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    Hey everyone, I have quite a few tats. over 15 none so far show when i'm wearing scrubs except the very very bottom of the one on my left upper arm and all you see is an anatomically correct heart (the tat is a zombie nurse) I also have my septum pierced and a monroe piercing (supposed to represent Marilyn Monroe's mole ) I wear jewlery in my septum that can be turned up inside my nose for work and I wear a retainer in my Monroe. Our hospital policy is no facial piercings and tats can be visible if not obscene or vulgar.

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    Quote from queenjean
    Okay, GothikRN, maybe you have set your profile so that you can't receive PMs, or maybe there is a glitch in the site, but I can't pm you.

    I would love to see pictures of both your tattoos, but particularly the Betty Page-esque one. It doesn't have to be on your skin--drawings are fine. I just really like the idea of the Betty Page nurse (though I kind of like the zombie nurse, too, that is so original!).

    You should be able to PM me if you are interested in sharing a pic, or if you have a link to your tattoo artist's website, where he/she displays something similar.

    The internet being what it is, I totally understand if you don't want to. They sound so awesome, though. Even if you don't share pics, you've totally given me a couple of new ideas to explore!


    wow i didn't realize anyone had responded...but I do have a myspace page with all my tats... I will soon be getting another Bettie Page tat on my lower leg from knee to ankle of a full portrait of her in another nurse outfit. the portrait is painted by an artist named Armando Huerto.. sorry it took so long to respond

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    I am actually working 60hrs this week...5 12hr shift in a row. I'm on night 4 right now but I only do this once every 4 months or so. We have a shortage on nights so there are a couple of us that pull extra shifts here and there. I have an orientee right now. She is with me for my last 3 nights so that helps out tremendously. That is the only reason why I did this this time or I probably would have just worked 1 extra shift this week. I am a total night person. When I get off at 7am I get home and am asleep by 0830-0900 and don't wake back up until 1730 so I get plenty of sleep :spin: If I weren't able to get enough sleep than I wouldn't even try to pull 60hrs a week.

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    Hi everyone, I myself am covered in tattoos, but all are almost coverable by my scrubs. The one that peeks out here and there is the zombie nurse i have on my left upper arm. I have another nurse tat on my left thigh of Bettie Page in a nurses outfit. It is from a painting done by an artist named Olivia. Those are my only career oriented tats the rest are just misc.

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    Quote from TallBlondie
    Hello All!

    I live in Sylva, NC and work at Haywood Regional Medical Center in Waynesville. I have been working there fresh out of nursing school since October 2006 in the OR and loving it. I will be trying to get my foot back in nursing school for classes towards my BSN this Fall but I will be taking it in S---L---O---W-----M---O--T--I--O--N this time.

    Good luck to all who are going through nursing school and about to take NCLEX exams! May the force be with you!
    Sylva, NC here also but work at the local hospital...graduated may 2006 from Region A....