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  • Nov 29 '07

    First, write down all the questions that you have like the one about the trash. Before you start your exam you can ask the evaluator any question you want. Since I don't know what state you are in I don't know what testing agency you have so I can't
    be more detailed in helping you on test day.

    Take a few deep breaths before you go in. Deep breathing really helps to calm and focus you. I know it can be hard to pretend someone you know well is a resident you are caring for and some people giggle when they are nervous or selfconscious. I don't know how to help you with that other then practicing on a family member like you were in the test room and see how you do.

    Dress in scurbs (unless you were told differently) you look professional. Tie long hair back and take off jewlery(all these things might get in your way). Be sure to be on time!!

    Say the worst happens, in most states you can take it again so don't make it the end of the world. YOU CAN DO THIS. If you have to take it again I can almost guarantee you that you will pass because you will know what to expect so your nerves will be less. Some people have such a fear of failure that they give up or worse never try at all. You are moving forward, feel good about that! You are not going to quit, feel good about that! And because of that you WILL make it. Good Luck, I know you can do it!

  • Aug 23 '07

    I would consider taking the class, but you will probably not be using most of those skills, as they are usually done by licensed nurses. I would, however, take the phlebotomy and EKG course, because these days, most hospitals are multi-tasking. Here in New York, CNAs that have learned phlebotomy and EKG have gotten technician jobs and if you are learning those skills early, you get your confidence up to draw blood (a skill that many people are afraid of doing).

    They would be giving you a jump on nursing school in a sense, but again, most of them will probably not be used by your title and scope of practice.

  • Aug 23 '07

    well this is my take on it. the cna 1 course sounds like a regular straight forward cna course. if you are going to be a nurse one day good for you to know... however , depending on where you work you may not be able to do the other things. all of those things listed under cna 2 are under the scope of the licensed nurse. it sounds like a medical assistant course of some sort.. but my opinion is that all the iv skills should be left to the licensed nursed there is just to big of a risk of injury with that. if i were you i would take the ekg, cna 1 and phlebotomy courses. the other leave for nursing school cause there is so much more to just learning how to do something like listening to lung sounds; there is a lot of med surg behind that and you would be missing that part sounds like in this program. also charting should be left to the licensed nurse it is a legal document and the last thing you want is to be defending yourself in court and not have had a good basis for learning how to chart.

    Quote from bebi11
    i'm not sure how to understand your posting :imbar

    so. what i understand sofar is that i could do the classes, but more or likley i would not be allowed to do most of those things because i'm not a licensed nurse? i just want to make sure i understand