walk.

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    Well, today is interesting...

    I got a call from the nurse manager (my-would-be-supervisor). She asked if I had heard anything yet. I told her what happened. She said that she was going to talk to some people and talk to her boss and would get back to me this afternoon.

    I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I've prayed about this asking God to guide me. Maybe I still have a chance.... BOY, have I learned my lesson!

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    When HR called me, she said "When I had you sign the authorization for the drug screen, I made a mistake and didn't ask you to list any medications on the sheet. Your drug screen came back positive and I don't know what it is positive for. Have you taken any meds, vitamins, or herbs that may show up on this drug screen?". I told her everything.

    I can't re-apply there for a year.

    Now I am trying to flush out my body with gallons of water. I will never make this stupid mistake again!

    I wonder how long it will take for this to get out of my system???
    Does anyone have a clue???

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    I feel like such a fool. I am kicking myself. Please listen to this advice so you won't make the same mistake that I have.

    About 2 weeks ago, I was working and my right hip was hurting from being on my feet. I couldn't take a step with my right foot without the sharp piercing pain. A coworker gave me an Ultram she said "for arthritic pain". Thinking I did the right thing by looking it up quickly in the drug guide, I saw that it wasn't a controlled substance and I took it.

    The other day I interviewed for my dream job... took a urine drug test and found out today that it was positive for tramadol.

    I'm so furious! It's all my fault for thinking that little pill wouldn't hurt. I was so damn desperate to take something to help ease the pain. This sux!!!

    I'm sure you won't make this mistake because we are all told not to take other people's meds. I was just trying to finish off a double shift. Never will I make this mistake again. Never !!!