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    Quote from dabanks
    that was a real heart felt testimony. i believe in god also i might not be a perfect christian but i believe that he exists. but i failed to have faith in him and i felt he didn't listein to my prayer, cuz i had failed for the 2nd time. i just pray that i will also have that testimony to share with every1.
    try not to worry. i know that it is easier said then done, but trust god and he will see you through. have faith and study. although god is great and is our helper, he has given us this amazing mind and will of our own. with that being, study. try different study methods. if you need help pm me!!:heartbeat

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    I am elated that Obama will become our next president!!

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    I been working as anurse for seven/eight months now and I am considering working agency (not travel nursing) or working LTC. I have my first interview coming up...yeah for perdiem!!

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    Sorry that you had a rough day. I guess that's the name of the game. The student nurse, however, will soon understand what's it's like to be in your shoes. I could tell you it takes a while to understand the big picture....and you really don't until you ARE the nurse responsible for your patients.

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    Some of the units in our hospital are experiencing the same phenomenon. Our ccu has been calling nsgs off left and right due to low census. One of the full-time nsgs there, only worked 12hrs in a two week period due to low census. I work in a busy CVICU and we also have been slow. Dolce, you made a great point about percieved security in the so called nursing shortage. With the economy the way that it is...I am not so sure anymore....

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    I think after the night I just had...I earned the respect of my senior nurses...honestly what an honor!!!!!! I am so on cloud nine, right now!!!

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    Quote from stanley-rn2b
    my parents used to tell me that they "worked hard so i wouldn't have to." imagine my shock and anger when all of a sudden they expected me to work hard.

    it took me a long time to figure out how to be responsible on my own. that is 100% their fault. what parents don't realize is that this sets you way behind.

    were i am at in life now should have been reached at about 24. bad parents handicap their children.

    shame on you bad parents. you know who you are!!!!!!
    you're soooooo funny!!! is this truly the majority???

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    gottal love you for keeping it simple and real. thanks for the post...!!!

    Quote from pageantnurse
    i think the generational gap with nurses comes from the changing face of nursing period. i have been a nurse for almost 15 years and it is completely different than when i started.

    mom and brother(10 yrs my senior) are rns and almost dropped dead when i announced that i was not going to do "at least a year" of ms for $8.00 an hour right out of school. my mom then thought i should get a nice state job, do 30 years, and get a nice retirement. id rather eat dirt. i saw one hospital get sold 3 times in 1 year while i was in school and i got a lightbulb moment. nursing was becoming a business. sad but true.

    i opened and ran a peritoneal dialysis unit right out of scool for twice what my counterparts were making and then due to a deperate situation at an army hospital i got a travel nurse internship in tele. and yes i hauled my cookies off to tx from fl to do it with all expenses paid, a free apartment, day 1 benes, and they were thrilled to see me. so what? how does that affect you?

    my mom thought i was crazy all these years and now she has retired from her 30 years with the state as an rn. what did she get? a letter stating that her $18 per payperiod insurance would now cost her $500 per month, a cheap wood-like plaque with her name misspelled on it, and a whole $768 per month to live out of. she was heart broken and crying. thats scary when you've always seen your mom strong and sure. as an lpn i have been making twice as much as her for the last ten years and saving for my own retirement.

    the days of be loyal to your employer and they will take care of you are gone. i think the younger set sees how cutthroat the world (not just nursing) has become and they are acting accordingly. every other profession seems to see it but us. you think docs, lawyers and others have that altruistic,martyr mentality that we do? puhleeze ! the facilities take advavtage of it.

    i love my job and my patients but i am an "eight and skate" girl. i give my all for those 8, 12, or 16 hours but when i punch out you are a distant memory to me. it keeps me sane, happy, and very well paid. welcome to the world of nursing. the business world.

    sorry for the long post but my biggest point is whats it to ya? why do you care soooo much about my goals and wants? why does it bother you to the point that you have long threads about it? attitude and believing that you will get what you want are a big part of getting it. i have always gotten what i wanted because i know how to get along with any group of coworkers and can make any boss love me. no whining, no wavemaking, no excuses, and perfect attendance. that has gotten me everywhere i have wanted to go.

