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:eek: I am so driving myself nuts over my resume!!! I just graduated RN school and passed the Board Exam. 12 years ago, I made a goal to become an RN and work either in L&D or Maternity. For the past 3 years I have worked in LTC as an LPN.

I'm so scared that my resume will either be too boring or too much. It's only one page. I have listed qualifications such as: detail-oriented, thorough, and accurate AND committed to providing quality patient care. Are qualifications necessary? Will these help or hurt?

Help :confused:

Do I state on my resume that becoming a neonatal or L&D nurse has been my career goal and that I am eager for this position???

:confused: Please help me

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Try looking online for some sample resumes to help you out. I used to find examples when I had to make my resume (we had to do one for class).

I don't think I would use the type of qualifications you have listed on a resume, but if you make a cover letter, they would be great used in that. You should include things like CPR certification. Don't worry about it being too short--most places prefer a 1 page resume. Just make sure that the information you have on there is relevant.


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Your resume should be factual and not give your wants or desires, that should go in your cover letter. use the web to assist you or go to your school's job counseling center, that helped me

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