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    Quote from rnsrwe
    well.....i'm young enough to not have raised these self-indulgent brats, thanks, but old enough to be annoyed by them at every turn! my husband also has to put up with the gimme kids in his field; it's everywhere. the 22 year old who is late, leaves early, text messages during meetings, misses deadlines (hey, i was busy), and then wonders why everyone else in the office is ticked. sorry to you 22 year olds who do do a good job, but you have to admit, there *is* a trend. can only speak for myself. i had a child young, single mom, worked full-time through college and take my job very seriously. i am a nurse...i work in critical care, a guardian over patient lives (ok a little dramatic but you get the point!!) i take the job very seriously. it's sad that people don't see more of the hard working 23yr olds. i still think it's unfair to pick at certain generations...but i guess you guys have been around longer than you know more (joke...please don't take that serious...trying to lighten the tone).you can deny it, but sociologists would beg to differ.

    my kids are still being raised and you can bet that what i see in the world around me (in the form of those 20-30 year old gimme kids) definitely shapes how my hubby and i approach it. they want money? they do chores, jobs. they want stuff? earn it. i don't care what johnny's mother gave him.

    the gimme kids, as i call them, aren't the doing of my age group, lol...i didn't birth 'em, didn't raise 'em, and sure as heck don't have to carry the blame for 'em! so, i guess i'm allowed to complain
    thanks for acknowledging that there are youngins that do work hard.

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    piphi2004: we have 'self scheduling' and trust me, most people want the same 9-5 shifts, though there are always many exceptions to the rule. my 'self scheduling' means i put down what i want but most likely wont get it. the problem is not when people want a great job or have goals, its when they cry when they dont get it and they expect to get something amazing right out of school. "i made this point in my comment above" and why not go with the newbie? well if thats all you go with then whos gonna train the newbie besides more newbies. its the blind leading the blind. this is true...but can't say that it doesn't happen. most of the people who oriented me had over 20 yrs experience and it made all the difference in the nurse i became. you wouldn't be saying that if you had stayed with a company for 20 years and they were giving new grads the same salary as you. i muyst say...this sounds snippy. but...being open minded i can see your point. there is no growing 'with' the company. also, you dont want others to 'overgeneralize' about you [color=#a0522d]**but you are saying that it is sad if you can't leave your job because you can't make a career switch if you are older.

    what i met was it is sad for nsg (s) to stay in a field that they are unhappy with, trust me i understand that we all have obligations (whatever they maybe) that keep us stuck in an unhappy situation...but still it is sad!!!! the generalization comes in point....not all 23yr olds want instant gratification....look...i'm sure we will all pay our dues one way or another, never said it was wrong...people just nsg get soo caught up in the idea...that some are bitter when newer nurses advance ahead of them. we have to learn to support each other (without being vindictive)old/young/new/experienced. that's the bottom line.

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    Good luck. Just remember to stay focused. You can do it!

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    Understood. But this topic comes up in various forms all the time, must be an issue...generation gap...just making my point. No offense no need to explain.

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    Read the whole thread....just commenting on comments made along the way.

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    Who cares about paying dues. It's about who is best for the job and that doesn't necessarily mean experience...yes believe it or have to pay the experienced more...why not go with the newbie who can grow with the company (hopefully). People get so caught up in this concept. Yes I believe you have to work hard for what you have, earn what you want...that's the american way. But can't knock someone for wanting 1st shift, starting at 50,000/yr with no wkend/hol. The problem comes when people don't perform their job effectively because they don't have the hours, wages they want. Also, staying in nursing for the money because you can't make a career switch is very sad. Some may say it's a generational concept that newer nurses have the attitude of entitlement. Please don't lump all newer nurses in same category...I am 23 and let me tell you I worked very had for what I have...and I will be damned if someone tells me I am lazy because of the generation I come from or because I want my dream job coming right of school. Nsg...shortage...where???